Pisces 2018 Horoscope

Pisces Yearly Horoscope – Overview

This Year will continue to see pressures, which commences after October 2017. The last two months of the year will be very positive and there will be a tremendous turn around in all aspect of life during the time. A time of commencement of the year, thinking will be under pressure as there will be worries related to love investments, children or expenses. The phase of worry will operate till 5th April and improve there after.

New project can be planned and set up in the phase that will operate till 2 nd November 2018. It will be better to commence format projects /new areas after 5th April.

Mind could be fixed and disturbed unnecessarily till the 2 nd November. Beyond this date, there will be a sudden unexpected rise in career.

New avenues will open up and progress will come due to hard work. A very paying period if your work.

Health could be soft after 7th December.
pisces 2018 horoscope
Further an under current of hurdles will remain which could help you low profile and keep a pressure on your status till 28th October. Period between 5th March and 6th July will be difficult as challenges will be high during this period. Thinking and temperament will be volatile and an adjusting. Be careful on how you deal with others during this period. Further there will be possibilities of gain from real estate /properly. Keep your options open during this time.

A tremendous turn around will come in luck and furfures after 28th October. Rise in status, higher interest in spirituality /religion and possibilities of foreign travel possible after 28th October. Also the year will see high level of aggression, stubborn behavior and fixedness in attitude. This will make you somewhat difficult to be with. You need to be aware of this flaw and be more diplomatic in your approach with order. There will be a desire to rise up to challenges but it might not be such a good idea to do so throughout.

Further wrong decisions possible in this period and you should seek good counsel.

A certain amount of skepticism will also be present in marriage and relationships.

Try to keep your expectations low and at a rational level.

New businesses and partnership should be avoided. There will be improvement in thoughts and temperament after 11th November. A rise in expenses and overheads will come there after. Avoid new project as they could slow down liquidity.

Health and family could see problems in March end, Marital and other relationships could experience issues in September.

Mind and energy could be low during 9th November to 6th December. Avoid major travel or programmers.

Beneficial Months

January, May, August and December will be most positive.

2018 Pisces love predictions

  • An uneasy period continues in marriage as well as love matters mostly. This is a phase where skepticism, subconscious anger and a mental cut off in relationships exist.
  • A recent revival in relationships could loose its momentum and setbacks in relationships could come after 13th Jan. Be low people and easy in relationships till 25th Feb.
  • Discontentment and doubt could exist till 5th April. Do not take make decisions till you cross 5th April. Overall resentment will remain built up as your personality will remain aggressive and not willing to make adjustment or take a step backwards.
  • All these issues will be resolved once you cross 2 nd Nov.
  • Marriage matters will see a deep sense of skepticism and there could be adverse thoughts, which could cut on off on a mental level. There will be resolution of issues after 11th Nov, although improvement will come 6th July.
  • Very good level of happiness in marital matters and relationships will be restored after 11th Nov. unmarried people will find chances of marriage after 11th November. It will be adviceable to avoid marriage also till 11th November.
  • Martial matters will be positive in January, June, November and December.
  • Hurdles possible in February, March, July and September.
  • Love matters will be positive in March, May, August and November.
  • Difficult trends in love matters possible in February, September, October and December.

Pisces money & career horoscope 2018

  • A slow period in career possible as there will be a general blockage in level of options available.
  • The period between 5th March and 6th July could trouble you more, somewhat.
  • This is a period to plan out your career and time the events so that avenues open up after 2 nd November.
  • Mind will be active and in a different thought process. Avoid major career decisions till 5th April.
  • Also a tendency to be fixed is present. You must realize that flexibility and diplomacy will be good for you as that way progress possible is career. This difficult state of mind will exist till 11th November
  • Beyond November there will be a rise in level of luck and career will pickup for you.
  • A sudden rise in expenses and overheads possible, It will not be easy to avoid the same although we will recommend you avoid new commitment that go beyond October. Investment of any kind should be totally avoided till 2 nd November.
  • Beyond 2 nd November a sudden rise in career will come and there could be chances of move to another position. It will however be a good idea to avoid a major change in career beyond 11th November.
  • Business matters will give stress and internal pressures till 11th November. There will be good improvement beyond this period. Very high level of fluctuations could come during March, July and November.
  • Job matters will be average and low profile mostly. There will be a sudden improvement after 2 nd November. Very good opportunity and progress could come beyond this date. You should however avoid a major change or risk, Fluctuations and misleading trends possible after 7th December.
  • Professional have a better period after 6th February. There will be average progress till 28th October and a sudden rise beyond that.
  • January, May, September and December would be favorable
  • March, June, October and November could see hurdles

30 interesting facts about Pisces

1. The Pisces natives will throw deadly looks in your direction and at every question you will address them, you will get a very smart answer.
2. The Pisces have the purest heart. Don’t hurt them. Try to understand them and they will love you forever.
3. The Pisces are very loyal, strong and very intelligent. If they don’t like you, you will surely know it.
4. They have the extraordinary ability of encouraging others, but they are very exigent with themselves.
5. The Pisces don’t like rules.
6. They have a bad habit of getting attached to people who are not good for them.
7. The Pisces will always pay more attention at facts than words, because they know words mean nothing.
8. Sarcasm is the first language of the Pisces natives, and the curse is the second.
9. A hurt Pisces native will build a wall around his heart. You must be a very special person to break down that wall.
10. The Pisces natives tend to analyze more than they should every single thing and every single situation.
11. The Pisces can’t stand the thought of being oblivious of what is going on. Therefore, communication is essential for them.
12. Regardless of what they’ve been through life, it’s in their nature to help those who are in need.
13. They are incurable romantics. They need sweet words and facts that can prove to them how much they mean to someone who takes interest in them.
14. Don’t try to lie to a Pisces native. Maybe they will pretend to believe you, but in fact, they are aware of your lies.
15. The Pisces natives have the strongest intuition out of all zodiac signs.
16. Don’t get fooled by the appearance of a Pisces native. They might seem naive and often shy, but they are big thinkers, very creative and extremely good leaders.
17. The Pisces natives have the ability to read people very well, analyzing every word, gesture or even every glance.
18. They are extremely nostalgic.
19. The Pisces natives love more profoundly than any other zodiac sign. Once you conquered their heart, they will never stop loving you.
20. It is hard for them to take decisions, because they think too much at what can go wrong.
21. They are good spies, trackers and they can easily find something, so don’t try to hide anything from them.
22. For a Pisces native, heart and reasons are often in contradiction.
23. The humor of a Pisces native is understood by very few people.
24. The hardest thing for a Pisces native is to mimic indifference.
25. They can be lazy when they don’t find a strong motivation.
26. The biggest flaw of the Pisces natives is that they need an awful long time to heal from the betrayal of someone they cared very much about.
27. They are not big fans of reality, so they take refuge in their imaginary world where all human beings are kind. No other zodiac sign is as much of a dreamer as the Pisces native.
28. The best thing you can do for the Pisces natives is to offer them security and trust.
29. Don’t take their kindness for weakness. They also have a very dark side and you don’t want it to surface.
30. If you want to listen to good music or watch a good movie, ask a Pisces native.

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