Libra 2018 Horoscope

Libra yearly Horoscope – Overview

Eventful year for you and there will be much progress and growth through. The year however will commence in a high activity phase where level of focus and pressures in career will be high. There will be volatile thought trends, which should not let you take major decisions till 3rd February. New relationships and distractions could come up too after the 13th January. It will be advice able to go with the flow and avoid major decisions or stands before 3rd February. After 3rd February there will be return to mental place and ease.

Career will be in a very eventful period with an increase in level of opportunities but there will be a lot of unrest too.
A tendency to get into argument will people in authority, superiors, govt. officials, father /father figure possible during this year.
The tendency will be high till 5th April 2018 and improve thereafter.
New project and changes in career should be avoided totally till 5th April.
Further high level of growth and movement in career could come till 2nd November. You should use this period to your advantage, as the growth available now, might not come for quite a few years.
A substantial increase in income, rise in status and general progress period with commence after 2nd November 2018.
Worries due to responsibilities and problems with friends could come after 7th December.
A phase of mental growth and changes in your thought process is already in progress.
The changes you are going through currently will give you progress in the next 4-6 years.
It is a period of mental growth and you should learn as much as possible. Mental activity will be high between 5th March and 6th July.
28th October onwards there will be a sudden increase in money position and a new or additional source of income could come. Family life and power of communication too will improve tremendously after 28th October.

Also this year will see a rise in progress due to hard work and ability to make good deals. There will be expansion in work and tremendous ability to overcome competition.
A tendency to incur irrational and unnecessary expenses will remain through.
11th November onwards there will be a phase of irrationality in thinking. Chances of making some wrong investment decisions also possible. Worry and level of stress will be high between 11th November and end of the year.

Love relationships could cause disappointments. Level of confidence, effectiveness and level of activity will remain low between 20th September and 7th December. Avoid taking any major challenges and stress during this time.

Beneficial Months

March, August, November and December would be beneficial months.

2018 Libra love predictions

This year finds you with many changes and reorganization both on a relational and a personal level. And also on an intimate, domestic level. Maybe the manifest of the current year, when values mattered most, made you become more categorical when it comes to pre-selection for a different affective future.

Obviously, the tensions coming from your inner self that is slightly disturbed by all the events that happened so far are what will keep you from having peace of mind. You will want to clarify some sectors of your thinking. You will want to grow up on a mental, a thinking plan. Your logic will go through transformations. And these transformations will make you have a new level of collaboration in the future.

You prepare yourself to put the other person in the foreground, besides the importance you gave so far to this. To notice your importance in this sector and in your couple as well. To clearly give more importance to affection. And to relating to each other from a romantic perspective. You may go through these besides going through a time of introspection that will bring you to light both on an affective plan and when it comes to accomplishing your own dreams on an emotional transformation level.

Starting the second half of July, you may feel the wave of financial restrictions again, which may make you believe that this could be a drawback for a fantastic love story. Or for achieving your biggest dreams in the affective sector of your life. However, this year has a maximum connotation of diplomacy, with the need of proof of consideration for the one besides you and with the intention of transforming yourself into a more confident, visionary and constructive person on a relational level.

Starting the second half of August, destiny invites you to start an introspection regarding the stages you went through so far. It invites you to revise your own unconscious system giving it a spiritual, intuitive connotation that will help you especially starting the 12th of November, to head towards a plan of ending what is old in your life. It is a time when destiny fuels your affective sector with many chances and opportunities of renewal. And you will have to extract these from the improvements that will happen at this level. If you keep holding onto “tired” structures or that no longer work, the providence may show you unbelievable reorganizing manifests and unexpected changes following unexpected wastes.

In your case, this year’s motto is: “I enormously need a relationship, as I will find myself and the affection that I dream of within it. I need to revise my thinking, my logic and my mental structure and especially the way I communicate and I express myself in my couple. I must do all these in order to find my happiness and feel complete!”

Libra money & career horoscope 2018

  • Phase of difficulties in marital matters will continue in a residual manner till 6th February. The difficult phase with origin in July 2017 will finally get over now.
  • Beyond 6th February, a positive phase will operate in marriage matters, which will give way to better family life after 28th October.
  • Some amount of turbulence possible till 5th April due to high amount of priorities in career and further a desire to control spouse could cause adjustment issues.
  • This phase of power imbalance could continue till 2 nd November, after which there will be a significant improvement in marriages.
  • Unmarried people will find the period good for finding a match till 28th October. In between the level of activity between 5th March and 6th July could be high to get you success.
  • Love matters and relationships will be average with a high amount of preoccupation from career. This could take away time for socializing and hence finding new relationships.
  • New sudden development could come after 11th November. This could push you towards a sudden relationship, if uninvolved. However you should be careful and make a commitment only after due eliberation.
  • Existing relationships could see some second thoughts and pessimistic / negative thinking. It is a period where you need to rationalize your expectations. Erratic trends in relationships could also be high as the year opens. Be careful till 5th April.
  • Do not let ego guide you.
  • Love matters will be positive in January, April, July and November.
  • Difficult period possible in May, June, August October
  • Marriage will be positive in April, June, July and August.
  • Difficult trends possible in January, February, March, September.

30 interesting facts about Libra

  • They keep their personal life away from prying eyes, so don’t develop the impression you know them well. You only know that they want you to.
  • Once you have betrayed their trust, you will never get it back.
  • Regardless of how many times you will tell a Libra that you are fine, they won’t stop worrying until they are 100% sure of that.
  • Are skilled in subtly insults, by using kind words.
  • Are very intuitive, realizing what a person’s true character is, even from the first date.
  • Cannot control their expression when something is bothering them.
  • Although they carry a lot of pain, they will still wake you up with a smile on the face each morning.
  • Can’t have a single hobby. They prefer to experiment with everything.
  • The Libra is the kind of person who doesn’t expect anything in return for something.
  • When she is angry or in a bad mood, she will retreat in her world.
  • Libras are crazier than you might think. Not everything is milk and honey regarding them.
  • Love socializing, but can also enjoy loneliness.
  • Are so charming, that you won’t even notice when they will hypnotize you so as to do as they please.
  • The quickest way of irritating a Libra is not to answer a burning question.
  • Libras adore music and add new tracks to their playlist every day.
  • Believe in Karma. They try to good to others so as to get back the same thing.
  • In general, they are admired and many wish to obtain the condition of a Libra.
  • Don’t enjoy being compared to others.
  • Their mind is creative, innocent and independent.
  • Love a good laugh.
  • Don’t fall in love with anyone. They usually have high and well defined standards.
  • Become highly sarcastic when facing idiots.
  • Libra natives give the eronated impression that they are flirting, when just trying to be friendly.
  • One of the best qualities of Libras is their open minded nature.
  • Libras prefer being hated for what they are instead of loved for they are not.
  • You can get them on your side with a good laugh and a strong conversation.
  • Are perfectionists in some ways.
  • Adore shopping more than any other zodiacal sign.
  • Radiate happiness and positive energy, two things that are as attractive as a magnet.

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