Planets and Their Meanings in Astrology

The planets represent actions and energies within our charts and ourselves. How they operate is influenced by the signs they are falling in and the aspects they make with other planets and chart points. Where they operate most strongly is shown by the houses they reside in.

SUN: The sun is your core, your basic ego, your important center. It is your strongest vitality and characteristics. It is modified by other influences, most powerfully by the moon and ascendant. It also signifies masculine principals and men in your life and how you react to them.

MOON: The moon tells you how you react emotionally. It is your latent subconscious and how you are tied to the collective and the masses. It powers how you nurture and tend to things which require feelings and emotions. It explains the incentive and push behind reactions. It signifies mother and important women in your life.

MERCURY: Rules over your thought processes, your intellect and how you communicate with others. It is greatly responsible for the way you learn and how you give that learning back to the world.

Astrology and the Planets in your 2018 Horoscope

VENUS: Venus drives how you love and react to love. It is your sense of beauty, art and refinement. It has a lot of influence on finances and how you utilize them in terms of fulfilling needs and pleasures. It is the expressive engine for your passions and emotions.

MARS: Mars rules your driving ambitions, your aggressions and your ability to go after the things you need and want in life. it fuels your deepest passions and need for security. It is where you channel primal energies into your life.

JUPITER: Tells you where you are most expansive, most generous, most receptive to traditional religions and their place in your life. It is generally a fortunate spot in your chart but it also can bring excess and over-abundance .It is how you are most co-operative and benevolent in working with others.

SATURN: Saturn is your strictest guide. It is where you must be most responsible and disciplined in your life. It is a point of potential great strength when it is handled with dedication and commitment. Saturn is your testing ground.

URANUS: Powers your connection to the universal consciousness. It where you have the least amount of control yet where you reach the greatest potential with your thoughts, ideas and creativity. Uranus is about lightning, fireworks and all that is unusual

NEPTUNE: This guides your deepest spiritualities and love. Where Neptune lies in your chart is where you must exert the most clear vision and sacrifice for the good of others. It can lead to uplifting and enlightenment and universal love but it’s power ALWAYS lies within self. If reached for outside of self it can bring in addictions, phobias and other Neptunian weaknesses.

PLUTO: Pluto powers your deepest fears, those things which lie far below the surface and require your efforts and dedication to transcending and breaking through. Obstacles will need to be overcome and strength applied to its house and aspects and its freedom. Freedom from fear.

CHIRON: Chiron holds your deepest pains and life wounds. It powers your ability to heal self and in turn heal others. It is where you are vulnerable and potentially scarred. Healing this point in your chart brings great inner strength and triumph.

NORTH NODE: The north node powers your goals for the future. it displays lessons and understanding you need to assimilate into your life. It is the engine of your future and all that you can become in that future.

SOUTH NODE: Is always directly opposite the north node. The south node was the engine of your past. It is areas which are known and comfortable but no longer to be lived in. Applying the talents and skills found in the south node in your chart towards reaching the north node allows you to harmonize the two and empower them.

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