Scorpio 2018 Horoscope

If your birth date falls between October 23 and November 21, you are a Scorpio.

Your dominant planet is Pluto.

Known as Hades in Greek mythology, Pluto was lord of the Underworld.

Mysterious and secretive, your hidden strength means you can tackle any situation, even the most perilous.

Adversity stimulates your creativity, you know better than anyone else how best to settle the most delicate conflicts thanks to your natural magnetism and exceptional powers of seduction.

Unaffected by external pressures, you struggle tirelessly against yourself and the urges within you.

scorpio 2018 horoscope

Passions are in the cosmic spotlight in some very big ways this year, Scorpio. You sign rules over all of our most driving passions, our sensuality, our desires, our truths and with this same area in your own solar chart strongly energized through out 2018 you can expect to see some stirring movement, some important revelations and some intense/interesting encounters.

This area also deals with the resources that are important in your life that come via and/or are attached to other people.

It’s partnership money, shared finances and important security assets that are, in some way, very much influenced by important others. Discipline and self control are requirements through out the year. Knowing which way to go is easy…simply play by the rules.

Three lunar eclipses add their essence to your life. The first in May brings emotional possibilities and events into that super charged passion zone described above. The next in June takes you on journeys of knowledge and understanding and may bring some delightful new and exotic possibility into play.

The last lunar eclipse occurs in your own sign in November and makes amazing new beginnings possible.

All the more reason to pay attention to your truths, desires and needs and how you process and go after them.

The first of two solar eclipse adds sun power to your world and, you guessed it, to your passions.

The second is a total eclipse of the Sun in December and its focus is on those assets and resources that you earn and capture on your own. It’s compelling, intense polarity between “what is yours” and “what is theirs.”

2018 Scorpio love predictions

With such a brilliant focus on passions, fantasies and stirring desires there is certainly no shortage of romance and intimacy in the year ahead. You are all that is sensuality and sexuality…and this year it becomes an even more integral part of your persona and your make-up. Attractions are likely to be deeply intense….riveting…obsessive at times, perhaps.

This is no mild and mundane year when it comes to what you are feeling, experiencing emotionally…and it allows you to work through and release security issues, fears and wounds that have been serving as barriers to your sexual and romantic happiness. Seek only truth…..your own…and you’ll have all the guidance you need to create destined like connections and strong partnerships.

Scorpio money & career horoscope 2018

This area is also influenced by the same energies which are stirring your passionate liaisons, Scorpio. Other people and what they bring in terms of assets, securities and wealth play an influential role in major events through out the months ahead. You’ll find yourself dealing with very powerful partners, employers, mates, and others.

There will be things they bring into your life and how you deal with them is the issue. Likewise you’ll discover periods where your own efforts are all that is needed to build financial resources. Anytime a polarity exists astrological an opportunity exists as well. It’s a wonderful period to learn and accept (and even embrace) the fact that you need others.

But that in those needs…it is reciprocal and neutralizing. Once again….keep the rules in mind..and adhere to them.

Beneficial Months

Jupiter spends the first seven months creating enhanced travel opportunities, expanding your vision and ideals around the future and adding plenty of knowledge and wisdom into your life through the arrival of guides and teachers. A philosophical tone sets the stage and mundane moments can be turned into awakening events.

After August Jupiter moves on to add its touch to your career making it a perfect time to seek out promotions, to get noticed for your skills and talents and to take a step, or two or three towards higher ideals and objectives.

Change Yourself in Positive Ways in 2018

Uranus is the great cosmic lightning factory and it continues to add its enlightenment to your home and your relationships there. Stay constantly fluid, adaptable and open minded. Operate from trust…be willing to try something new, paint your walls that deep, sultry shade of red that has captured your thoughts.

Become more aware of the constant movement of life and the ever present change that accompanies it and learn to flow with it, rather than resisting it. Change is good….is the perfect mantra.

Sweet dreams and elusive desires are the tools of Neptune and it, too, does its thing in the area of your chart designated to hold your home. From the flash of Uranian lightning to the fluid, Neptunian fog you can feel as if you’re living in some futuristic world in one moment…and a long, lost dream the next.

Neptune’s only demand is to seek that which you long for inside…before chasing it outside.


Passion, passion and more passion and increased resources via those ever important other people are the areas and efforts where you will see the greatest movement for the future in 2018. There are new ways to work with influential others and there are new objectives to aim for.

There are new desires to capture your heart and new ways to express your sensuality….making this a most delicious and exciting year.

**BONUS** 30 Brutal Truths about Scorpio

  1. Don’t ask them silly questions because they will give the most sarcastic of answers.
  2. They feel too deeply: each word, action and positive or negative energy goes straight to their heart.
  3. Are good observants, but will keep the information to themselves. They hold on to the essentials somewhere in their mind.
  4. Scorpios are hard to get to know and impossible to forget.
  5. Can be very understanding, but not when they’ve already given you the opportunity to tell the truth and you continued to lie.
  6. Are introverted, but can also socialize like an extrovert.
  7. Don’t play around with a Scorpio’s feelings because that’s like playing with the devil.
  8. Scorpios are of the opinion that they aren’t supposed to apologize for their sincerity, so you better accept it or leave.
  9. When a Scorpio native gets mad, there is no escape.
  10. Maybe you believe that a Scorpio is paranoiac, but their intuition regarding people is never wrong.
  11. What Scorpios absolutely hate: when others blame them instead of assuming responsibility for their own actions.
  12. The Scorpio is one of the most realistic zodiacal signs.
  13. Scorpios find it difficult to keep their mouth shut if in disagreement.
  14. When having a bad day, they behave like they do not care for anything and anyone.
  15. Never will you succeed in manipulating a Scorpio. They are masters of reverse psychology.
  16. Scorpios like asking a lot of questions. Not because they are especially curios, but because they want to catch you off-guard with a lie.
  17. You know a Scorpio likes you when he/she shares plans with you.
  18. The biggest defect: They burst out on inappropriate persons (mainly innocent ones).
  19. They cry, but never in front of somebody else.
  20. Scorpios are great at making others angry. They know exactly what to say in order to push your buttons while keeping a calm state of mind.
  21. Scorpio natives are only interested in long-term relationships or even marriage.
  22. Rarely ask for help, only when in dire need.
  23. Appreciate truth. It doesn’t matter how painful it is.
  24. Stupidity irritates them.
  25. Aren’t afraid of the unknown because they themselves represent the unknown.
  26. Aren’t at all impressed by expensive things. They don’t find a reason for such items.
  27. The Scorpio native will always feel alone and misunderstood.
  28. What makes them happy: finding someone who understands them and doesn’t think they are crazy.
  29. Many people would think these natives are evil, but if you truly get to know them, you will come to the conclusion that they are very cute individuals.

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