Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope

Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope – Overview

A positive phase will operate most of the year, as there will be gains in career, rise in status and support of friends throughout till 28th October.

The year will commence with the phase of higher level of aggression . There will be major improvements after 6th February.

New attractions and relationships could be present between 13th January and 3rd February.

High income and Positive avenues will be present till 28th October. There will be some erratic trends but with high level of gains between 5th March and 6th July. Your rationality could be compromised during this period and it would be beneficial to avoid controversies and stubborn behavior during this time.

Friends could take advantage and you should be cautious on this account. A change in the phase could come after 28th October when you could tend to become detached with people around you and seek solitude during this time. It is a period when you could feel lower self-esteem too. Devote time to spiritual pursuits and religious growth and you will be happy. Chances of purchase / enhancement of real estate could also come during this time.
sagittarius 2018 horoscope
Further hurdles in personal life, health of self or parents, wastage of money could be possible during this period. The problems will be high and more difficult till 5th April and improve thereafter. Overall mental stress and setbacks in personal matters will remain till 2nd November. A turn around in luck and improvement in family and money matters will be possible. Setbacks in personal issues could come again after 7th December.

Pressures at home and pressures on mother or other close family at home could be high. This phase will continue till 11th November and it could also see lack of comfort at home and some setbacks in real estate issues.

Company of unreliable people could also cause some setbacks in professional life. Widespread changes will come after 11th November and there will be expansion in career and rise in your ability to take on challenges. Rise of interest in spiritually and religion could come with this phase too and the mental level which change hereafter.

Erratic trends will operate between 5th March and 6th July. Level of activity and mental courage will be low between 9th November and 6th December.

Important areas of life should not be under pressure or test during this time.

Some difficult events at home could develop around end March due to relationships and health of family.

Career could see some depression around September.

Beneficial Months

February, May, August and October will be positive months.

2018 Sagittarius love predictions

  • Phase of aggression in relationships and love matters will continue till 6th February. There could have been an origination of this phase in July 2017 and will finally get over in February.
    Feelings and emotions could be high throughout till 3rd February. There will be a sudden revival in relationships after 13th January and a lot of lateral thinking will come into play. Overall a vibrant and positive period both in love as well as marriage issues between March and 28th October. Sudden changes in thinking could come between 5th March and 6th July, which could create high activity, and therefore some unwanted pressure. Avoid sudden decisions during this time.
  • Unmarried people are likely to find marriage prospect till 28th October.
  • Beyond November a dip in overall relations possible due to a fall in you own social outlook. November and December could see a gradual dip in interaction with friends too. Not an easy period for both marital matters and friendships. Casual friendships could increase after 11th November. Marriage are likely to see good times in January, April, September and October some difficult and erratic trends possible in February, March, July and November. Love matters will be positive in February, May, September and November.
  • Hurdles possible in April, July, October and December

Sagittarius money & career horoscope 2018

  • High level of activity will exist in career although there will be hurdles too.
  • A certain lack of focus and some self-doubts in direction in career could exist throughout till 11th November. Major changes or moves in career should be avoided.
  • Hurdles and pressures due to overwork and other pressures exist till 5th April. Chances or plans for a move should be deferred till such time. There will be good amount of gains and rise in income during this period till 28th October. Very positive in career will exist between 5th April and 28th October.
  • Some volatility in thought and rise in level of activity will come between 5th March and 6th July.
  • Career could see some increase fluctuation during March, July and November.
  • Upward moves in status could come after 2 nd November while much more clarity and focus will emerge after 11th November. Expansion in career due to hard work and better luck in money and family matters will ease out career too.
  • As dip in mental condition and a general level of cutoff will curtail the level of self-promotion and networking skills after 28th October.
  • Business would find hurdles and lack of comfort.
  • Finances will cause problems, especially till 5th April.
  • Job matters will see good growth and expansion till 28th October and see a dip there after.
  • 20th September to 7th December would be a quite period.
  • New offers could come after 11th November.
  • Professional will find very good success till 28th October and a dip there after. Wrong career decisions possible after 11th November.
  • February, May, September and October will see progress
  • Hurdles possible in January, June, November and December.

30 interesting facts about Sagittarius

1. Masks sadness through humor.
2. Know how to always move forward. Don not get stressed for anyone in particular.
3. Self-motivate in order to survive.
4. Sagittarius women don’t have any kind of respect for weak man.
5. Always make plans and schemes. They are ready to walk among corpses in order to get what they want.
6. They have a difficult temperament.
7. Become possessive with the loved one.
8. Know how to dress well even on a budget.
9. Even in hopeless situations, they still find a reason to smile.
10. Never try controlling a Sagittarius, if you want to stay out of trouble, that is.
11. While feeling sick, they leave.
12. Don’t waste your time trying to give them advice. They will do as they wish anyway.
13. Always try to avoid confrontation if they feel guilty.
14. Enjoy luxury and opulence, but can also appreciate the little things.
15. Try to hide their fears behind a wall filled with arguments not even they believe.
16. Offer their heart in a moment, but may betray equally fast.
17. When fighting, never say they do not know what they are talking about. This will irritate them the most. Or…. say it!
18. Don’t stand those who lecture them.
19. Maybe it’s not obvious, but when they love, they are capable of doing anything for their significant other.
20. Absolutely hate routine.
21. Generally speaking, they are happy souls, with a good sense of humor.
22. How to draw their attention: by making them laugh.
23. Honesty isn’t their strong point.
24. He/she is the kind of friend with whom you can have countless adventures. And I don’t mean love adventures.
25. Are people who keep their personal life private.
26. Hide their emotions under a mask. You never know how they really feel.
27. Are intelligent enough to uncover someone’s true intentions.
28. Sagittarius natives are very open minded. Maybe too open.
29. They go from a very serious attitude to a very funny and casual one in a second.
30. Aren’t too hard please. Just make sure that you don’t fool around with them.

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