Virgo 2018 Horoscope

Virgo Yearly horoscope – Overview

2018 is a positive year as its will see a turn around after nearly 3 years of struggle.

You will see substantial improvements in income and monetary comfort, which was absent in the past.

The phase of high pressures and monetary hurdles will come to a close after 6th February.

You will seem to be in erratic and volatile state of mind during March, July and November. It is advised that major events, travel and commitments are avoided for these periods. Further income will rise, especially in areas where services are provided and also in creativity related work.

Friends will spend a lot of time but there could be misuse of friendships and trust too. You should be careful about the kind of friendships that are nurtured this year.

Health issues could come up at various times and there could be issues till 5th April and after 2nd November.

Gain as well as happiness from children will remain till 2nd November.

Beyond 2nd November a misleading phase could occur which might induce you to make bad investments. A fall in name and status possible too during this period.
virgo 2018 horoscope
Health of children could be poor this year and could slide down further after the 2nd November. Worry on this account possible after 7th December.

Investments could see losses and it would be good to exist the same before November 2018.

Monetary positive and a fresh source of income with its origination in October 2017 could prosper this year. The period till 28th October is positive to improving family bonding and better finances. You are likely to experience turbulence in domestic matters and in marital issues more between 5th March and 6th July.

There would be togetherness will spouse but at the same time a rise in mental distances will be present. Beyond 28th October, there could be a gradual fall in status and some pressures on your good will with build up.

Indifference of spouse could create problems in marital relations while unmarried could go into a low activity phase.

Further you must realize that you are in a phase where chances of making wrong decisions are high till 11th November. Major decisions, which are significant, should be hold or should be taken under advice of others.

Married people could find trouble and discontent in marriage which unmarried people could find new relationships. The new relationships could have become possible after March 2018 itself. It would be beneficial to solidity relationships before November commences, as there could be distances and distractions there after.

New career options and job openings could open up after 11th November.

Business and marital matters could see a sudden pressure and disconnect towards end March. Own health and decision-making, capacity could be hindered towards muddle of September.

Beneficial Months

February, June, July and November should be positive month.

2018 Virgo love predictions

  • Positive and high activity phase in love matters. There would be new love interests possible but with a lot of mental turbulence. A slow down could come after 13th January while normalcy will come after 3rd February.
  • The period till 2 nd November is conducive for formative of new relationships.
  • There will be chances of a new person in your life, for the unattached, till 11th November.
  • Marriage and current relationships will see a certain amount of discontentment due to attitude of spouse /partner till the 11th November. Avoid major decisions during this time.
  • Marriage will see good level of bonding in family matters till the 28th October. However on a subconscious level there will be a lot of churning in these matters as well as rethinking. Basically a deep level of discontent could be present. It would be better to wait till 11th November before any decisions are taken.
  • Improvements in the level of quality of marital relationships will come after 11th November, although there will be tuning out of minds too due to tactic socializing after 28th October.
  • Overall marriage will be on two levels this year. Very positive and happy on the exterior while there will be discontent and difficult thoughts in the interior.
  • Marriages will have positive times mostly till 28th October although there would be turbulence between 5th March and 6th July. A dip after 28th October difficult times possible during March, May, September and December.
  • Love matters will be happy during March, June, August and October.
  • Difficulties possible in April, May, July and September.

Virgo money & career horoscope 2018

  • A positive year overall in career as there would be support from various avenues. There would be erratic trends in career on numerous occasions but you will come out positive mostly during the period till October 25th .
  • Additional source of income possible this year. There will be expansion in work and rise in income till 2 nd November. Some increase in activity and options could create some confusion till 5th April but overall a positive phase will operate. There could be help from friends also for career progress. A slow down and some setbacks in career possible after 2 nd November. There could be rise in hurdles after 7th December due to improper investments.
  • A slide in status too possible after 28th October. Possibilities of work in joint areas of work present mostly till 11th November. During this period your ability to take decisions might be poor. Major career move should be avoided till the 11th November. Beyond 11th November, there will be tremendous growth in career due to sudden opportunities. Hard work will give excellent returns after 11th November.
  • Business matters will give good returns till 28th October. There after a slowdown and miner losses possible.
  • Job related issues will be quite positive throughout the year. There will be growth although some turbulence possible till 5th April. A change in job with higher level of opportunity could come after 11th November.
  • Professional have a positive year mostly.
  • Some setbacks in business possible in March.
  • Turbulent phases in career possible during March, July and November.
  • February, June, July and November will be good.
  • Hurdles possible in January, April, August and December.

30 interesting facts about Virgo

  1. Sometimes, Virgos don’t try giving further explanation because they know they are right and don’t feel the need to prove it.
  2. Virgos keep to themselves frequently because their words cut like knives.
  3. If a Virgo has to repeat something more than 2 times, she becomes irritated.
  4. Will turn everything upside down in order to discover what they want.
  5. Instead of suffocating someone with their problems, they chose to behave like everything is all right.
  6. A Virgo native doesn’t stand irresponsible individuals.
  7. When a Virgo loves you, he/she truly feels that way. You will receive the entire package.
  8. It’s not in their nature to manipulate. Maybe they will lecture you a bit, but taking advantage of someone isn’t their style.
  9. A Virgo will get upset for everything, so be careful as to what comes out of your mouth.
  10. Despite their realism, they dream of love stories like those in romantic novels.
  11. Virgos know a lot of things and are right in 99% of the cases. They will contradict with you until you leave them the last word.
  12. If a Virgo native seems distant, it is because it tries to clarify things in his subconscious, before proceeding to the next move.
  13. The worst feeling they can have is helplessness.
  14. A Virgo will question everything out of place.
  15. A Virgo native will always try and find alternative things of doing things, what they could have done and what should change. The native will be filled with doubt.
  16. Nobody can keep a secret better than a Virgo native.
  17. Virgos wish for partners who are full of passion and romance, but also best friends.
  18. It is possible to think that Virgos are evil, but that is just their nature. They will criticize you out of love, not hatred.
  19. Arguing with a Virgo is like getting arrested. Everything you say and do can and will be used against you.
  20. Virgos feel better when offering rather than receiving. Your happiness also makes them happy.
  21. Virgos will feel irritated if forced to work in a day in which they don’t want to do so. If that’s the case, then probably there is a good reason behind it.
  22. Virgo natives can’t stand procrastinators.
  23. Once they find true love, they will be loyal for their entire life.
  24. Have problems expressing their thoughts coherently because there are too many of them.
  25. When you feel everything is falling apart around you, call a Virgo native. They always come up with a solution.
  26. Virgos know they cannot change the people around them, so they prefer changing their reactions to other people’s hatred.
  27. Virgos are difficult to understand, and this aspect helps and irritated them equally.
  28. A Virgo never settles for less, knowing how much he/she deserves. It will also make a lot of compromises for the significant other, if said person is worth the effort.
  29. Virgos worry a lot, although they know it’s not necessary.
  30. They see things exactly as they are and not how others would like them to be.

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