May 2018 Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Happy Birthday, May Taureans! Get ready for an active month. Business affairs could be settled in your favor. You may revamp your wardrobe, try a new hairstyle, or shed a few pounds. The more conservative your changes, the better.

Under these energies, you probably can’t resolve relationship issues. Save them for later. This month, you want to make changes in life direction, but your timing may be off. Another potential this month is that you’ll think you are in a better position than you really are.

Exercise caution. After midmonth, watch your expenditures. You attract support and encouragement from people who can benefit. Invest in things of beauty, but do thorough research first and avoid getting ripped off.

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May 2018 Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Happy Birthday, May Geminis! Relationship difficulties are likely to come in the form of power struggles you may try to dominate your partner, perhaps thinking it’s for their own good. At the same time, you can use this abundant energy to accomplish a lot; just avoid being too pushy. Learn or practice any discipline combining physical action with contemplation, like yoga or martial arts this month. These can channel difficult energies in a constructive direction. Use your gift of adaptability to formulate new personal goals.

Later in May, suggests meeting new people, updating your wardrobe, or taking care of your health. You look and feel great! You’ll attract pleasant experiences, and you can synchronize your own ideas with those of others.

May 2018 Cancer Monthly Horoscope

This month, while agreeable, could also be tricky. You could speak your mind and risk alienating someone, or you could keep quiet and miss out on saying something important. It won’t be easy to see which way it will go! Keeping everything out in the open gives you a better shot at success.

May could give you some trouble if your ego gets involved in situations. Selflessness is preferred this month; a way to manifest that might be to volunteer on behalf of your company’s favorite charity. A welcome but unexpected surge of energy arrives toward month’s end.

You might find that a complicated problem from the past has a satisfying resolution. Expect difficult but beneficial changes in your life as you face your limitations. See them for what they are, then get past them.

May 2018 Leo Monthly Horoscope

May is a great time for preplanned goal-seeking activities or any work requiring initiative. Maintain control but avoid being overly assertive. You might be hard at work on something that’s very important to you and a conflict with authority is likely diplomacy will help you progress more smoothly.

May places extra focus on your career; benefits arrive along with frustrations. There is potential for betrayal from an unexpected source, but they can only harm you if you let them. Stick with the moral high ground and you’ll prevail. After thinking carefully, make wise changes to your future career moves – anything you plan now has a good chance of working out well.

Through the end of this month, your efforts come to a climax and you’ll find out whether or not you’re on the path to success. Be true to yourself!

May 2018 Virgo Monthly Horoscope

May finds you interacting with authority figures, and it will benefit you to have the right attitude. If you’ve been doing the right thing up to now, you’ll gain recognition and appreciation. Any past wrongdoings might also be noticed, so be ready to make reparations if necessary.

Begin a new field of study or continue your education this month. Travel or spend time with someone from another background. Your thoughts turn to increasing your knowledge in many ways. Expand your horizons, experience new things. Later this month, people really seem to notice you! You’ll have a couple of days where you just look great and get along fine with everyone.

Because it doesn’t last long, it may be hard to turn it to your long-term advantage, but bask in it for now.

May 2018 Libra Monthly Horoscope

Start thinking more seriously about the most significant issues in life. Honesty is the best policy where financial matters are concerned. Become more aware of your own unconscious motives. This month, you could be attracted to study with a broad view; long-distance communication and travel have high potential for rewards.

Your mind is more open and you’ll be better able to explain or teach complex concepts through speech, writing or fine arts. It’s good to defend your beliefs and ideals, but don’t force your opinions on others. Avoid conflict as much as possible. Instead, put your energy into growth and development. Enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

May 2018 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Complications might arise within an important partnership. The demands you make upon one another could seem restrictive, and arguments are likely. Although difficult, the situation can give you a greater awareness of others, teaching you how to be tolerant and patient.

You can easily deal with the most profound and wide-ranging subjects. Use the energy wisely and make concrete plans now for all your long-range goals. Think about what you want five or ten years from now, then break the larger goals down into smaller increments.

Expect frequent interactions with people, either confrontational or not. You’re motivated to improve your relationship with your closest friends. You want to get it all out on the table, even problems that you normally wouldn’t want to discuss. Be kind, and all will turn out for the best.

May 2018 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Pay attention to your daily habits; you’re likely to feel lazy and self-indulgent. No real harm in that as long as you don’t feel guilty about it! Now is an excellent time to select clothing that makes you look your very best. This is a good month for getting things done at home and at work.

You can persuade others to your side. More than ever, you’re practical and efficient; mentally sharp and clear. You can derive much satisfaction from a job well done. Shun unnecessary strife, especially if it concerns a rival; compromise, or just avoid this person. However, don’t forget that some things are worth fighting for! Discuss any repressed anger or old grudges with a partner.

May 2018 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Now is a perfect time for a vacation, especially one involving your favorite hobby. If you can’t get away, stay busy with creative activities, entertainment, or playground games in your spare time. Once you’ve covered your responsibilities, celebrate! Expect financial delays this month.

You might become confused and impatient at this, but take care before making any major changes; it could be that these energies are creating the illusion of a problem where none really exists! May could bring other constraints and hindrances. This happens to all of us, so don’t let it get you down!

Meanwhile, since you’re feeling so expansive, you’ll be tempted to test your luck, but avoid heavy risk-taking. Hard work and discipline applied to enterprising ventures will bring the most rewards now.

May 2018 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

You feel the urge to establish a solid foundation, and your interests center on home and family. Don’t be touchy and intolerant, making it hard for others to deal with you. Spend time alone and ask yourself if you’re being reasonable. Your attitude is generally optimistic. Tackle some projects you’ve been putting off.

Old behavior patterns can foster arguments that may make no sense. You could feel irritable and not know why. Prevent unnecessary disagreements by keeping quiet and giving some extra thought to where it’s coming from. Self-understanding is key.

May 2018 Pisces Monthly Horoscope

You’ll be thinking of hearth and home this month. Use this focus to improve your domestic life. Evaluate your lifestyle; make plans to make daily living more satisfying. Self-confidence increases when you have a secure home base.
Creativity and fun are in your stars! Spend more time with young people. Enjoy yourself by pursuing artistic interests or playing games. Focus on self-expression to feel you’re in harmony with the rest of the universe. This is a crucial time for you to understand yourself.

Don’t doubt your worth – even when you see things you don’t want to see. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the worst traits have a positive side, and can turn out to be assets in disguise.

May 2018 Aries Monthly Horoscope

A number of planetary energies, related to values and material possessions, heat up this month. This favors commanding action to improve your position. Add to your portfolio or invest in art. Risk or speculation might be involved, but don’t go overboard.

Be ready for a potential setback in your finances, probably the result of something you didn’t think through carefully when you made an earlier decision. You have several options for solving the problem using the managerial talents of your Aries nature.

Toward the end of May, you feel an urge to move around, meet new people, visit with neighbors or write letters. You’re more sensitive than usual to beauty, harmony and love; take time to appreciate them.

April 2018 Aries Monthly Horoscope

Happy Birthday, April Ariens! Your natural will power is strong, and hard work boosts finances late this month.

It’s action based on principles that wins prizes for you. Be a champion and lead the way! Your appeal to friends and those you love is strong this month, take time to share your best ideas.

At mid-month your charm and way with words attract new admirers. You can expect good responses to inquiries sent to local gurus. Late this month be sure to pay attention to news affecting your financial resources. The 23rd shows great prospects for business. Though you’ll feel pressured by deceptive signals from social organizations, stand firm and rely on your instincts.

Reason and study will open doors.

2018 Yearly Horoscopes for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

April 2018 Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Happy Birthday, April Taureans! Early April shows self-development and unusual behind-the-scenes ideas create opportunities late month. Dreams become reality if you proceed carefully. After Easter (the 15th) you express yourself with charm and clarity.
april 2018 montlhy horoscope
Your closest relationships benefit from helping others. Recognize “we are all in the same boat” to build new alliances. Prepare for changing conditions in your personal as well as business life. People admire your professional skills and status: be willing to take risks with in your career. Don’t make any new moves in late April.

Your financial base may increase this month, and is more stable.

April 2018 Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your self-confidence helps you make major improvements in your personal as well as home and work life. You feel you’re on the winning team in April! You may become a bit more cautious on the 20th. Serious problems are few, though some partnership doubts may arise.

In your social life, expect to make pleasant personal contacts in a group setting. Cooperate even when someone close shows anger. Jealousy or lack of self-confidence may be behind his/her behavior.

Be understanding. After Easter, focus on interior life and meditation. There are plenty of clues to help you explore your inner self. Higher education has a lot to offer now. Pursue ideals.

April 2018 Cancer Monthly Horoscope

You’re emotionally strong, feel a sense of power in your career activities and in your public life. In late April you enjoy meeting those you share important interests with – this could be at religious or scientific events.

You’ll learn a great deal on the 23rd; use this knowledge for your own advantage and prepare for new adventures! Your personal life improves after the 7th: you’re much less nervous then about career matters and your calm, relaxed manner attracts others to your side.

After the 19th is a go-ahead signal for love, friendship and career-related benefits. In the health department you need to be sure you don’t overwork: take time off when change is too sudden. Be alert to your own needs, don’t force the pace. Gentle exercise, such as yoga, can keep you moving, yet feeling peaceful and centered.

April 2018 Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leos are enthusiastic now and pursue ideals that matter to many. You seek the newest books, may sign up for a college course. You are connected with the wider world in early April. You improve friendships as you explore.

Later in the month focus on public events: these could occur in connection with your job or a favorite charitable or political cause. You’re socially very active: share your concerns with the new people you encounter. Slow down after the 20th.

Expect pressure from close partners who may think you’re being too unconventional as you involve yourself in interesting but unusual studies. They can’t stop you, you’re full of creative energy! Expect a special opportunity in romance or having to do with art around the 14th.

April 2018 Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Life at home is rather volatile for Virgos this month. You do your best to defuse conflicts between family members. Accept the fact that for much of the month there are stressful changes in shared legal matters. Be tolerant of life’s imperfections.

Late in April a more idealistic time begins. Important life changes this month is a remarkable asset for your closest relationships. Your self-confidence increases this month. April benefits important career moves; be sure to strive for the support of the authorities in your life.

Late in the month you need to slow down at work to stay healthy. April also gives you both new health programs and the insight to use them wisely.

April 2018 Libra Monthly Horoscope

April offers Librans many unusual creative opportunities. If there is a hobby or art project you have put on hold because of time pressures, use this month to pursue it. At the same time ideals greatly extend your intellectual perspective.

In your personal life, partnership relations give new dimensions to intimate affairs. Love and self-confidence increase for you this month. Late in the month there is a more serious side to events: you may be asked to make decisions in shared ownership matters that affect your future.

The 23rd favors clear communication. You need great mental alertness now: change could be unsettling.

April 2018 Scoprio Monthly Horoscope

Late this month is a great time to improve your relationship with someone who’s very important to you. Scorpios have extra energy to make serious new friends as well. Time is on your side. April tells you to make decisions to improve diet, exercise and/or working conditions.

A sense of humor is a distinct healing asset in April; draw on yours often! Your emotional attitudes are contradictory at home: you want to create an all-new family scene but an inner voice says, “Don’t do it.”

You have new opportunities to express yourself about finances on the 14th. Resources require work and close supervision.

April 2018 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

You seem to just grow stronger as spring moves into full swing. You’re creative and romantic all month. Be sure to use your talents and enjoy new pleasures. Sagittarians are emotionally intense this month.

Your social life is graced in the are of relationships.

Entertain, be generous with your time and resources. Your health requires that you not only take doctors seriously but that you research health matters yourself late April. Mental alertness means a lot. Avoid alcohol or other mind-bending substances, especially on the 28th.

April 2018 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Domestic life is important to you early this month. Capricorns want home surroundings to be fresh and beautiful. Gifts to those you love are appreciated, especially if you make it plain that you give only to express admiration.

Late in April, you’re cheered by creative pleasures. Personal happiness seems near after the 19th. At the same time you understand the need to deal with inner turmoil. Review your life. There are important events affecting your finances as well as spiritual resources.

You need to stand up, play an independent role in financial plans. At the same time be aware that April can spoil progress. Avoid dangerous detours. Your health is in expert hands in April.

April 2018 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

This is an interesting month for Aquarians because Uranus (one of your strong planets) and Neptune are in your solar 1st house of personality the whole month. These energies give you chances to take on new projects.

Avoid deceptions on the 28th. It’s a month when you need to be well-informed. Read, sign up for courses, consult experts in your field. Your home life benefits from this creative flurry. Family members seek your advice.

When you’re not busy studying and helping others at home, there is some extra time for pursuits you do for pleasure and creative expression. It’s a great month for romance. Also, you can make serious gains toward long-term ideals. Stay in touch with organized groups.

April 2018 Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Your ability to make the best use possible of all your resources, financial as well as spiritual, increases in April. A self-confident approach earns good fortune this month. Your professional life or public contacts benefit from a hands-on active approach.

Don’t wait for someone important to notice you – take the initiative. Major changes will hurt if you let yourself get too upset. Rational study, a clear mind are your assets. One of your Pisces planets, Neptune, in your solar 12th house of meditation (with Uranus) gives you wonderful dreams.

Your home life shines with enthusiasm, seasonal entertainment.

This month begins in a waxing cycle, which is great for jumping into action. You’ll have a more philosophical attitude as the month starts out with 3 planets in Sagittarius. You’ll also have urges to travel or to have adventures. Freedom is a big Sagittarian theme, so give thought as to how you can bring more freedom into your life. What feels imprisoning? How can you alleviate it? It’s important to connect with others this month, to share your ideas and beliefs. It can help you grow spiritually.

Because Mercury is in Sagittarius, your mind is ready to soak up knowledge. But make it fun knowledge…the kind that is gained through travel, debates, and new acquaintances. You may have to put a brake on your words, or you’ll end up with your foot in your mouth. Just take the time to think before speaking, and choose your words carefully. Actually, it can be very refreshing to hear more honesty and frankness.

Venus enters Aquarius on the 8th, which brings opportunity for freshness in your relationships. You really feel like being with friends, doing fun things together. So plan some parties and make them really original. An interest in the avant garde for the next few weeks may have you buying unusual music or art. Some people may need more freedom within their relationships, so give your loved ones the space they need. It’s not a reflection on you….and it can improve how you get along.

Mars is in Libra the first few weeks of December, giving you lots of energy for socializing and beautifying. Other activities, though, may tire you quickly, so conserve your energy for what you truly want to do. On the 23rd, Mars enters Scorpio, and you are suddenly a powerhouse. Not only is your stamina increased, but your passion is awakened. Some people become more intense, and others have a very healing effect. How can you be a healing force in the world? You’ve got the power.

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A Full Moon in Gemini on the 11th should be a very lucky and lucrative day; it begins the 2-week waning cycle. On this day, conversation is incredibly interesting. So get out and connect with others. By talking about your dreams and goals, you plant the seeds for future success.

The Capricorn theme moves in on the 21st, helping you to plan a strategy and new goals for the coming year. Security and commitment are Capricorn themes, but make sure you are committing to something true to your desires. If your work makes you terribly unhappy, don’t stay just for security sake. Remember, life is a journey, not something you have to “get through.” Make your journey joyful. Meditation will guide you toward your path.

A New Moon in Capricorn on the 25th is excellent for contemplating your ambitions. Visualize where you want to be, write about it, talk about it. It WILL happen.

Take the time on the 31st to reflect on all the things you accomplished this year. Look back and focus on the positive things. Do something to reward yourself for hanging in there and doing the best you could do. And look forward to another new beginning…another new slate.

December Horoscope Day by Day:

1 Fri: Moon in Aquarius. Critiques turn to opportunity, especially when you’re positive. Healing in the morning, high energy in the afternoon. What do you need to modernize? Tonight, a surprise.

2 Sat: Moon in Aquarius; enters Pisces 7:23pm. Make time for friends today, you have lots of energy for group meetings, as well as computer time. Postpone your urge to question authority; you’ll save yourself a headache.

3 Sun: Moon in Pisces. Creative or imaginative work is greatly enhanced. Try not to overindulge at breakfast. Mercury enters Sagittarius at 12:26pm….your thinking is more adventurous, but think before speaking for the next few weeks. Tonight, don’t be a martyr…you can give without draining yourself.

4 Mon: Moon in Pisces. Another imaginative day. You can appeal to the masses with your ideas. Definitely mix business with pleasure….good opportunities can arise.

5 Tue: Moon enters Aries 6:17am. Spontaneity is the keyword today. Make life a little more exciting, take a chance. Do something totally different. Luck in the afternoon.

6 Wed: Moon in Aries. Another day for exciting challenges, but use a little more forethought than yesterday. Your brain is really imaginative, and your words mesmerizing. Huge ideas all day. Prevent an argument tonight by maintaining a happy vibe.

7 Thu: Moon in Aries; enters Taurus 1:26pm. Do things a different way in the morning. Then go back to being comfortable in the afternoon. Socializing may be awkward midday; artistic expression is a good outlet. Tonight is excellent for meditation.

8 Fri: Moon in Taurus. Great day for focusing on money and earnings. Also good for working with plants. Tonight, plans may change, so go with the flow.

9 Sat: Moon in Taurus; enters Gemini 4:50pm. A fun, happy day to spend with friends. Also good for computer work. Spirituality is a focus. Increased self-discipline helps you finish those chores. Tonight is excellent for writing or socializing.

10 Sun: Moon in Gemini. Healing comes through words…either write or talk to a trusted friend. Stimulate your brain. Tonight is great for creative writing.

11 Mon: FULL MOON in Gemini 1:03am; enters Cancer 5:48pm This begins the waning cycle. Time to get rid of old junk, habits and negative attitudes. It’s a LUCKY day, but avoid important agreements from 9:15am until 8:48pm.

12 Tue: Moon in Cancer. You are very persuasive today, and intuitive as well. Do things which make your home or workspace homier. Re-connect with loved ones.

13 Wed: Moon in Cancer; enters Leo 6:09pm. Emotions are high in the morning, but can clear the air. An elder may give you good advice. Trust your instincts today. Avoid important agreements from 11:00am until 6:09pm.

14 Thu: Moon in Leo. Time to get playful…it will feel uplifting and healing. You win them over in the afternoon. Tonight is good for entertainment.

15 Fri: Moon in Leo; enters Virgo 7:30pm. Your mind is quick and inventive…write down your ideas. Lots of stamina helps you get things done in the morning, but you may face an obstacle around noon. Stay happy, it will pass. Avoid important agreements from noon until 7:30pm.

16 Sat: Moon in Virgo. A great day to clean…it will work off any grouchiness you may feel. Some may be criticizing…don’t overreact. The important thing today is to stay positive and remind yourself of all your great qualities. Allow time for relaxation.

17 Sun: Moon in Virgo; enters Libra 11:01pm. You can accomplish a lot today, but may still run into some critics. Smile and keep up the good work. Clean, organize and make lists of your health goals.

18 Mon: Moon in Libra. Look your best today…it will feel great. Luck is in the air, along with some passion. Creativity is heightened, and your social skills are enhanced. Mingle.

19 Tue: Moon in Libra. Do creative things today. Relationships and friendships are a focus; healing can take place. A surprise in the morning. You feel like talking tonight.

20 Wed: Moon in Scorpio. Skeptics are lurking…be ready with the proof. You may feel manipulated by another…stick to your beliefs. Tonight is good for connecting to your partner’s soul.

21 Thu: Moon in Scorpio. Good day to investigate or research. Determination helps you get lots done. Don’t let a surprise in the afternoon throw you off, be flexible. Tonight is passionate.

22 Fri: Moon in Scorpio; enters Sagittarius 1:57pm. Intensity is in the air; stay calm and positive. You have the courage to speak your mind. Avoid important agreements until after 2:00pm. Tonight is lucky.

23 Sat: Moon in Sagittarius. Freedom is an issue today….allow yourself some. You may feel pressured in the afternoon….have a good escape route. Expect a surprise visitor today. Mars is now in Scorpio giving you increased passion and lots of stamina for the next few weeks.

24 Sun: Moon in Sagittarius. You may feel disconnected today, so avoid things requiring lots of logic or concentration. Postpone important agreements. Spend time with your spiritual self today.

25 Mon: NEW MOON in Cap 9:22am A day of good energies, and opportunities to express your thoughts. You’ve got lots of self-discipline and a good sense of practicality. Get down to earth with those you love.

26 Tue: Moon in Capricorn. A good day to give thought to your ambitions and goals. Write out a list…it will clarify things. Do some organizing, then relax and watch some good comedy.

27 Wed: Moon in Capricorn; enters Aquarius 1:25pm. Promise yourself something fun today, it will help prevent restlessness. Avoid important agreements until after 1:30pm. Computer work is enhanced. The night is filled with luck, but some may be aggressive or angry. Your positive mood can help lift them.

28 Thu: Moon in Aquarius. Liberate yourself from outdated habits or methods. Look to the future. A good day for group meetings or brainstorming.

29 Fri: Moon in Aquarius. Rejoice in your originality. Try to postpone talking to authority today. Do your work well and then blow off steam tonight with your friends.

30 Sat: Moon in Pisces. Follow your intuition today…it will guide you. Spend time in nature, especially by the water. Let your creative self emerge.

31 Sun: Moon in Pisces. The morning calls for solitude…meditation is enhanced. Some people or words may cause you to withdraw. It’s ok to follow your instincts. Tonight, alcohol may seem like the perfect escape, but it’s important to use moderation.

November starts out in a waning cycle, which is good for reassessing, making plans, getting rid of old methods or attitudes, and for rituals of cleansing. With November’s Scorpio/Sagittarius influence, do some investigation, but take a philosophical approach. Avoid that obsession thing.

One of the biggest energies this month is a Saturn/Uranus challenge, and many will react with frustration. It may seem as though obstacles are everywhere, restricting your freedom and keeping you from making changes. Some people will really rebel against authority, and others will merge practicality with experimentation. This will really peak mid month, and will be reinforced by a Jupiter/Mars challenge. When experiencing frustration or delays, stand back, release your stress and make yourself focus on your desired outcome. By doing this each time an obstacle appears, it can have a magical effect. Another thing to remember is the term, “Fortunate delays.” Also, plan a little adventure, even if just for an afternoon, because it will help alleviate restlessness.

Mercury is retrograde from the 4th thru 24th, so double check all math, messages and communication. Some say not to sign contracts during this period, but you can’t just stop your life when Mercury is retrograde. Business must go on. So make an effort to visualize and affirm before each important agreement or decision, and proofread things carefully. Mercury is in Sagittarius until the 9th, which stimulates a desire to stretch your mind, to understand the world around you. People tend to be more direct, saying it like they see it. Truth is great, but it may sound tactless at times. Mercury re-enters Scorpio on the 9th, and stays there thru the month, so your thinking becomes very resourceful, as well as deep. Great for research, soul searching and getting to the bottom of things.


A New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th is powerful for meditating and visualizing your desires! It begins the waxing cycle, which normally is excellent for launching new projects or beginnings. Because Mercury is retrograde, this throws a little kink in things, but can be worked out with focus and a positive attitude.

Mars is in Capricorn for most of November, which helps you take actions which are practical, efficient and sensible.

Venus enters Libra on the 8th, so tap into your sense of beauty. Over the next few weeks, create some art or music, buy some new clothes, or change your hairstyle a little. It will feel great. Your social skills are enhanced too, which makes parties extra fun. The 16th thru the 17th, your words have healing power, so use them well. Read inspiring books or passages…they’ll really click.

A Full Moon in Gemini on the 22nd kicks off the waning cycle. A great day to write your goals and dreams on paper–writing them down really sets things into motion.

Mars enters Aquarius late on the 26th, so your actions will go from being practical to being more ingenious for the next few weeks. The 27th thru 29th are very imaginative and psychic. Meditate, visualize and dream! You CAN make it happen.

From relationships to money, find out what to expect over the next 12 months with your 2018 annual horoscope

Day by Day:&

1 Wed: Leo Moon energy gives extra confidence and a sense of drama. Luck can come your way in the early evening, especially if you note the good things already in your life. Arrogance may strike in the late hours.

2 Thu: Good day for analysis and problem solving. Criticism may be encountered, especially midday, so stay positive. Things improve in the afternoon, and you can really get organized.

3 Fri: Create order out of chaos, but allow yourself some breaks. Don’t abuse coffee today. A lovely, happy energy moves in late afternoon, so plan a nice outing or dinner.

4 Sat: Your mind is incredibly imaginative, yet you have a solid practical outlook too. A great combination! Mercury turns retrograde at 6:51pm (PST)

5 Sun: Rebels are on the rampage, but they try to be diplomatic. Think before burning bridges. Do something unusual today.

6 Mon: Balance is a keyword. You don’t know whether to work or play. So do a little of both. But when you’re working, work…because the boss is watching.

7 Tue: The energy is mystical and intense today with the New Moon in Scorpio (exact at 7:53pm , PST). Emotions may flair, but will cleanse you, and clarify what you want.

8 Wed: Moon is void of course all day, so don’t worry if you feel in a fog. Avoid important decisions and big purchases if possible. Use this day for creative work.

9 Thu: A day when words can be very charming and persuasive. Use it to your advantage. Sing.

10 Fri: Art, music and theater are really enhanced today, so experience something creative. Write down your ideas, and let your thoughts run wild….it may lead to a breakthrough!

11 Sat: Your physical energy is boosted, so get some stuff done! But make it fun, too. Philosophize while you work.

12 Sun: Focus on practical things, and give thought to your goals. A good business idea should come through in the afternoon. (it may come to you from an elder).

13 Mon: The Saturn/Uranus challenge is peaking, tensions are building, so start your day with positive visualization and it will run much smoother. Don’t forget…”fortunate delays.” Try to update at least one little thing today.

14 Tue:: Tensions are still high, and because the Moon is in Aquarius, you may have an urge to totally break away. Before doing so, try to connect with your spirit…you will be guided.

15 Wed: A great brain day. You can dig deep, yet can envision what you want the future to be. Are there things you need to release?

16 Thu: A day when you can think and speak with more power and authority. Get outside and connect with nature in the afternoon.

17 Fri: Experience healing thru art, music or…love. Passion and romance is enhanced. The day may start a little spaced-out and weird, but greatly improves as the day progresses.

18 Sat: Imagination wins out over logic, especially the 1st half of the day. If you run into snags with that dry brainwork…then put it away for another day. Great for readings, spiritual exploration and metaphysical activities.

19 Sun: Get spontaneous, but don’t go over the top. Cockiness lurks. Your power is enhanced midday. Something surprising may happen tonight.

20 Mon: Do something totally new and different today. Take a little chance. Mid afternoon may bring a temper flairup, so watch that ego. Stay cool and positive. Luck is high from 4:00pm thru the night.

21 Tus: Restless, yet ingenious. A good day for thinking while exercising…money ideas may arise. Plan an unexpected outing with your partner…it’ll work! Tonight is excellent for making a plan or focusing on money ideas, especially if you allowed yourself some fun earlier on.

22 Wed: Full Moon (exact at 11:04pm, PST) excitement is in the air. Get your practical things done in the day, and use your powers of communication at night. Definitely a good night to write down your desires and wishes, as the Full Moon will be in Gemini.

23 Thu: Another good day to write, talk or stimulate your brain. Do a variety of things and get inquisitive. Midday is a good time to focus on healing or positive change. The evening is great for computer work or play.

24 Fri: A day when helping others is on your mind. Do your part…even a word of encouragement can be uplifting. Also a good day for readings or meditation. Mercury turns direct at 7:53pm, PST.

25 Sat: A Cancer Moon is incredibly appropriate for this Thanksgiving day. Enjoy fine food and the company of those you love!

26 Sun: Emotions are really out there today, so let your nurturing side emerge. If you go out tonight, get home early to avoid the grouches. Alcohol should be used only moderately, if at all.

27 Mon: The first half of the day is great for presenting your ideas, as well as doing something really fun. Sometimes the best ideas arise when you’re playing. Those in charge may be unreasonable in the late afternoon….stay positive and keep your goals in focus. Think before rebelling.

28 Tus: A day of generosity, optimism and originality. Luck can really come your way, if you release your doubts and trust in the universe.

29 Wed: Those picky complainers are at it again. Don’t take it too personally…instead, see what wisdom you can pull out of it. Tonight, a positive vibe can turn a tense situation into one of healing.

30 Thu: The morning is good for analysis and brainwork; the afternoon for cleaning and bringing order to your life. Excellent for laying a foundation for December

March 2018 Monthly Overview Horoscope

March’s windy variable weather can certainly be attribute to some of the planets this month. First the most important one to consider is chaotic Uranus in Pisces as it makes contacts with the Sun but Mercury, Mars and Jupiter presenting plenty of surprises and unexpected turns. Next, the information highways just about shuts down on the 3rd when Mercury retrogrades for the next 3 weeks followed by Jupiter retrograde on the 5th. Expect delay misinterpretations and lost mail. Our only saving grace is Pisces inept ability to think intuitively. You’ll be better off reading others mind than trying to use words. Use your 6th sense to assist you to cipher through the mess others left behind. Good luck planet Jupiter retrograde until July 6th makes us wait for our rewards. You may even have to do some investigative work before you get it. Opportunities aren’t as readily available now and you’ll have to wait for that raise or big bonus check you were expecting.

The Pisces Sun joins inventive Uranus opening new channels of communication. You’ll gravitate toward more inventive and unusual thoughts. It may be back to the drawing board for many but at least we’ll know once Mercury stations direct again, things will get back on track. Be compassionate to all you meet now stranger and animal. You’re sure to run into a few strays along the way. They may be necessary in your road of life and placed by fate. Often they may require your immediate attention. They later return this favor and you learn they have much to teach you. Don’t shun someone because of their looks or poverty.

Alleviate stress through meditation or yoga during this highly frazzled time. Uranus has a way of wrecking havoc with your nerves. Learn to have fun. Interact with others who are interesting and perhaps quite different than your normal group. You’re open to all kinds of scenarios now and should experiment with new things as often as possible. Try to entertain yourself. Get out and enjoy the social atmosphere that groups can provide. Pisces alternate means of communication will come in handy now as planet of the mind Mercury takes a vacation for the next 3 weeks starting on March 3rd. Retrograde planets always give you extra time to reexamine plans and reflect on any issues left undone. Repair, review and rewind until you find the perfect scenario for plans to run smoothly. Even then there may still be some glitches to repair. Don’t sign any new contracts if possible stalling until after the 25th. Now is the time to prepare and assess. Purchases made now will only be returned later or left in your closet unworn. Best to wait until after the 26th to shop or move ahead with plans. Use this time to revise and review things. On March 3rd Mars trine to Chiron lends a healing atmosphere to the already sickening sweet dose of Pisces compassion you’ll find so prevalent now. It’s easy to find inner peace and acceptance now. A secret or mystery is revealed that has weighed heavily on your mind for a very long time. Metaphysical or psychic activity assists you to bring it all out into the open. Mercury retrograde is asking you to look within to reevaluate your situation. Principles and long range goals will need to be adjusted now.

Venus heads off to the lighter atmosphere of air sign Aquarius on March 5th. A love of utopian theory, and intelligent conversation brings delightful debate as you meet your ideal match. A healthy breath of fresh air is felt as we resume a more playful attitude and detach from social expectations and practical concerns. On March 9th the Sun trine Jupiter lends a method to your madness. You get your mission accomplished and still have room for more.

Try not to be too cranky on the 11th when love planet Venus is opposed by critical overbearing Saturn dampening our spirits and expectations. Bonds may be broken and the weight of responsibilities weighs heavily upon many proving too much for some to bear. Don’t deny yourself all those guilty pleasure now or you may burn out from over work and underplay. You’ll thoroughly appreciate the results it brings. When Mars squares inventive Uranus energies shift quickly and tempers flare up out of no where. Wild impulses overcome us without warning and any previous set limits are broke. Mercury trines lucky Jupiter bringing positive foresight and pleasant or jovial communication. Try to introduce a little levity to all you do to make the approaching Full Moon eclipse on the 14th bearable. An event that is only witnessed every 6 months, eclipses send lasting and unforeseen changes your way. Goals can be fulfilled now. The Pisces Sun tells us there is no control over Virgo’s endless need to find order and meaning in the real world. Mastery of ones mind, body and spirit is a goal not often attained and may need to be revised to a more realistic goal. Even the best intentions fall short now as emotional residue comes to the surface shattering the status quo. Pluto’s close square to the Full Moon strips away any false impressions we may have held or given others and brings about a cleansing process. Eliminate all that is not pure and put aside the rest. Things that are not helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle or attitude must go first. Let go of what is no longer useful in your life and welcome the new changes.

Avoid conflict on March 18th as Mercury squares Mars causing tempers to escalate and words to escape that push everyone’s limits. Retreat and avoid those who provoke this in you if you want to avoid arguments.

Celebrate International Astrology Day on the 20th when the Vernal Equinox issues in the new season and new astrological year. Sun enters Aries at 1:26pm and brings sites of New Hope and beginnings.

Neptune squares Jupiter bringing hope and inspiration beyond normal boundaries. All is well by the 24th when Saturn returns to remind us of some of those limits. As she trines the Sun. Self trust leads to good judgment you can rely on so go with it but delay signing on the dotted line until Mercury stations direct on the 25th. Confusion is cleared up opening the lines of communication again. Travel commences and things speed up again. Long awaited papers arrive and contracts are signed.

On March 29th we have another very special event to end the month. One that occurs only every 6 months known as a Solar eclipse. Fresh new ideas flood your mind but the eclipse casts its shadow on your will and suppresses the initiation of these ideas just yet. A new cycle begins and further investigation may be necessary before jumping all in. Saturn trines this New Moon asking us to take another look at the master plan before engaging. Eclipses are always associated with transformation and what better determinate than Pluto retrograde. This suggests that the greatest transformation is taking place within over the next several months. The New Moon is the end of a monthly cycle but a Solar Eclipse marks the close of a much longer chapter in our life suggesting its time to move on and move up in your own awareness and experiences. The last eclipse at 8 degrees Aries was on March 29th 1987. Review what you started at the time and either ready yourself for completion or the next octave of expression. Where in your chart are you most willing to take a risk and take charge and move into the new future. Look for Aries in your chart and this will show you exactly where you’ll find courage and the willingness to try something new. You get to fully experience the angst and excitement of discovery as you assert your independence and learn to trust you own instincts. With the New Moon so close to the north node, karmic ties are brought to your attention by fate. The past literally lights the way to the future. A break from old beliefs will be replaced with new ones that are quite different than what you once believed. Mercury joins Uranus to show you a different type of communication and thinking process. Its called rapid fire. You’re recharged and ready for anything. Intuition just got easier and when Mercury trines Jupiter you’re capable of expanding your thoughts with more optimistic visions. Don’t think your going to be doing it all alone. With Venus in-group oriented Aquarius and joined to Neptune you’ll have many that will want to help you. Chiron trines this New Moon allowing some to share past misfortune and become more appreciative of others and the vision they share. Tune into your inner guidance with this New Moon and assure yourself you know the right thing to do. The hard part may be in initiating action once you’ve decided on the proper course of action. Once will is set in motion there will be no turning back.

Aries monthly horoscope March 2018

March 1st and 2nd are your power play days as well as the 29th and 30th. These are the days you should be seen and heard from. Go after what you want whether it be a raise or a relationship. People will seek you out for your services or your companionship. On March 6th Another advantageous aspect occurs when Venus joins Neptune and sextiles your Sun in the 11th house. New opportunities for creative projects are presented especially those concerned with music or other studies. You’ll need to select some long-term goals now. You’ll be feeling much more intuitive than usual these days with 3 planets in your 12th house. You can read people like the back of your hand. Explore the use of telepathy by practicing on your pets and friends and see how often you come up right. Be aware of clocks, watches and calendars around you. You’ll find yourself a timekeeper for others now.
aries 2018 horoscope
The Virgo Lunar Eclipse on the 14th has you spending time alone. You may be spending extra time visiting a hospital either for your own tests or to visit someone else. Take it easy on yourself on March 15-17 when Moon visits your opposite sign. There’s no sense spinning your wheels and getting no where fast. Replenish your energy by planning a day off from work. Set time aside to nourish your private side. Find a pleasant pastime that helps you to reconnect, relax and take a break from life. You can’t always please everyone all the time and now its time for you. Forget about the others for once.

Mars now in Gemini squares retrograde Mercury. This may cause you to replace a vehicle that you presently drive. Examine options promptly but wait until after the 26th to execute that choice. Verify departure times and reservation before traveling with Mercury retrograde there is sure to be glitches and delays. Make allowance for inclement weather and pack extra dry comfortable clothing and shoes. You may receive some type of investment bonus, insurance or tax refund now. Enjoy it but put some towards your new wheels or car repairs before spending it all.

On March 29th the Solar Eclipse in your sign brings a transformation of you personally. You may find a new side of yourself developing over the next several months. One that is self-assured and courageous. A complete change in your belief system occurs that may be life changing as Pluto trines your Sun from the 9th house and sextiles Mars. Your ideas about higher education and religion are first to be revised. . A brother may be involved or partially responsible for this change. You’ll find yourself asking others if they have ever experienced the same. There is no doubt that you share a special telepathy or connection with them now. You may find yourself communicating with those who have passed in a dream or vision. Brilliant ideas can be exchanged that border on genius. This contributes to a very well planned future

Taurus monthly horoscope March 2018

You haven’t felt this relaxed in months. With Mars off your back in Gemini you’ll feel less irritable and angry and be able to put that energy to good use. Making your usable skills more salable will be part of the plan as Mars makes itself at home in your money house. Ruling planet Venus in your 11th house of friendship joins with Neptune to make you in a very sociable mood. You may be going out for more than casual drinks with friend now. Watch out that they don’t turn out to be downright binges if you’re not careful. You know your tendency to love food and good drink and there are certain friends that would like to see to it that you get more than your share of it.
taurus 2018 horoscope
Saturn causes some concern over one or both of your parents as well as your home environment. You may find yourself cutting corners to stick to a budget when repair costs add up. You may not care though as the Lunar eclipse in fellow earth sign Virgo tickles your fancy from your fifth house of love affairs. You find yourself walking on air and in need of a reality check. You may find your perfect matched mate and place them so far up on the pedestal you’re afraid to touch for fear of rejection. Either way be prepared for some profound revelation to take place. All surprises linked directly to matters of the heart now. Don’t make any rash decisions yet. Wait until after this period to go by as well as the direct station of Mercury on the 26th before you run off to elope. You may be surprised to find your true romantic wishes are changed to contain something much more magical. There’s a metamorphosis going on inside you now that can be linked to the butterfly. Consider it an omen when you see one. Your best days of the month are on March 3,4,5 & 31st. These are days the Moon revisits your sign and gives you an extra boost of energy. It’s also very flattering to your overall appearance making you popular and pleasing with all.

On March 18-19th set time aside for yourself and conserve energy. Moon visits your opposite sign and you’ll find its physically more challenging now than at other times of the month. March 29 Solar eclipse highlights your 12th house. You find yourself using creative ideas you receive from dreams and your subconscious and directing them into manifestation. You receive extra money for the precise or difficult work that you must complete. Supportive partners and friends can make it all worthwhile when they demonstrate patience and understanding of your long work hours. With ruling planet Venus at the top of your chart joined to Neptune you find some obscure way to make it all work. Compassion radiates beyond its normal scope letting others know you’re there for them and have felt their pain and came through all right. The Eclipse teaches you to find courage and forge ahead. If this involves work in or around a hospital than you’re in luck. The transformation you are feeling is from within yourself now. Bring it out for others to see as healing energy allows you to make positive changes for the future.

Gemini monthly horoscope March 2018

Feeling a bit irritable lately? Perhaps your patience just isn’t what it used to be with Mars in your sign square the Pisces planets. Control your temper and get motivated to complete projects and start new ones. Exercise is your best option to burn off some of that excess testosterone you may be feeling right now. Don’t forget to include ones that involve your hands (Gemini rules the hands, arms and lungs) Try using exercise balls to relieve the stress that work places on them daily. Master yoga and then return to massage your hands with fragrant oils and lotions like a professional would. Your entire body will be enhanced by this practice so use it to calm your nerves and relax.
March 6th and 7th are your favorite days this month. Use the extra energy boost to get a head start on something you’ve been meaning to attend to for a very long time. Others can’t refuse you now so go at it with both barrels full and you’ll come out a star.

March 14 Lunar Eclipse in Virgo opens up new avenues of opportunity. Your home environment may change significantly and a new career takes off. Uranus, Mercury and the Sun all visit the top of your chart concerned with professional and social status. Get ready for a big transformation to take place. Eclipses effect you over several months and often can be felt before the actual date.

Travel may be included in your itinerary now as Venus and Neptune join forces in your 9th house. You could receive applauds for your eloquently presented speech or teaching of a subject. This may require you to go abroad and do additional work. Jupiter makes your choices broad and unlimited by country. So when you find two tickets to Thailand waiting on your desk do everything you can to take them up on it. Because of the nodes so close in proximity to the eclipses this month you may find yourself making new friends that can be very beneficial to your goals and mission in life. Draw from your past especially as far as your creative skills are concerned. Your special attention to intricate details may be a significant factor and asset to your talent.

Take time off around the20th-21st when Moon visits your opposite sign. Let partners take the lead and take care of you or just spend it alone renewing your energy and catching up on sleep.

Friends seem to come out of the woodwork after the 20th when the Sun returns to Aries. Even the work environment is much more jovial than usual. You find yourself having fun and actually enjoying it. Pluto’s’ opposition to mars in your first house could has partnerships off to a rocky start this month. Often the ending of one will precipitate a new beginning. Some parts of your present relationship will need to be changed before starting anew. You’ll have a better idea of this as the Solar eclipse on March 29th brings friends to help you. You’ll be setting new goals for the future and will need to decide what needs to be eliminated before proceeding to the next octave. Your mind presents brilliant crisp and often innovative ideas that can border genius .If your are a writer than relish this time to shine. Your words of wisdom resonate well. You’ve finally found your niche in life and are loving it. Walk softly but not too swiftly

Cancer monthly horoscope March 2018

You may decide to take a trip to further your education. Advance studies are favored with Mercury’s extended stay in your 9th house. March 8th and 9th are days you’ll shine and can handle any thing that comes your way with grace and fortitude. These are days that your especially charming and can touch the hearts of many with your eloquent writing and speaking abilities. You might be considered quite chatty around the Lunar eclipse in Virgo on the 14th. Simply because it falls in your third house of communication, causing your tongue to wag just a little too much, You could also find yourself traveling more than usual now and visiting siblings or friend. Jupiter trine the Lunar eclipse from your 5th house makes it an exceptional time for romance. Creativity is at its best now. Children and sporting event can also be a considerable source of enjoyment. Just watch the budget as Saturn still remains in you money house for the time being. Once you accept the parameters you set for yourself the rest is easy. Especially this month when Uranus in Pisces trines your Sun making a wish come true. The wealth you receive now comes in more ways than one. A wealth of information may be on that list. That expensive item you were craving is off limits for now, but that doesn’t mean someone else might not buy it for you. Keep your eyes open for new opportunity because with Saturn in you 2nd house it’s only through hard work that you can anticipate earning your keep.
A visit from someone out of your past may come as a surprise to you or it may come in a dream. You’ll be more apt to study things that are occult in nature or deeply spiritual and that includes the afterlife and those who reside there. Always sensitive to others needs, being of the water element, you provide them with the guidance and reassurance they need. Perhaps this is the catalyst that encourages you to learn more about these subjects .
cancer 2018 horoscope
Mars now in your 12th house has you visiting hospital or clinic to lend a hand or visit others. Your nurturing and understanding brings positive feedback .You cheer them up with your lovely voice and caring personality. March 23rd and 24th are 2 days you may want to just kick back and take off as Moon visits your opposite sign. Let partners take the lead and take care of you. Call in sick and take time off for nurturing your self. The Solar Eclipse on March 29th is a special one for you this year possibly already feeling the change occur. Its very evident now just what direction your life is about to take as the Moon and Sun meet up with the North Node. You’ve found your little niche and are well on the way to proving that to everyone. You’ll shine in your career now and may receive recognition or advancement . It may be a new option all together that your offered. Social status is changed through marriage or divorce and often this places you in a new direction in life. Remember eclipse patterns always have you eliminating something or someone before you head down that new path of discovery. There is much excitement coming from this area of your chart so get ready for change. You may be setting off on a whole new adventure that has never been attempted before. Good Luck Jupiter keeps you in line with a trine to this New Moon bringing you wealth and opportunity plus. You reach your goals and are happy with the changes it has brought you.

Leo monthly horoscope March 2018

What you hold of value in life comes under fire this month as the Virgo Lunar eclipse highlights your 2nd house. All matters pertaining to how you receive cash are brought to your attention. You may be doing some analysis of your current resources with the preciseness of a razor. Your source of income can suddenly change due to a partners’ resources. Sudden windfall may besiege you with good fortune but more likely a tax refund or stock investment is what brightens your day now. You look at things a little differently. It’s a pivotal time in your life where what you hold most valuable is evaluated and reviewed as well as how you plan to attain this. Set your mind to work and do some careful mathematical analysis to determine what that figure is. With Mercury retrograde in your 8th house it gives you extra time to sort through the numbers and determine where you want to make investments.
Relationships improve as Venus and Neptune join hands in your 7th house. The two of you can discuss past wrong doings and come to a reasonable conclusion about how you want to fix it. Friends are a bit chatty now and they may be just a little too pushy for your liking while Mars visits your 11th. But they can also provide the strength and determination you need to pursue a life goal as Mars sextiles Saturn.

March 11-12th are days you’ll want to take full advantage of that. Your Leo charm shines brightly then as the Moon return to your sign. Others take notice and it won’t be hard to impress someone and ask for a raise.

On March 29th there’s a very special solar eclipse that effects you 9th house. Long distance travel may commence if not limited by physical means. You’re seeking higher education and a path to fulfillment as the North Node joins this eclipse in your 9th house. Something has to be let go before you can go on to new heights of understanding. Retrograde Mercury joins Uranus for an extended time period in your 8th house. This brings partners money into focus. There’s a good chance it can change dramatically, suddenly and without warning. Stay in touch with those that have passed through dreams or prayer. It may surprise you when you receive some sort of message or needed advice by symbol or omen. You’re about to understand some beliefs that are quite foreign in theory. Finally it makes perfect sense to you. Your ability to use your intuition as a gift not a hindrance can be quite advantageous. . Perhaps pulling the information from another time and place that only you can recall comes naturally making you ponder reincarnation. Is it possible and likely that memory recalls bits and pieces of information. You may find yourself answering that question now. The eclipse this month offers a special time where the veil between the conscious and subconscious is lifted enticing you to look beneath it and discover knowledge. Lay low on the 25-26th when Moon vistas your opposite sign seemingly pulls all your energy with it. Take a Moonwalk and refresh your spirit in its light. Garnish your table with sunflowers.

Virgo monthly horoscope March 2018

An eclipse in your sign on March 14th is sure to bring a very interesting time of self-discovering and new starts. Eclipses allow us to shed the old image and get a fresh look at the new one. Be receptive to the unexpected and you may be in for a pleasant surprise as a whole new life unfolds around you. It’s almost as if a rebirth has taken place. Perhaps situation precipitated this making you value your life more than usual or you recognize your vulnerability to chance. Very spiritual encounters offer guidance and assist you to understand. Use the ceremony to draw down the Moon as old Celtic religions and modern Druids practice. This can be very enlightening and intense process that has you feeling quite refreshed and in control of your destiny once again. Health improves steadily and you find yourself dealing with a possible hurt you once experienced in the past. This can be a key to your over all well being. A mystery disease suddenly comes to light.
Take the lead of a partner now but not too closely as retrograde Mercury joins both Uranus and the Sun in your house of relationships. They may mean well and have some brilliant ideas but it will take more than that to make it work. Review, repair and reevaluate all relationships now. Mars at the top of your chart keeps you active at work. You may find yourself doing more than the usual amount of talking and traveling now. Your writing skills will also be greatly admired as you come through with a forcefulness that means business. Others take notice. Just don’t get too bossy at coworkers or boss.

On March 27th and 28th you may want to schedule time out as planets gather in your 7th house. Let partners lead you and don’t be resistant to change. March 29th bring another eclipse this time a solar one that falls directly in your 8th house. Your partner’s source of income can dramatically change now. A long time goal finally realized you conquer all things and the future looks bright and encouraging again. If requesting a mortgage or loan now you receive good news and close on the deal. Its full speed ahead with plans to build or invest in something you’ve always wanted.

You have very strong feelings about the after life. Your interest may be sparked by an event or occurrence that has you pondering the whole concept. That has all changed now and you rid yourself of outdated ideas or information that can be confusing. Psychic impressions will greatly enhance your ability to understand concepts once believed to be an old wives tales.

Libra monthly horoscope March 2018

You start the month on less than encouraging terms when Moon visits your opposite sign on the 1st and 2nd. Don’t let that steer you into believing that March has to remain that way for you. With a solar eclipse in your opposite sign your due for some big surprises. Love life looks particularly interesting on the 6th when ruling planet Venus heads off into Aquarius making a trine to your sun. It’s a great time to enjoy the one you love and take some time out to pursuit a leisure activity that’s sure to bring a smile to your lips. Your relationships change now and you have the ability to eliminate the old way to make way for something much better. This may take a while to get used to but you have the future to consider. March 14th Lunar eclipse in your 12th house has you visiting hospital or clinic perhaps for a health checkup or to visit a friend. Your attention to detail is important now so don’t let others try to persuade you to have more tests than are necessary or may be inconclusive. There is bound to be many new treatments for what ever ails you in the future. Realize not all of these will be correct with Mercury retrograde in your house of health and you may get sidetracked or lost in the process. You’d be better off delaying it until after the 25th. If you’re waiting for test results they may get lost, Yep, blame it on Mercury again. Ruling planet Venus in your 5th house of pleasure joins up with Neptune king of escape for some lovely leisure activity. Visit the ocean and travel by air. All healed now you can rejoice in the pleasant time you’ll be having. Go dancing or show off your artistic ability by holding a show to display your works. If you work in the arts or in Photography your talents can be greatly enhanced now. Call it a gift from your subconscious as lunar eclipses open your eyes to new visions. The second eclipse this month is a solar one in Aries. This directly effects relationships. Is this part of your future or better off left behind. You decide. Your life may depend on it.

Scorpio monthly horoscope March 2018

You receive a comforting message from above that comes in a dream or meditation. It’s a memorable year for love now as Jupiter in your sign trines Uranus in Pisces from your 5th house. There are quite a variety of suitors that come your way now. From the downright strange and unusual to the geek computer nerd brainiac. Sudden attractions arise but wanes just as quickly. Continue looking for that true intimate partner that can move mountains for you. Ruling planet Pluto in your house of finances is making every attempt at transforming your place of business and source of income. You’ve got luck on your side though with benevolent Jupiter riding on your shoulder all year. Sometimes change is good thing when a new job offer comes your way. Even if it’s just to supplement your current income it may be worthwhile. Take it easy on the 3rd-6th when Moon visits your opposite sign. This occurs again on the 31st. Indulge yourself in something nice and make your partner take the lead in activities then. Friends can be supportive and helpful in making you see attainable goals. Invite them to help you sift through the information and uncover a wonderful source of material to help your plans. Children can be a wonderful source of entertainment now but don’t be surprised if you run into a communication rut. You seem to be on opposite sides of the equation while mercury retrogrades here. Hold off until the end of the month before you attempt it again. This can apply to any sport activity yours involved in or planning to host. March 18,19th are days you’ll wish would come more often as moon joins your sun and Jupiter and trines the Pisces sun. Health steadily improves as we start the New astrological year. A solar eclipse in your 6th house discloses hidden or unsolved mystery regarding your health. You can now make full recovery and are well on the way to improvement. Work environment also improves. You may find an undisclosed piece of information helpful. Your courageous attitude is contagious setting the atmosphere for the whole office. You can be seen as a leading role model that makes work fun and easy.

Sagittarius monthly horoscope March 2018

If you noticed a competitive feeling arise lately it may be do to the fact that Mars is in your opposite sign. Partners have a take charge attitude and this doesn’t always sit well with your independent ways.

Let them have there way on the 6th & 7th when Moon in your opposite sign sets the ball in there playing field. On March 6th Venus heads off into Aquarius and brightens your outlook a little when a message is received. Get together with sibling or friendly neighbor so you can impress them with those wonderful ideas and suggestions you have. The written word has a special meaning for you now as you find yourself both writing and reading many powerful passages. On March 14th the Lunar eclipse in Virgo sheds light on your profession. You may find yourself shedding old ways for new more appropriate ones that can help you in the future. A change of jobs or position in your present one is indicated. Your social status is also up for change with the commencement of a marriage or engagement. Pluto still in your sign has you undergoing many transformations, many of which are a welcome change. Ruling planet Jupiter hidden away in your 13th house doesn’t help much but it certainly takes care of any secret enemies that thought they could undo you. It’s like you have a hidden angel on your shoulder all year protecting you from harm.
Your home may be the source of unsettling and confusing matters with both Uranus and the Sun joining retrograde Mercury. Revise review and repair is advised even if it does take until late this month to get started again. At least you’ll be will prepared. Pick out the colors and the patterns you desire and go from there. You’re about to be privy to some of your more subconscious desires that are far from the surface. Now you’re able to convert your unmistakable intuition and direct it into manifestation. The writing of fiction or romance novel can be a great enhanced making it a hobby that turns into a profitable hobby. Try your hand at music and artwork as Venus and Neptune join together to make you more creative then ever. You learn how to pull images from your head quite nicely. March 23rd -24th are days to circle in red on your calendar. These two days will be the best all month and offer a wide variety to explore as Moon returns to your sign and trines the sun and north node. An interested partner shows up and offers to show you some excitement. Let them take the lead and soon you recognize them as a friend and possible soul mate. With equal enthusiasm and abandonment you let go and enjoy the moment of your reunion. A Solar eclipse offers a new beginning and one that may be quite courageous and exciting at that. A very fertile creative time for both lovers and the creative arts. Destiny has a way of catching up with you and placing necessary elements in your path to enhance your growth. Be sure you don’t miss your chance at life.

Capricorn monthly horoscope March 2018

Practical guidelines prove the best route to success as cadent houses in your chart are activated. Establish good habits and if you find conversations getting too confusing insist on clarity. Retrograde Jupiter in our 11th house of wishes and friendships brings people from your past to help you. You receive a call or visit from someone that may have you rekindle and old desire. You seem to be haunted by an old goal that no longer exists or serves your purpose. Be very realistic if you’re tempted to give it another try.
March 8th and 9th are days that leave a lot to be desired. Do yourself a favor and take the day off and get some sleep. Find comfort in wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket beside the fireplace while you review your investments and real estate holdings. Watch the history challenge and be thankful that you’re part of the now instead of then.

With the Full Moon lunar eclipse in your 9th house on the 14th you may find yourself at the end of a study or educational period. Your hard work pays off and you’re rewarded as Venus and Neptune converge in your money house. This may bring you more than you anticipate but don’t hold your breath to promises. Neptune can be very deceiving so get it signed and documented first. Even then with Mercury retrograde there is sure to be delays and miscommunications everywhere. Be careful that your brilliant and innovative ideas don’t get stolen right out from under your nose leaving you without reward or recognition for your efforts. Pluto has a way of making karma come back to haunt you so it may be an old debt that is necessary for you to repay before you can go forward.

Strife in the work place can leave you unsettled or anxious about the future. Take some time off to rebalance your portfolio and review your partner’s money before you make any rash decisions to change jobs. Decide how far you want to set your next sites before making a confirmed statement that you’re leaving. Keep an open mind and a flexible schedule at the end of the month when a Solar Eclipse promises an upset at the home front. Unlock your censors as you tap into your subconscious and peel away the layers to understand your truest desires. There is much to be done now and changing your decorations in the most sacred area of your home can improve your outlook on life. Try reds and colors of Aries bringing the fire element back to light. Animal prints leathers and fancy headgear can all have the right effect. Display your weaponry with full honors. This includes those you used courageously in battle to get you where you are now. Invite others to your home where you can show them more excitement than they anticipated. All will be very surprised and pleased they attended.

Aquarius monthly horoscope March 2018

With all the activity in your money house you feel the need to acquire some wealth and secure your future holdings. You can shop for a desired item on March 6th when Venus joins your sign and adds a happy ending to the rest of the month. Shop for a special piece of jewelry to use as an amulet. Collect antique jewels. Matters of the heart improve as well as your money prospects . Relationship might need a reality check though. Saturn has your partner’s needs relying heavily on your shoulders. They may need your encouragement more than ever now and that doesn’t leave much time for yourself.
Venus has you doing things to improve your appearance and you’ll find others respond to these changes nicely. Set aside some time to relax and escape with your favorite past time on a daily basis. The transformation you are undergoing involves your goals and desires in life and this is a very large challenge to consider before you go all in. Your hard work, diligence and attention to detail can be attributed to Mars in Gemini. Saturn in Leo keeps you on track despite distractions.

March 10-12th are days you should consider taking off to attend to matters that have to do with your partner. You may need to supply the needed reserve they don’t have right now and responsibility weighs heavily on your shoulder. Give yourself time out from the needs of others and find ways to rejuvenate your own energy supplies.

On March 14th the Virgo lunar eclipse opens up the psychic realm. You’ll find yourself fascinated with all things pertaining to the occult and after life. Explore new territory and attend a lecture that opens your eyes to a whole new concept. You’ll find yourself capable of grasping universal theory and wanting more. Investigate the unknown and talk your revolutionary friends to join you.

On March 25-26 Moon returns to your sign and you’ll sigh a sigh of relief as energy is restored. Mercury retrograde in your money house may have you waiting extra long for payments. Things get lost and misconstrued so check all your bank statements and bills carefully as well as your payroll stub. It can only mean that you’re about to discover some new and inventive ways of making money. Give it some thought but don’t act on it until after the 25th when Mercury stations direct. On Mach 29 a solar eclipse in Aries brightens your 3rd house of communication. You’ll find yourself liking your path in life at this time and will be encouraged to write or speak about it. Your courageous ways of taking it into your own hands and presenting it in a new way to others that they can relate to is unchallenged and far above expectation. Mars in your creative house has you scattering energies in too many directions at once and working very hard at doing them all. You might be better off condensing to one thing at a time if you have any hope of success. Patience will be necessary if it’s to work and that’s something you run short on right now. Don’t get lost at sea without a raft while Neptune is in your sign. Have alternative plans to assist you. Jupiter has your professional house blessed with good fortune. That high paying piece of cake job is yours for the taking now make do and move on to take any new leads you here about or forever hold your peace.

Pisces monthly horoscope March 2018

You’re certainly popular now as retrograde Mercury the Sun and Uranus join forces with your Sun or ascendant. Keep up the happy charming face. It wont be difficult especially if your work revolves around hospital or clinic. Ruling planet Neptune is bringing you a wealth of information in your dreams and your intuition has never been so sharp. Listen to your thoughts and the information it provides you with and you’ll be ready when sudden changes take place.
Jupiter in your 9th house offers educational opportunity and travel abroad. Take advantage of it while you can. Foreign theory and occult teachings are prime example of what Jupiter in Scorpio might have you interested in. Forensic science and mysteries have an exciting edge that you find intriguing. Mars in your home sector could make construction a daily part of your life as home improvements get under way. Try not to do too many projects at once as mars in Gemini can be scattered. Finish one thing completely before deciding on the next.

The Lunar Eclipse on March 14th brings light to your relationship issues. It brings an independent or rebellious attitude when others try to control you. . Your mental energy is increase now almost bordering mania so you’ll need to find ways to calm yourself down. Solving problems may not be possible until later in the month when mercury stations direct again. Make wise choices but delay decisions when possible. It’s a wonderful time to visit old haunts and child hood scenes. Contact longtime acquaintances that you’ve been out of touch with and see what they’ve been up to. Fate can work in marvelous ways now often bringing partners where there were none or changing the ones we have.

Pluto shakes up your professional world as well often bringing about a complete transformation of sorts. As personal issues surface you’ll find yourself making sense of the situation and staying adrift of new ideas and concepts that are presented to you. On March 27-28th the Moon returns to your sign to return some of that well spent energy. Saturn in your health sector hasn’t exactly provided you with any extra energy lately and you’re in need of a boost. Attend dental appointments and get a massage when old bones, back or knee injury flares up.

The next Solar Eclipse on March 29th effects your money house. It brings many opportunities to make more money and fulfill your life goals and wishes. It’s a wonderful time to realize your soul aspirations and come out ahead in your wallet. A task not often accomplished by many. Your ingenious cutting edge technology is seen as innovative and inventive. Inspiring to all your spirit is satisfied with the results.

February 2018 Monthly Overview Horoscope

The last and perhaps the worst of winter about to leave us we look forward to spring arriving with a renewed strength. Tolerating the frigid cold doesn’t seem so bad anymore enabling us to present a brave new face. February as frigid as it may be is still the month for heating up things romantically and this month is not any different. It starts with good luck planet Jupiter changing direction on the first. Develop a pattern of looking within yourself first for the truth. A time of inner reflection replaces the more daring approach you may have taken before.

Venus enters Aquarius on the 2nd bringing a change in attitude . You’ll start to feel different about relationships and what you hold near and dear to your heart. Many more questions arise. Your values and sense of style are about to be redesigned. Relationships are also subject for makeover.

On February 5th the Sun joins Neptune making everyone appear a bit spacey. A who cares, attitude replaces the norm, and complacency seems to be the rule of thumb. Not dealing with the issues is more of a problem now and escape seems to be all that anyone cares about. Whether it’s a sunny beach in Antigua or an ocean cruise to the Mediterranean, you are about to experience what it’s like to remove all burdens and the ties that bind you. Boundaries blur and don’t seem to be much of a problem anymore. Becoming less critical of others will be a plus now. Taking the side of compassion over reason seems totally appropriate.

On February 6th Mars enters Capricorn and expects to control things again. Everything must remain in a neat and orderly fashion or you’ll have to deal with father time and the taskmaster Saturn.

You can embrace the time around the New Moon on February 8th to use as your power play days to start a new cycle and begin new plans. This New Moon is different in that you’ll find it welcomes new invention and individuality. Mercury joins Neptune now possibly sending some mixed messages. It will be difficult to discern fact from fantasy. With Mercury, Moon, Venus, Neptune, Juno and the Sun all in Aquarius it won’t be difficult to find new things that inspire you. You are motivated to participate in different arenas. It could be a new relationship that spurs your interest. Jupiter adds delightful inspiration and optimism as it trines these planets. Pluto sextile the same planets and feeds the flame a little warming up the otherwise cool Aquarius mix. The New Moon is a powerful time where thoughts can create matter. Do you have a wish list? Well now would be a good time to apply it and put your imagination to the test. Especially powerful thoughts allow you to create matter. Go beyond your normal routine and experience the freedom and exhilaration that comes with independence. Expect to pay the price for your abandonment on February 10th when Sun quincunx Saturn. (A difficult angle that requires adjustment.) Saturn in Cancers’ self-protective clutches urges us to resist new ideas that unconventional Aquarius brings. Fear of change may cripple progress. You may find new experiences or invention frightening or intimidating now. Mercury trines Jupiter comes to the rescue and makes us much more comfortable with foreign things. It improves our communications as well as our chances for travel. We can better rationalize the broad scheme of things by showing others our vision for the future. .

February 12th – 13th Pluto sextiles the Sun then Mercury, allowing us to eliminate what is no longer needed. Outdated policy or ideas can be discarded in order to embrace a more efficient way of thinking and doing things. The First Quarter Moon in Taurus is the first turning point of the Lunar Cycle. It allows us to see if things are working according to plan. Mercury enters Pisces now and it is very possible you may have overlooked some details.

Sun enters Pisces on the 18th bringing an interesting shift of energies. Life is experienced on a spiritual level. Sensitivity enhanced, we feel our way through life now rather than communicate, expecting others to be on that same wavelength. Compassion replaces self-centered attitudes. Venus trine Jupiter is one of the most favorable aspects to occur on the 17th. Surrounded by positive energy, good luck graces our table with a double dose of charm. Take a few chances now on your favorite bets. February 21st, after 3 years in Capricorn, Chiron enters Aquarius for the next 6 years. It brings a wonderful time of healing with it. You’ll find the oddballs and black sheep of the family will become more important and acceptable now. Inventors or activist alike will find themselves forgiven and recognized once again for their information. Eccentric individuals will intrigue us now and we will seek their views on many things. Venus in Pisces brings an extra dose of compassion and reminds us of the connectedness of all living things.

On February 23rd the Full Moon in Virgo asks us to address practical concerns despite our desire to deal with spiritual matters. Uranus joins the Sun bringing unexpected elements along with it. You may find yourself asking more questions than you are willing to answer. Sudden illumination brightens the spirit bringing many the much needed lucky break they warrant. You sway away from your ordinary or traditional way of thinking about things. This places you in the midst of chaos. Uranus is seen as the wild card ruling lightning speed and electricity. The bringer of storm, disrepair and disaster looms heavily over many corners of the world. Often seen as an initiator and assistant to opening the third eye . Use the influence of Uranus at this Full Moon to perceive energy and other dimensions never explored or explainable before. Science fiction becomes reality and current affairs take on the shape of something more foreign in dimension. You become much more aware of the unseen and invisible forces that surround us. Discover the real nature of spirit and matter and how you can transform them. One and the same, it is not difficult to determine how it ends up. New technological advances can be made possible now.

The high voltage of this Full Moon requires that we pay special attention to diet. Uranus has a tendency to rewire our nervous systems so that we are more capable of perceiving higher vibrations and accessing information from different realms. During these periods of mental acuity and acceleration you will need to take in extra nutrients and calories to rebuild new cell structure. Getting in touch with what your body needs is important now. Ask yourself. Is what you eat benefiting you or weighing you down with toxins? You will be that much more able to discern what works best for you when you notice the physical and mental difference a good diet can make. Leave it up to a Virgo to figure it out. It is much easier for them to analyze it all to perfection for your personal use. Pisces just knows what works best by perceiving the aura surrounding you. They can be very helpful in suggesting the appropriate nutrient that you are missing.

Mercury joins Uranus increasing perception even more. Imagination and intuition become fine-tuned. We receive flashes of brilliance and insight that changes our whole way of thinking. A huge breakthrough in consciousness occurs now for many. Allow yourself time to tune into your intuitions. Listen to music, meditate and take walks in the woods or along the beach where you can converse with nature. When Juno, Roman Goddess of marriage joins with the Sun and Uranus it suggest that our partnerships are ready for change. Restore the balance between the masculine and the feminine to restore ambitions and domestic bliss. Valentine’s Day couldn’t be a better expression of this energy. Embrace your true love.

Aries Horoscope for February 2018

Friends turn out to be blessings in disguise with the stellium of planets in your 11th house. The best time to ask for a favor is on February 12-13th when the Moon visits your sign adding a special blessing your way. The New Moon Cycle this month effects your goals and aspirations in life. You may come to some decision that will change your current life path. Ask for the help of others who have been there before. You’ll feel a tight kinship with groups of people you can identify with. Your work associates or other group affiliations will be important now. Mars remains on your midheaven stirring up the work environment a bit. Avoid power struggles and even possibly aggressive moves from others. Recently reprimanded or verbally confronted by an authority figure you seek the opinion of others. Things are still a bit rough and may weigh heavily on your mind effecting conditions on the home front. Seek the advice of an elder or father figure that can help provide you with the answers that include security issues. This leaves you feeling much more comfortable with your current situation. The North Node now squares Saturn in your 4th house and Chiron in your 10th. Perhaps you have been identifying too much with others you work with that have been through similar situation. Its time to cut loose and discover your own identity. Try to become the person you were meant to be. This requires a specific amount of individuality that you may have lost sight of recently by working in group mentality mode. Let others give advice but make sure you make up you own mind using the wisdom of the past to guide you. Not only will you resign yourself to making new goals and ideals now but new friends as well. I expect they will take on the qualities of eccentric, unusual and more inventive than most. Continue to watch yourself at work and bite your tongue when necessary. Prevent temper tantrums and learn patience and servitude.

On February 23rd the Full Moon in Leo falls in your 6th house. You’ll have your answers then especially in regards to a work issue. The culmination of affairs that have transgressed over the last few weeks will be apparent. Secret enemies revealed to you, you have no other choice but to feel sorry for them. Hyper critical, obsessive or compulsive behavior at work may have led to communication problem. See to it that your views are expressed despite fear of rejection. , Although it might be wiser if you don’t use ultimatum or force to get your point across. Just go straight for the heart and enjoy the gut reaction it provokes. Friends are there to stand behind you. Despite what others may think there is a little self-sacrifice that may be necessary to calm the fires that are stoked.

Attend to diet and health issues now. Realize how much work effects your over all health. This will help you to make the proper decisions. Treat your stomach gingerly, as it is more prone to upset. Try vegetarian fare and do without preservative or other additives that can wreak havoc with your immune system. Take time out to meditate and enjoy the outdoors. Rejuvenate yourself by tuning in to nature.

Relax and learn patience.

Taurus Horoscope for February 2018

You start the month off on a rough note when the Moon visits your opposite sign Scorpio. Don’t fret just take time off and don’t stress yourself. Things steadily improve as Mars enters earth sign Capricorn on the 7th making a wonderful trine to you sun until the end of winter. It brings with it a cycle of renewed energy and enthusiasm. You may want to add a crystal to your wardrobe to help you enlist this wonderful energy into helping you create projects that can benefit you in the further. Wear an aventurine or pocket a moss agate to bring the good fortune you deserve. Your profession and social standing in the community is under fire now as a stellium of planets visits your 10th house. A new job or position may require most of your time. A parent may become especially needy now. Work requires a lot more of your time and energy now but it will all be worth while in the long run as long as you don’t over do it. Jupiter the planet of excess affects your health now. Over indulgences in alcohol, food or drugs are going to effect you more now and its best not to fall back on old bad habits. That includes smoking. Attend to mechanical problems before they hinder your transportation. Buy a new vehicle only after having it thoroughly checked out and only with warranty included. Travel may be delayed or restricted now. Things look promising by Valentines Day when the Moon visits your sign shining a special blessing your way. Enjoy all your favorite pleasures now at least for these 2 days. Seize the moment as an opportunity to discover life.

Gemeni Horoscope for February 2018

There’s a wonderful doorway of opportunity that opens up for you now with the trine between your Sun, ascendant, and Mercury in Aquarius and the especially benevolent Jupiter in Libra. Be ready to make some changes. Old boundaries dissolve in order to prepare you for a climate of relative ease and wish fulfillment. Aladdin’s lamp at your beckon call. Seize the opportunities that exist for this transit lasts for only 17 days. Once its over it will leave behind a beneficial afterglow if you take time to take advantage of the opportunity it presents. You’ve gaining in recent experience but find you are still quite busy and unsettled with your new knowledge. Your dedication to help others around the time of the Full Moon will bring a promise for good fortune in your future.
Let the fresh air and wind improve your chances for good health. You’ll pick up some wonderful new ways of improving your situation that are quite unusual and may include humor. You’re very talkative and informative now so others will want to hear what you have to say. You could be asked to speak at a seminar or special teaching event. Your creative images come across quite nicely. , Often portraying the wonderful beginnings you foresee. Other’s learn from you and are attentive to your new and inventive ideas.

There is definitely a new beginning in store for you. Beneficial Jupiter remains in your 5th house for another 9 months. Creative abilities enhanced, beautiful images come to mind, pulled from your over active imagination that increases your chance of success.

You are about to experience how easily the blending of the masculine and feminine can occur. The fool about to step off the precipice may be how you once perceived it. Saturn may delay things for the time being but it is the growing of that relationship over time that can improve your life style.

There’s a good chance you’ll make a healthy investment now, although the reward may not be immediate. You still have some chasing to do as far as money owed to you. Don’t expect much until after Saturn leaves your house of finances in July of this year. Things will steadily improve after that and quite rapidly. Take a trip and visit the ocean. Find a place where you can escape and create beautiful scenery that provokes comment from others. Let them sense the same escape by looking at the picture. You are at your most creative now but don’t forget to set time aside to rethink a few of your goals. The North Node now visiting your 11th house is about to insist that you do just that. Look over your current path making sure its right for you. Perhaps your heart reaches out to a distant adventure not readily apparent or available yet. Keep in mind that quirky Uranus is on your midheaven as well bringing all sorts of unusual opportunities your way. Expect many to border on new technical advances that you will be readily receptive to. You’ll find your mind accepting new principles quite rapidly and adopting them as your own. The concepts of quantum physics, computer technology, astronomy and astrology will all be appealing to you. More intuitive then usual you’ll find yourself pulling the words and thoughts from others minds before they say them. There may be some that find that quite offensive and take issue. Don’t let others intimidate or control you. Ask for space if you need it. You may be in for some drastic changes in this area as you eliminate contacts that are not worthy of your time. There will be some endings now that may be necessary to make way for the future. Some hit you quite suddenly sweeping you right off your feet. Take time off to steady your nerves and slow your vibrations down to earth speed. Find calming methods to soothe you in times of stress.

February 16th ’17th are your power days. Perhaps take a long Valentines Day weekend off with your mate. Either way you’re sure to enjoy yourself now when the Moon visits your sign for some extra sparkle.

On February 23rd a Full Moon visits your 4th house. Your home environment will be very busy now. You may decide to clean house and store extra material that no longer has use. A connection to your own mother may be felt strongly now bringing emotional feelings to the surface. Your love of home environment becomes apparent and you share your feelings with others there, enjoying good food and conversation around the kitchen.

Cancer Horoscope for February 2018

Sudden nuisances are afoot everywhere on the first. Read between the lines and do some research on your own. There are some mysteries yet to be solved and clues can become readily apparent now while the stellium of planets visits your eighth house. Dreams and premonition quite accurate. On February 7th Mars opposes the Sun robbing you of some of your much needed energy but certainly not your attitude. A competitive spirit develops that is stimulated by Saturn’s influence. Much is resting on your shoulders now. And if you avoid confrontation you’ll find yourself doing yourself a big favor. Don’t seek too many favors from others. Maintain a calm disposition and behave independently from others.
Venus in Pisces trine your Sun on the 27th brings the much needed spiritual uplifting you’ve been looking for. A well-educated companion can do much to arouse your dreary demeanor. Romantic encounters can be found in prayer or mediation groups as well as in creative projects.

The New Moon on February 8th asks you to look into the dark and begin to study a whole new realm of being. The spirit world reveals special information that will help you to develop a plan. Stop being so critical of yourself and get over it. You can only do so much before leaving it up to others to help out. Pluto has asked you to make drastic changes in your health as well as work environment now its time to collect. Real estate transactions continue to be favorable as well as monetary advances from bank or other institute.

You may decide to sturdy a new religion or metaphysical subject now. Astrology holds a special interest for you and you can find many clues to your own behavior there.

On February 19th-20th a special encounter is about to beseech you when Moon visits your sign. Your relationships are about to go to the next level. Stimulating and supportive partners enrich your life with some wonderful new plans. New ambition can be found and you feel as if you’re back on track.

February 23rd Chaste Full Moon sheds some light on communications especially those with neighbors. There is an increased chance for travel now. Visits with sibling can be enjoyed leaving you refreshed. Be sure you have all the facts and details before you leave or you may get lost in transit. You may have additional news to tell them when that handsome stranger you met becomes more than serious. You feel the earth move beneath you when you are in their presence. Try to get your bearings at least for the time being. Family will be sure to remind you of past mishap in relationship area. Don’t let this mar your chances for happiness. You convey real emotion in your voice now and soon they will get the picture. Writing it all down in a journal will do more good than trying to convey your feelings to others.

Leo horoscope for February 2018

February 1st through the 14th you’ll find charming companions go out of their way to include you in their plans. Telepathic exchanges can occur providing you a deeper glimpse into the heart and soul of others. Save the last 2 weeks of the month for developing a financial strategy that will diversify your funds in more secure options. Finances may be shifting and you may need to gather your funds quickly so you can reinvest in other options. Venus joins the Aquarius planets on February 5th making things you value successful. A wide range of opportunities will present themselves now.
You may have recently decided that your path in life is one that should include more travel and higher education. You need to investigate the self through study of higher realms. Spending a great deal of your time and energy at work may cause you to ignore these areas and a health problem could arise. Fear not, you’ll have plenty of energy to get you through any crisis that develops while Mars visits this area of your chart.

The New Moon on February 8th promises new relationships or partnerships that will prove beneficial often providing you with the opportunity of a lifetime. Use the 21st-22nd as your personal power days to seek anything you want. Your wish will be delivered and you can make a lasting impression on others. You’ll see the culmination of your efforts with the Full Moon on February 23rd when projects pay off. The chaste Full Moon now in your 2nd house of finances allows you to receive benefits for your hard work.

Chiron a visitor in your house of partnerships brings old wounds to the surface. Realization of a fantasy unfulfilled will present itself and hits you smack in the face if you’re not careful. Using better wisdom next time won’t be a problem. You’ve learned your lessons wisely now move on.

Virgo Horoscope for February 2018

This month its all about health and fitness with the Full Moon in your sign on the 23rd. A new insight into your own physical and emotional well being is about to develop. With the long lasting effect of Uranus opposing Virgo you’ll need to be especially careful around flu or other contagion. That doubles for being around negative people. Avoid them at all cost and eliminate that type of energy from your environment.

The Aquarius New Moon brings 5 planets and asteroid Juno to your house of health. Granted its not without the help of some very inventive partners (and this includes doctors) that help you get to the bottom of a health concern but you will find yourself beginning a new regimen. This may also include a new work environment. Your creative juices are flowing as Mars visits your 5th house. Romance beckons you to join in and seek the company of others in the community that might interest you. This can provide you a bit of distraction and excitement very much over due. The answers come to you in a dream or premonition. It won’t be hard to interpret the meaning or the person you were meant to meet. Beginning a new health regimen will be high on the list of things to do. The solutions may be quite obvious but unique just the same.

On February 23rd the Full Moon visits your sign and brightens the picture a bit. A renewed strength can be found. It serves you well to find the answers through food or fluids you ingest. Evaluate how they effect your physical emotional health. Design a plan to help overcome any obsessions you may have developed over the last few years. Try not to be too nitpicky and avoid being overly critical of self or partner. You present a picture of one who has it all together despite what others may think it is really possible for your near future. Your service to others is the clue to achieving success in your own life. Its time to get serious about setting some goals again and following through with them. An older friend or authoritative figure may hold the answers. Ask for advice and you find yourself developing a much needed bond that is gratuitous for both.

Sudden upheaval effects the home environment resulting in changes that have been long in the making and will result in a much happier environment. Seek the truth within yourself and develop a contingency plan that will allow you to break ties but still enjoy the perks.

Libra Horoscope for February 2018

Finding it difficult to get over a recent career change you find Mercury and the Sun come to your rescue followed by Venus shortly after. A wonderful trine in fellow air signs develops promising a lovely time for leisure activity. You can expect to have an especially happy Valentines Day this year. Take time off to get away from it all for the dream weekend of your choice. Intuition is at its best now as Aquarius planets activate psychic Neptune. Color and sound experiences provide the background for expanding your awareness often healing you in the process. The New Moon bring creative inspiration your way that is perhaps ahead of its time. Unusual and inventive ideas flow easily and your choice of medium is unlimited. This may cause havoc in your home environment possibly causing you to undertake a major construction project or makeover. Jupiter’s benevolent influence finds you gloriously optimistic yet indulgent. The latter is what may get you in trouble making you put on extra pounds that may be difficult to shed or spending too much money. Your health takes on some unusual quirks now. You may feel particularly nervous and will need to spend time recharging on your days off, void of all stimuli. Escape to fantasy land with a good book or movie and you’ll survive this overactive period.

Sharp tongue ultimatums will do nothing to advance your position with sibling or neighbors. You may find yourself breaking ties with one or the other for now so that you can reevaluate things. Success recently finding you its now time to decide how you’re going to use it and what investments are worthy of making. On February 23rd a Full Moon in Virgo could have you going for self-analysis. This can be done through astrology or holistic healer. Analyze how patterns at work can effect your well being and emotional health. If this is not satisfactory than its time to spread your wings a little and look elsewhere for broader horizons. Will you use your present success to advance or let it ride for the next 14 years before you consider making a change? Saturn will take that long before it finds its way to the bottom of your chart where you’ll be getting antsy again about moving. Keep that in mind when making career moves and do your best to ride this wave to the end.

Scorpio Horoscope for February 2018

Moon visits you sign on the first 3 days of February bringing a renewed strength and feeling of well being. For the Candelmas celebration on February 1st create a house blessing that will bring renewed sense of spirit to your home environment protecting you from those who may wish you harm. The bond between parent and child can be especially important now strengthening the connection for both. With the New Moon and the majority of planets visiting your 4th house, home and heritage becomes increasingly important. Your residence may change and you hold the dream key to the undertaking. Your understanding of relatives both here and recently passed becomes apparent. You realize the decisions you need to make and what you’ll need to do about getting the proper housing as early as February 2nd. Lovely Venus enters Aquarius then. You may find yourself developing a wonderful flare for some unusual decorating abilities that outshines even the most daring. It’s an excellent time to do some entertaining as well. Invite everyone near and dear and even some that are not so near.

February 14th proves to be a very important day that you’ll cherish forever. Make special plans to be with that special someone then. Make sure you’re doing something wonderful on February 23rd when the Full Moon visits your 11th house. Friends flock to your side and bring some light to your current situation. Try not to be too critical of those who have not lived up to your expectations. Realize it is their own weaknesses that have prevented this from ocuring, not your own. You may also see some of your goals come to culmination now lending reason for celebration. Enjoy yourself and enlist the aid of children to bring you to that special place where you connect with all living beings. Let loose your inhibitions and seek the pleasure you once had as a child. Water will hold high significance for you now and you may find yourself traveling by air to arrive at waterfront hacienda. Unexpected circumstances bring you exciting changes that will keep you busy for months.

Sagittarius Horoscope for February 2018

Impatient and aggressive behavior soon leaves you when visiting Mars moves on to Capricorn effecting your finances. Control your anger for now and don’t over react. Light a pale blue candle for Candlemas and dedicate it to peace. That includes all you may have offended over the last few weeks. You may want to bring some special goodies to work to show others your feelings and beg forgiveness through their stomachs. With Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Sun in your 3rd house you can trust your instincts about neighbors or siblings. Work to communicate with them.
Keep a journal to help you on that quest for spiritual knowledge. Record all Tarot spreads and take notes of omens or mythological creatures. It may be especially helpful to review these archetypal messengers to help you encode a problem in your current affairs. As you read through the stories and accounts of classical gods and goddess compare it to current times and facilitate your spiritual awareness.

Jupiter now in Libra brings better chances of improving finances. A lessening of worries and workload follows. February 4th ‘5th would be a good time to ask for a raise or advance. Others are intrigued and fascinated with you now, finding little fault with your wild suggestions. The New Moon on February 8th finds its home in your 3rd house of communications. You may decide to write a book or story now. Your communication skills will bring new challenges and offer new beginnings, An opportunity to travel for education exists now. Make it a point to visit siblings in there home. They will play an important part in the sudden events that occur. A change in residence is in the offing and it may come as quite a surprise. Friends help you conquer all obstacles.

The Full Moon on February 23rd shines some light on your career and social status in the community. A welcome change of events brighten your days. Despite working hard for your money you could actually get recognition in some form. A cash settlement or raise may surprise you. Communications may be a bit misleading with vague Neptune residing in your 3rd house. There is an important lesson to be learned now and the healing part may involve a sibling as Chiron enters that sector of your chart. The change may be in the way you present yourself. Force will not replace subtly and in this case a change is indicated before you break through barriers. Use the assistance of your more diplomatic friends to assist you in this very precarious matter.

Capricorn Horoscope for February 2018

With your money house highlighted you’ll be happier than a clam. Always your favorite subject this can hold especially true now as Mars enters Capricorn on the 6th. This only empowers you to perform more of your magic. Create enough to sit back on and smile. It may be time to direct your energies toward more compassionate ways of dealing with your family. Much can be accomplished. Don’t; push yourself or others too hard now. Keep up with current trends in your profession and keep communications active with those you work with. Be sure to maintain a healthy relationship between personal and professional life.
Study the history of spells and incantations well, especially those from ancient days and other countries that come rich with folklore to enhance your own imagination. February 6th ‘7th are days you’ll not soon forget. These can be seen as your power play days. Use them to enhance your possibilities and encourage good reactions from others. The New Moon on February 8th is sure to present you with many opportunities to enhance your money options. With 5 luminaries in your money house you’re bound to have more than one opportunity. Your horizon reaches wide now and you will not settle for just any old thing. You want to reach back into time where your mind was set on a beautiful and fanciful deal that only you could devise. Satisfying your current goals you take the initiative and encourage others to join in this wonderful new opportunity. Let others see you for the leader you really are.

The Full Moon in Virgo brings a culmination to recent educational pursuit or travel plans. You may find yourself completing a long process of analyzing data and health information or diet. Attend a special lecture or seminar to better your choices of life plan. The publishing of special papers or analytical data takes place now. Your energy bears fruit and your recognized for your past efforts on a fine project that may deal with social issues or art. There will be a break from the past that allows you to deal with hidden demons that obstruct you. Cut loose from their stronghold and set sales for brighter days.

Aquarius Hooroscope for February 2018

You’ll find yourself quite charming and charismatic now. Your visions and ideas can be seen as inspiration for many as 5 luminaries visits your sign on February 8th.Its not everyday you get a windfall or an opportunity to make big bucks. You may have a few surprises in store for you the end of this month when planets visit your money house. Saturn in your health sector still asks you to take precaution from drafts by carrying a shawl or scarf on cold days. Avoid negative people in the work place. Especially those that rob you of energy and life joy. Toxic attitudes can be catchy now. There may be a friend you decide to avoid now but a reunion is in the offing. Some of your life goals may come under review now giving way to more modern attainable ones. Keep a record of your plans for life in a journal. You may find it very useful in the coming months. Let each adventure add to it a memorable clich’.
On February 23rd the Full Moon in Virgo brings you to review some of your tax and investment returns. You may find yourself discovering facts that were not available before. Your intuition can be a fine source in guiding you to find the right answers as well as investment opportunity. Broker or tax consultant is also under scrutiny. You’ll have no problem keeping the facts straight. You may want to take advantage of what others owe you now.

Keep self defeating actions or words down to a minimum now as Mars visits your 12th house. Use it for more constructive purposes like helping those in need. Visit a hospital or other institute where they’ll welcome your appearance. Respect elders and their authority over you. Keep an eye out for those who wish you harm, for secret enemy may come from unexpected source now taking you by surprise. Have no fear with Chiron visiting your sign, you’ll have many chances to heal old wounds. A wonderful healing energy develops that brings delightful results. . The chance to double your wealth comes later this month when Sun visits Uranus Juno and Mercury in your money house. Keep enemies at bay by relying on some of your more powerful friends to help you. Your destiny in sight now you venture out on new journey that brings exciting new challenge. A wonderful opportunity awaits you abroad. Visit distant places and return to your past heritage to see a beauty not yet experienced. Dreams and messages will guide you to the right place. Take note of all your perceptions .

Pisces Horoscope for February 2018

A renewed stability comforts you now as Aquarius transits touch ruling planet Neptune in your 12th house. Activity in your inner life and dreams becomes increasingly prophetic. You’ll treasure your time off so that you can create a project that develops while you’re asleep or out walking and commuting with nature. The New Moon brings many new ideas that are received through dreams or perceptions not conceived of before. You’re about to make new changes that can include your own appearance and how others perceive you.
Venus visits your sign and joins quirky Uranus on the 17th. Don’t get too drastic with your change of appearance or you may live to regret it. Use this crafty time to study metaphysics or astrology. There will be an extra amount of travel around your birthday. Telephone calls and messages can be especially meaningful now. Neptune opposing your house of health asks you to become in tune with yourself and analyze the food and lifestyle methods you partake in. Associates can have a heavy impact on your well being. Avoid those who upset you and try to separate your self from things that have ill effects on you.

On February 18th Sun returns to your sign bringing a renewed sense of purpose and strength of character to support you in your endeavors. Partners needs take priority now so you’ll need to find time to address them. It will be much easier to provide them with your undivided attention now that you completed your mission. Keep your mind open to new career choices as you break tradition and make a change from the past. The opportunity to invest with friends in a business can have advantageous results. A chance to profit from others investments can lighten your load.
The Full Moon in Virgo brings light to some of your partner’s accomplishments and endearing qualities. You’ll want to remind them just how important they are to you. Sacrifice your time to indulge them in some of their real life fantasies for awhile. You win them over for life and remain good friends even if not always together. Enjoy.

January 2018 Monthly Overview Horoscope

Driving carefully on New Years Eve shouldn’t be a problem with orderly Virgo Moon keeping us in line. Try not to get too caught up in the little things that prevent you from seeing the big picture. Look before you leap holds especially true now while Mars squares accident prone Uranus. Be wary of head or eye injury. Drive aggressively and watch out for the other drivers. January 1st proves to be a quieter New Years Day then most with no major aspects occurring. It will feel as if January 2nd is more like the real holiday when Moon enters the sociable sign of Libra. Group interactions much more appealing than they were last night .You can meet with friends and relatives using a much more diplomatic approach. The guilt ridden, fault-finding ways of yesterdays’ Virgo Moon are now a thing of the past. You’ll find a much more liberal and appealing attitude. Make your amends and apologize for any excesses you may have demonstrated over the last few days because on January 3rd you’re going to experience a whole new change in relationships as well with Venus joining Pluto. You’ll start by uncovering some of your most intriguing and possibly fearful secrets that may push some to the brink. On the 4th Mercury joins Pluto for more intense communications. Both Venus and Mercury quincunx Saturn on the 5th, destroy any ongoing hopes of making amends. Delays and distractions just seem to keep getting in the way. Best to wait until another more appropriate time to resume communications.
january 2018 monthly horoscope
You may find yourself just a little too enthusiastic now as Sun squares Jupiter. As optimism rallies you may find yourself taking things to the extreme and that goes for tempers too. Venus semisquares romantic Neptune on the 8th making relationships improve again. Use this wonderful creative influence to provide one last chance before you have to apply yourself to more practical matters. There is some serious and perhaps too rigid thinking that occurs now with both Venus and Mercury in Capricorn on January 9th. But the Sun semisquare Uranus has nothing to do with that fixed and rigid behavior. In fact it would rather experience the strange and unusual than the ordinary, any day. Unexpected circumstances occur that require some very inventive ways of fixing them. Remaining independent in a relationship becomes necessary. A rebellious nature is suspect in making it difficult to stick to the rules.

On January 10th a New Moon in Capricorn starts the real 2018 New Year where new beginnings are about to manifest themselves in many ways. New commitments can be formed and we find ways to deal with old wounds as the New Moon joins Chiron for some internal fixation and corrections of past misdoing. There’s a great deal of force pulling us in several different directions at once today. The North and South node join with Jupiter to square the Sun, Moon and Chiron that are all opposed by Saturn. With that many planets involved its bound to be the major planetary event of the season. Many hopeful new ideas can be realized as Jupiter in Libra broadens the horizon. We realize that through collaboration we can accomplish a great deal. Remind yourself that no one can do it all nor should they have to. But together we can do it all. That’s a tall order to fulfill but with all the Capricorn planets influencing our decisions we will find a way to see projects through by sheer will and determination.

There’s a critical turning point that takes place on the 13th when Sun opposes Saturn. You begin to realize your purpose in life and how very important that part plays in your destiny. How you treat old wounds will become very important now. It can help you to move towards even greater success if you show compassion toward others now. Don’t allow this to cause you to withdraw but rather embrace it and face your fears. There is definitely some risk taking that needs to take place if you want to see your plans move forward. The Aries Moon square the Sun in Capricorn is the perfect time to instrument this.

On January 19th the Sun enters fixed air sign of Aquarius. We take a broader look at our approach to life in comparison with others. Use your highly skilled mental abilities to connect with others. A recent discovery has you exploring new worlds . Others opinions can be highly valued now while Saturn quincunx Pluto effects you for several weeks to come. Feeling bogged down with work and other major issues you allow unconscious fears to effect your judgment. It’s not likely you’ll succeed at removing the obstacle by using your normal approach. Force will not be effective with Pluto you must succeed by using more subtle ways or perhaps avoid the confrontation altogether. Mars sextile Jupiter on the 21st brings soaring energy levels. A wish to explore unknown options is expressed. On the 22nd Mercury squares visionary Jupiter for some real unusual ways of dealing with people. Express your wildest ideas and inventions while Mercury is semisquare Uranus. The eccentric will seem more like the norm. Expect unusual conversations to take place and all in time for the Full Moon in dramatic Leo on the 25th ‘This is the party Full Moon where you celebrate past accomplishments with bling. No one can out do the antics of Leo when it comes to having a good time and making a dramatic spectacle as well. Decorations and dress expected to exceed expectation there is no reason to restrain yourself now. You’ll need to expand your sense of reality if you want more intense interactions. Mars joins Pluto and quickens the pulse a little. Tempers fly and words are exchanged that may leave you quite stunned. It makes us realize that things must change.

Social or technological advancement holds you in its thralls. You can identify with an attraction to the unusual now while Venus semisquares Uranus. Mercury opposite Saturn has a bit of a sobering effect on things now not letting us get too out of hand with actions or conversation. The last time Pluto joined Mars was on 2/16/2016. At that time many of us faced our fears and reclaimed our power by doing so. Perhaps we need to be more cognizant of our own motives before developing a sound practical plan for the future. Try being more open-minded but always remain aware of who’s signing the check as Saturn squares Jupiter. Written contracts will be helpful as old roles continue to play a pivotal part in your life. Outmoded values fall away for a more expansive role you choose to play.

Aries January 2018 horoscope

It could be hard getting back in to the swing of things after the holiday weekend when Moon visits your opposite sign of Libra on the 3rdand 4th. Ruling planet Mars forms a wonderful trine with your Sun providing some of the energy you’ll need to pursue a long time goal. A perfect travel opportunity exists that will be very tempting and irresistible. If it weren’t for your fears thanks to Pluto aligned with Mars you’d already have been on the plane with tickets in hand. Work through it and try to face those phobias and you’ll find a whole New World opens up for you. An educational benefit is also a part of the scheme.

With 4 luminaries and asteroid Chiron residing in your professional house your ambitions cause you to neglect duties at home. Set limits so that you have equal time for both without feeling as if they have become just another burden to your already over extended days and list of things to do. Deal with obligations and responsibilities first then have some fun. Doing this in equal portions may become increasing difficult to arrange but well worth it for your psyche. There may be a delicate situation that exists at work involving a professional associate. Stay out of it and keep your nose out of job politics. Avoid conflict or involvement in a dead end discussion. Remain alert to signs that this is becoming too much of a problem to be involved in. Others want to drag you in as their personal allies. This may jeopardize your own position. The New Moon on January 10th sheds light into past injustice or error that may have cost you a previous position. Perhaps it was the friends you associate with that caused the misunderstanding.

Falsified information or destructive behavior of an associate could get you into big trouble now so choose your alliances wisely. Dreams have an unusual bent now bringing you futuristic views of how things ought to be. Don’t deny yourself the possibilities that exist for you now but put them aside for later use. Your partner is extremely lucky now and sudden fame and fortune from a past effort can come along making this a wonderful joyous time. January 15th ’18th are your personal days where you can feel reenergized and ready to deal with the world again. You present an attractive and sometimes foreboding image that makes others take notice and listen to what you have to say. This is a good time to present a winning argument or ask for a raise. Wear your favorite color red and set the standard that tells others exactly how you feel about things and what you expect from them in return. The Full Moon in Leo is a wonderful time to celebrate some of your most recent accomplishments. Let others know just how successful you have been in achieving your goals. The dramatic and creative energies this Full Moon provides can be felt near and far. In many ways your fifth house is your most fertile area for both ideas and procreation.

Children can become a source of real love and pride bringing the desire to start a family if you don’t already have one. There’s a creative ability that surfaces that can have its advantages as well. Your intuitive imagination is working overtime to provide you with the visions that you can apply to canvas, paper or any other medium that you use to express yourself. Photo sessions or movies can bring equal opportunity for success so get out the camera. Mars is in close proximity to Pluto now bringing a major transformation for many. This can be in your way of thinking especially from a religious or spiritual standpoint. The opportunity to explore foreign territory looms heavy now and you may just wish you could brake with tradition and explore the unknown. It could be just what you need to get away from work problems or the pressures from home.

Expect sudden insight to illuminate the right path for you even if it does appear in a dream form. You should take the advice seriously but refrain from making that move on the 30-31st when Moon visits your opposite sign. This provides an excellent opportunity to take time out, regroup and realign your thoughts before acting. February could be the start of something big.

Taurus January 2018 horoscope

The Capricorn Sun trines your Sun making a wonderful aspect between the two earth signs. You find yourself more than attractive now and others notice the difference. Take time off on January 5th ‘6th when the Moon visits your opposite sign. Give in to partners requests and take a place in the background letting them have center stage. This may be to your advantage later this month when you are amply rewarded. Health issues still surround you and your need to over indulge in sweets or alcohol may need to be dealt with. This proves to be a problem in the future when you realize your waist expanding thanks to the big gaseous planet Jupiter settling into your health sector for the next year. Don’t fall back on old bad habits that are destructive to your image or your health as the South Node pulls you in that direction making it irresistible.

On January 10th you can expect more of the same but with even happier circumstances as both Venus and Mercury join the Sun in Capricorn. This could be the beginning of a travel expedition or educational pursuit that can increase your chances for success. Your writing and speaking abilities come to the forefront when you’re asked to teach others how you do what you do, so well. Relationships become much more settled now and you find yourself using a more disciplined approach to your communications. January 18-19th are your days to shine and ask for just about anything. Moon returns to your sign bringing a renewed enthusiasm that can physically be sensed by other. You’re magnetically attractive now and this can be brought on by your new zest for life.

Give others what they want whole heartily for it will only return to you triplefold. The Full Moon in Leo would be a perfect time for an all out celebration in your home. Invite others to participate in the party of the year. You’ll find yourself all decked out for it both mind, body and spirit. Your home doesn’t look so bad now either as you put out the bling. Keep your entertainment lively and introduce a bit of extravagance if possible even if you have to rent it. Even your wildest imagination is taken beyond its limits tonight. With Sun entering your professional house on the 21st new job opportunities open up. There’s a question of deception though as the Sun encroaches on Neptune. Make sure all promises come in the form of a written contract. Movie and entertainment fields hold special interest for you. You could be asked to star in a special TV show or film documentary .The 27-29th are days when you can display your talents. You analyze and depict the part to perfection and it would be difficult to overlook your efforts.

Gemini January 2018 horoscope

Expect to enjoy your New Year’s at home cooking up some healthy meals and keeping resolutions to maintain healthier practices. Uranus at the top of you chart brings some quirky and unusual opportunities for success. Your freedom and love of adventure characterizes your choice of profession. Experiment with many new kinds of jobs or technology. On January 10th the New Moon visits you 8th house and joins the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Chiron for some fun. Dreams or premonitions from spirit are common now. You can speak with loved ones in dreams or through a mediums’ assistance. Consult accountant or tax attorney to discuss wills, inheritance and other important issues that involve other people’s money. Review stocks and investment opportunities as well as your broker now. Insurance policy may also be up for a change that saves money and time later. January 20-21st are days you’ll not soon forget. Moon rejoins your Sun and the Sun enters companion air sign Aquarius. You grasp new theory or spiritual enlightenment that you could not easily conceive of before. There is a possibility you may begin study of astrology or enroll in art or acting lessons. Computer technology may be another choice but you will find a way to educate yourself now even if it does require some unusual ways to do so. On January 25th a Full Moon enhances your communications skills especially with sibling or neighbor. You may find yourself solving problems of debts owed to you and come out of it amicably. Attend educational seminar or enroll in classes of a different sort now. Money returns to you from unexpected source. Ignore a mate’s trait to control you and you may just be ahead of the game. Your need for freedom can not be undermined now and it would be best if you did everything in your powers to express this.

Cancer January 2018 horoscope

You may have recently been the object of an animals attraction. Stray kitten or other familiar shows up at your doorstep at a very important turning point in your life. Their kindness can help you through difficult times as well as good ones. Health and working conditions are also going through a transformation now making you subject of possible lawsuits or other legal binding contract later this month. The New Moon on January 10th brings a legal matter to your attention. Allow your companion to make suggestion and listen to their advice. You may just need to adjust your values a little to be more consistent with others. Let others take the lead now while you sharpen your people skills. January 22-25th are days you can apply new tricks to a perplexing problem and come out ahead. These are your personal days that let you shine and get noticed by all.

Take advantage of the days the Moon returns to your Sun sign. It’s a very useful tool for success and can be used to your advantage. Interesting ways to make money turn up at this Full Moon. You are always at your best at the Full Moon and this one will be no different. Lucid dreams remind you of people from your past. Your emotional involvement with things of value is important now and will need to be discussed this Full moon. It’s a message directly from the heart that needs to be expressed. Nothing superficial going on now. The finances of another involves you significantly now. You may be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel in this long battle over control of a monetary situation. Keep in mind that there will be many opportunities to increase your income now. A sudden opportunity arises that allows you to travel by water or Oceanside village. Travel by air is likely and can provide you with the opportunity to make yourself known as successful. Mars joined with transformer Pluto in your health sector reminds you to continue with the miraculous recovery you’ve made. It will be hard not to share your joy with friends and family on January 30-31st when Moon joins Jupiter in your home sector. Invite them all for champagne brunch or a tailgate party. And don’t forget to invite those from your past that remind you of earlier times you can laugh about. Embrace them and share your enthusiasm for more opportunistic times.

Leo January 2018 horoscope

Powerful attractions and or habits may push you over the edge. Its time to transform things that directly effect your health before they transform you. The New Moon places emphasis on your health this month providing another opportunity to start over. Keep promises regarding diet and exercise and don’t let past misunderstanding cause you to sway from goals. It becomes very apparent how stress and employment conditions effect your psyche and physical health. Finish up with any creative projects you may have entertained over the past several weeks and move on to bigger and better things. You may find yourself in a new work environment with new and interesting associates offering their assistance. January 11th-12th may be particularly trying days where you much prefer to take time off if possible. Moon in your opposite sign may rob you of your stamina and make every step you take an effort. But that’s about to change now with the Full Moon in your sign on the 25th. You’ll find things falling into place and going your way once again. It’s easier to determine what is best for you now. Sway away from taking unnecessary risks. Especially when using someone else’s advice despite the fact that they mean well. They are sadly mistaken. Use this Full Moon energy to recharge your battery and come forward again with a new approach. You are about to begin the upward journey again as you head toward your birth month 6 month from now. It’s been a long and sometimes arduous journey until now. The light at the end of the tunnel is now shining brightly. Keep your faith in tact.

Virgo January 2018 horoscope

2018 begins with the Moon in your sign making you feel right at home. It’s as if it’s your own personal day. You feel recharged and energized ready to start many new projects. Home and family affairs are in for a bit of stirring up while Mars visits your 4th house and joins Pluto in Sagittarius. Home issues need to be addressed again. A change of residence is possible by month’s end. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 10th is the beginning of happier times to come. Venus, Mercury Sun Moon and Chiron all visit your 5th house. Children can bring an enormous source of pleasure now. You may decide to start a family of your own now. Don’t be mistaken that this will keep your significant other from displaying his independent streak because you’d be sadly mistaken. Quirky Uranus in your relationship sector makes it touch and go with partners. Relationships start off as quickly as others come to an end. But by all means use this creative period to get ahead and sell your ideas to others. Investment opportunities will be profitable now and if you don’t watch out your wallet and stock portfolio won’t be the only thing that expands. Your sense of values and what you need to accomplish in life suddenly becomes perfectly clear providing you with a new focus. On January 25th a Full Moon visits your 12th house of secrets. Feeling a bit under the weather or withdrawn you may prefer to visit old haunts over the new. Dreams quite prophetic now it would be wise to try to analyze them for later use. Health takes on a special boost with the Sun visiting this sector of your chart. You may be required to express your authority at work. This may be difficult with more ethereal types who need more written instruction to be activated. Provide others with the strength and forethought they need to overcome obstacles and forge ahead with assuredness. You feel especially good on January 27-30th when Moon returns to your sign for the second time this month. Take a chance and ask for something you’ve always wanted. You may be pleasantly surprised. You make it difficult for others to refuse you and can make real progress with any plans you might have on your mind.

Libra January 2018 horoscope

Real estate transactions finally take place but not without some grief from others that try to interfere with your progress. This can include sibling or neighbor. Create the comfortable home environment you’ve always dreamed of. Working from a home office may be a better alternative then past choices. Choosing between family life and professional ambitions can string you along all month. You’ll be working hard to balance the two. But realize as early as the first of next month you’ll be able to take some time off for love and leisure, so keep up the good work in the mean time. Moon visits your sign twice this month giving you ample opportunity to get noticed and make a good impression on others. You get many things accomplished now. January 3rd-5th and January 30th ’31st are your personal days where things generally go your way. You look and feel your best and others take you seriously. . Make it an opportunity to go out sociably and make new contacts. On January 10th the New Moon in your 4th house could have you enjoying the comforts of your new home.

Invite others to join you there to celebrate your new beginnings. Make a statement about what you value most in life. Let others know exactly how you feel. On January 21st Sun enters fellow air sign Aquarius bringing a wonderful aspect from your 5ths house. Love affairs that have an ethereal quality can begin now. The meeting of a true soul mate can occur making the dark dreary days of winter much more enjoyable. especially toward the end of the month. The Full Moon in Leo places emphasis on your friends and inspirations. Dramatic or emotional displays can make things difficult but if you know your friends you’ll know what they are trying to convey. It’s an appeal to be noticed or remembered for what they are. Seeing that your spending all your time and attention on your new love they have been missing your attention. Don’t forget the old friends that got you this far. Invite them to party along with you and your new friend. You may be surprised at the turn of events.

Scorpio January 2018 horoscope

2018 starts with Mars and Pluto in your money sector. Thoughts are on financial planning. Be versatile and creative in applying your job skills and watch earning abilities improve. January 5th and 6th are your personal days to shine. The Moon returns to your sign invigorating you and sending wonderful healing benefits along with it. On January 10th the mood begins to shift when a playful sextile occurs between Capricorn planets in your 3rd house and your Sun. Wry subtle humor is your best approach now. You’ll be known for your clever repertoire. Send original greeting card or email to friends and enemies. If work is getting to you break up projects into smaller segments so they won’t seem so over powering. Being involved in several projects at once alleviates your boredom and keeps the mind sharp and receptive. Although that may not be the case on January 18-19th when Moon in your opposite sign insists that partners take the lead. Sit back and follow their directive for a change. On January 25th there is a very important Full Moon that emphasizes career and home environment. You may come to the conclusion that one or the other must change if you are to be happy with them both. This Full Moon sheds light on your work environment and what needs to be done to get you the recognition you deserve. You feel that subtle changes that you have been witnessing are about to unfold and this may be your first clue as to what that is. Your presence in the work force is greatly admired and appreciated now and you can be certain others take notice. A reward or recognition can come to you now making you very proud. Short distance journeys increase and communication with siblings improve. Just letting things go may be the answer to avoid unnecessary conflict. Learn from a past mistake and go on to improve future relationships. You’re making steady gain on your education and writing projects now in preparation for an exciting New Year to unfold.

Sagittarius January 2018 horoscope

With Mars joining Pluto in your sign this month your bound to be more fired up then usual. There’s a New Moon and several other luminaries in your 2nd house of finances that can significantly improve your bank account. Friends come to your rescue and set you straight about future plans. Home environment still subject to some quirky upsets but nothing so major that it can’t be fixed. Saturn still has an iron fist on lending options so you may need to resort to your own sources for income to provide coverage of your needs. Keep tempers in check and start a good exercise program where you can release some of that pent up energy or anger. You can accomplish a great deal now but don’t push yourself or others too hard or overreact. January 7-8th are your personal days this month. Use the energy it supplies you to find yourself new and exciting ways of expressing yourself without becoming argumentative. Have patience and don’t display willfulness when dealing with others especially siblings. Try to go with the flow and not be so rigid in your thoughts and ideas that others view you as stubborn. On January 10th a New Moon in your money house improves finances and allows you to buy a long anticipated purchase. Take a short trip around the time of the Full Moon on January 25ths. Visits to sibling or neighbor can be quite satisfying now. You may find yourself completing a writing project that provides you with additional income. Fiction or occult subject matter take the lead bringing an answer to your financial problems. Keep writing.

Capricorn January 2018 horoscope

A New Moon in your sign on January 10th is like a personal birthday. Four luminaries align with your Sun and lend structure and meaning to your day. Jupiter at the top of your chart places emphasis on your social status. It’s all about interactions with others and of what value that may provide to improve your current status. Improve your people skills and maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional life. Being well rounded will greatly improve your efforts at achieving your goals. Keep dark foreboding thoughts at bay and don’t even think revenge without recalling the rule of thumb. What goes out returns triplefold. Send positive thoughts to others less fortunate and be receptive to the positive energy that returns. Still under a rather deceptive or unclear picture about finances you remain steadfast in your approach. The sudden meeting of someone from your past can improve your chances of success. Uranus brings the return of an old acquaintance. Neighbor or siblings come to your rescue. Relationships provide the kind of stable environment you need to pursue goals. With the Full Moon in your money house your bound to get some clear-cut answers about finances now. A bright new opportunity exists and you should receive word of it on or around the Full Moon. Keep to a written contract because promises can suddenly fade and be elusive to the fact. Partners hold steadfast and support you in your endeavors.

Aquarius January 2018 horoscope

Several transits in your 12th house have you deeply appreciative of your role in nature and your interest in wild life. Observe birds, raccoons and other animals in the wild to get a better perspective of your place on earth. On January 10th the New Moon asks that you say prayer or perform ritual to protect and communicate with the animals in your neighborhood. This can be very effective if you’ve been having trouble with any of your pets. Use this time to tune in to their thoughts and feelings. Saturn remains in your health sector making you sensitive to temperature extremes. Always carry a scarf or shawl to protect you from cold. Your area of faith and spiritual awakening is activated with Jupiter now in Libra. Visit unfamiliar places of worship where you can get a better understanding of the practices of others. You have a subtle link or attraction to the Far East and the mystical traditions of Tibet, China and Japan. Uranus in your money sector is still playing havoc with finances. With the ongoing trine to Saturn in Cancer the outcome will be favorable due to its mutual reception with Neptune in your sign. There will be many unexpected opportunities to add to your income. On January 21st the Sun returns to your sign and you have promise of revitalization and renewal. Your general health and psyche improves and you must admit your feeling much better than ever before. Tune into your dreams for answers now. They may add just the spark you need to pursue future projects. Analyze and write down thoughts as soon as they occur. Partnerships become very important now with the Full Moon in your relationship sector. Let them have their way for fear of having temper tantrum ruin your day. Their loving adoration is greatly appreciated but needs to be given in supportive ways or trouble ensues. Show them they’re king or queen of the household and all will be fine. Adorn them with presents and beautiful things if necessary and it will make their day and your life easier.

Pisces January 2018 horoscope

With five planets in mutable signs things could get a little hectic now. Get organized in preparation for 2018 by releasing stress. Try dance or exercise therapy for relief. With Mercury joining Pluto on your midheaven there may be talks of change of status. A question of credibility may arise. Try not to be too impatient or argumentative when this occurs. The New Moon can bring helpful group support when 11th house is effected by Capricorn transits. Late January promises to be a great time to form goals and determine what you desire most out of life. Crystal gazing can bring insight. A renewed stability comforts you as February approaches. Neptune your ruling planet in opposition to your 6th house of health emphasizes the importance of being in tune with your self. Analyze what foods and life style and exercise programs are appropriate. New friends and contacts come your way with the New Moon on January 10th. They can assist you in formulating some new goals you have for the future. You may decide to meditate more on that around the time of the Full Moon on January 25th. A visit to hospital or other institute can reinforce your previous notions about what is important in life. Try to remain upbeat and optimistic when surrounded by an otherwise grim situation. Neptune lifts you above all that to help you better understand things that are ethereal and not of this world. The ability to talk to spirit is enhanced and you may find yourself having vivid dreams and recollections of these episodes. Be mindful of taking care of your own dear heart when the Full Moon sheds light on this area. Improve circulation by taking long walks. Talk to your significant other and improve the bonds that hold you. A healthy relationship is more powerful in improving your health than any other thing right now..