Leo 2018 Horoscope

Leo Yearly Horoscope – Overview

The year could commence with some adverse trends in career, which will improve tremendously after 13th Jan and ease out completely after 3rd Feb.

A period of high expenses and wasteful investments exists which should be gaurded against. New avenues in monetary commitment should not be opened up till 5th April chances of losses and waste of money possible. The entire year till 2nd Nov could see a gradual distance from spouse in case of married people. You need to be careful of increasing pressures. Sudden changes will come after 2nd November, which will improve marital matters, but personal pressures will increase. Level of stress could increase after 7th December.

The year overall will see an increase in hurdles and struggles which will also come along with a slide in status and some false accusations on allegation. Chances of losing status exist. This is a year (till 28th October) when risks in career and personal life should not be taken. Period between 5th march and 6th July is one of extra caution. There will be a turn around after 28th October. When there will be improvement in domestic matters and an expansion in career. Gains in real estate and possibility of purchase or enhancement in property will be possible till the end of the year.

Hurdles in health and slow an steady rise in hurdles in career could come throughout the year till 11th Nov. During the period between year beginning and 11th Nov, you should avoid giving loans to family or friends as chances of loan beaming bad exist. Pressures in marital life could also be high due to pressures on health of spouse or aggression speech of spouse. These effects could increase and become more acute after 11th November. You need to be careful of these developments and try to mould the relationships in a positive manner. Unmarried people could come across a new relationship after the 11th November. A word of caution though, since the chances of making a wrong decision are high so, you should go slow and comment yourself after testing the relationship for an adequate of time.
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The year will witness low energy and difficult phases in March and July. Since solar eclipse effect you a lot caution should be taken in health matters around March/April and then again during September.

Monetary losses and family precautions should also be handled carefully in September.

Beneficial Months

January, April, June and October will be very positive months.

2018 Leo love predictions

  • Not an easy phase for marriages as the year opens. There could be increase in mental distances or excessive travel that could put pressure on relationships. This phase will be difficult till 5th April and ease out thereafter. Overall the distances could gradually grow till 2 nd November. Beyond 2 nd November pressures will still exist, although the problem will be more of adjustment.
  • Unmarried people will find marriage options difficult throughout. Sudden new proposals could come after 2 nd November but should be viewed with caution. Also hurdles in married life will operate throughout mostly due to attitude and temperament of spouse.
  • This will become somewhat more difficult after 11th November as the situation will become more aggressive, while your own thinking will become more volatile and rash which could push you negatively. It will be good to rely on judgment of others so that unreasonable decisions in marital matters do not come through.
  • Love and relationships will form but not for the long term. There could be several casual relationships upto 28th October. Period between 5th March and 6th July will see higher activity
  • New relationship of a permanent nature will come for the unattached or unmarried after 11th November. It will be beneficial to examine the relationship fully between you commit.
  • Love matters will see good periods during February, June September and December.
  • Difficult periods possible in March, July, August and October
  • Marriage matter will be good after 13th January, June, August and September
  • Difficulties possible during April, July, August and December

Leo money & career horoscope 2018

  • Not an easy year in career as there could be a gradual slide in work and rise in expenses and overheads throughout. Misleading expenses and commitment could be present throughout till 2 nd November.
  • Pressure on finances especially for business could be high till 5th April. An increase in pressures and some setbacks possible after the 2 nd . The commitments of pre 2 nd November could convert into pressures after the 7th December.
  • Avoid major career mover or risk throughout. A gradual slide in status could come till 28th October and there after good level of recover and expansion in career will be possible.
  • Pressure on personal health of finances could keep your growth curtailed till 11th November. There after sudden new opportunities in business or in association could come. There will be sudden opportunity for growth in these areas. However since your decision making ability could be poor after 11th November. It will be advice able to avoid major decisions between November 2017 and May 2017.
  • Existing partnerships and associations could see hurdles.
  • Businesses will experience losses and hurdles till 2 nd November and some turn around there after. Job matters will also see a downward trend and there could be some setbacks too till 5th April or after 7th December. A period to be cautious and conservative.
  • Professional have an average year mostly.
  • Slowdown in career and lower level of opportunities possible between 20th September and 7th December.
  • January, April, May, October will be positive months.
  • Hurdles possible in March, July, November and December

30 interesting facts about Leo

  1. A Leo’s motto: I am not going to change, so you are better of getting used to me.
  2. A Leo will always be ten steps ahead of you.
  3. Leave them alone when they are in a bad mood.
  4. If a Leo wants you, you will become his pray. And believe me, he will have you.
  5. Leos don’t stand appearing vulnerable in front of anyone.
  6. A Leo native will always suffer in silence so as to maintain his pride.
  7. Leo women aren’t gold diggers. They know how to make money without the aid of a man.
  8. From a Leo, we can learn how to overcome our life obstacles and obtain what we want.
  9. It is pointless to offer advice to a Leo…he will do his own thing anyway.
  10. A Leo worries because he cares. When he will stop caring, you will be worthless to him.
  11. Leos may seem friendly, but actually, they study your every move and permanently take notes in order to determine whether or not you are trustworthy.
  12. If you will tell a Leo to go away, you may regret it because once gone, they never come back.
  13. Aren’t at all patient individuals.
  14. Ignore the birthday of a Leo and you will be deleted from his list of best friends. The birthday is highly important to him.
  15. When a Leo is left in the dark in a situation, he will take it personally.
  16. Leos are often disappointed because of their high expectations regarding people.
  17. They don’t need constant attention, but you’ve got to reassure them from time to time that you need them exactly as they need you.
  18. A Leo’s mindset, in short: Judge me and I will prove you wrong. Tell me I can’t and you will see how far I can reach.
  19. When a Leo native is angry, he doesn’t want to hear anything you have to say.
  20. A Leo doesn’t appreciate letting people down, therefore he will say YES frequently, even though he would have preferred NO.
  21. Never will you succeed in controlling a Leo.
  22. Leos are irritated by people who speak a lot, but they do not act on it.
  23. A Leo native won’t ever give up. He will always find the necessary resources to move on.
  24. A Leo considers that everyone is the creator of his own destiny, and if you don’t try to change your life when in trouble, then you don’t have the right to complain.
  25. When they are nervous, they say many bad things, which are later regretted.
  26. More often than not, they offer a second chance, but they believe a third one would be a sign of stupidity.
  27. Leos are predisposed to short depressions and anger moments, which appear out of nowhere.
  28. Leos are calm and generous with people who deserve it.
  29. Leo adore smiling at anything.
  30. The Leo can be extremely sensitive, but he will always try to hide that.

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