Scorpio 2018 Horoscope

Scorpio Yearly horoscope – Overview

The new year career after a turbulent phase, which commenced in October 2017. There will residual issues till 6th February and thereafter you will find that progress and movement will come back to normal again after 6th February. Further will find yourself in phase of being mentally detailed with people around you as well as friends / relatives till 28th October. There will be a phase of mental energy being low in pro-active areas while spirituality /religion and studies in the extra natural will thrive. This is a great period to uplift yourself on the spiritual platform.

There will be chances of purchase of a property on gains from real estate /enhancement till 28th October too.

Period between 5th March and 6th July will see a rise in level of activity in both the above aspects.

Further 28th October onwards a tremendous turnaround will come in thinking. There will be an improvement in financial commitment and further you will find a maturity in thinking which will take you through a phase of growth in the next 4-5 years. Happiness in children related areas will be present also after October 2018. Level of wisdom and depth in thinking will rise.

Further the year will commence will a volatile phase which could effect level of luck as well as moral values. There will also be erratic phase in domestic / real estate matters till 8th April. New steps and decisions should be avoided till such date. The current phase will continue till 2nd November.

Beyond 2nd November a difficult period in career possible as there will be sharp pressures from superiors and people in authority. Major career moves and changes should be avoided after 2nd November since they could back fire. Period after 7th December could be particularly difficult.

Further you might find the year somewhat anxious and pessimistic. A tendency to be worried and stressed could be present till 11th November. It will advice able that you make adequate effort to remain positive and calm and also avoid advance comments on people close to you.

Investments and speculations should be strictly avoided. Income from unexpected sources will be present and there could be inflows of unexpected income too.

11th November onwards there will be an improvement in thinking. There will however be problems in family matters and also level of comfort at home could fall. It will not be advice able to move location, home or make career change after 11th November.

There will be a fall in energy and lower spirit between 2nd September and 16th December. Avoid major activity and challenges during this time.

Some problems connected with children and speculations investments possible towards end March. Be cautious.

Beneficial Months

January, April, August and November will be beneficial.

2018 Scorpio love predictions

  • Year begins with volatile trends in both love as well as marriage matters. High level of activity and new attractions could preoccupy your mind till 13th January when there will be a sudden revert back to family life and focus on issues closes to home.
  • 3rd February will see some stability back in all forms of relationships.
  • Marriages and general outlook will remain cutoff till 28th October. In between 5th March to 6th July could see the concern rise overall. A sudden revival and positive moves will come after October end. Further unmarried people will see good possibility of marriage after 28th October till end of the year. Also a rise in pressures in marital issues could come due to high focus on career and a latent urge to dominate spouse. This could cause issues after 7th December till end of the year. Love matters and relationships could see difficult trends till 11th November as the thinking will be negative and pessimistic which is likely to cause disruption of current relationships. New relationships formed during this time could create worry and stress too.
  • Improvement possible after 11th November
  • Love matters will see positive trends in January, May, August and November
  • Some issues could crop up during June, July, September and October.
  • Marriage will remain low profile till 28th October and pickup there after.
  • Some difficult times possible during February, March and June.

Scorpio money & career horoscope 2018

  • A year of low activity and progress in career. There will be tremendous progress after November 2018.
  • A somewhat turbulent phase in work could have been in operation since July 2017. This phase will get over in February and will make way for new areas of work in career.
  • Work environment could remain unstable till the 5th April and improve thereafter. New sudden developments in career possible after 2 nd November. There will be increase in activities as well as pressures thereafter.
  • Further a slow and low profile phase in personal and professional life possible till 28th October. There will be a remarkable improvement after 28th October. Career could go into a phase of indecision after 11th November. There could be a desire to seek a change or make changes in career. You should avoid this urge, as it could probably be a bad decision.
  • Move of location due to career also possible after the 11th November.
  • Business matters will be average and low on activity till 28th October. There will be a rise in status and gains after 28th October. New areas will develop further after 11th November.
  • Job matters will be better after 6th February while there will be new opportunities after 5th April. Status in job will also rise after 28th October.
  • Professional have a difficult phase till 2 nd November.
  • There could be pressures till 5th April overall improvement will come after 28th October.
  • January, April, September and November will see progress.
  • March, June, October could see hurdles.

30 interesting facts about Scorpio

  • Don’t ask them silly questions because they will give the most sarcastic of answers.
  • They feel too deeply: each word, action and positive or negative energy goes straight to their heart.
  • Are good observants, but will keep the information to themselves. They hold on to the essentials somewhere in their mind.
  • Scorpios are hard to get to know and impossible to forget.
  • Can be very understanding, but not when they’ve already given you the opportunity to tell the truth and you continued to lie.
  • Are introverted, but can also socialize like an extrovert.
  • Don’t play around with a Scorpio’s feelings because that’s like playing with the devil.
  • Scorpios are of the opinion that they aren’t supposed to apologize for their sincerity, so you better accept it or leave.
  • When a Scorpio native gets mad, there is no escape.
  • Maybe you believe that a Scorpio is paranoiac, but their intuition regarding people is never wrong.
  • What Scorpios absolutely hate: when others blame them instead of assuming responsibility for their own actions.
  • The Scorpio is one of the most realistic zodiacal signs.
  • Scorpios find it difficult to keep their mouth shut if in disagreement.
  • When having a bad day, they behave like they do not care for anything and anyone.
  • Never will you succeed in manipulating a Scorpio. They are masters of reverse psychology.
  • Scorpios like asking a lot of questions. Not because they are especially curios, but because they want to catch you off-guard with a lie.
  • You know a Scorpio likes you when he/she shares plans with you.
  • The biggest defect: They burst out on inappropriate persons (mainly innocent ones).
  • They cry, but never in front of somebody else.
  • Scorpios are great at making others angry. They know exactly what to say in order to push your buttons while keeping a calm state of mind.
  • Scorpio natives are only interested in long-term relationships or even marriage.
  • Rarely ask for help, only when in dire need.
  • Appreciate truth. It doesn’t matter how painful it is.
  • Stupidity irritates them.
  • Aren’t afraid of the unknown because they themselves represent the unknown.
  • Aren’t at all impressed by expensive things. They don’t find a reason for such items.
  • The Scorpio native will always feel alone and misunderstood.
  • What makes them happy: finding someone who understands them and doesn’t think they are crazy.
  • Many people would think these natives are evil, but if you truly get to know them, you will come to the conclusion that they are very cute individuals.
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