If you are a big fan of the famous series, you would certainly want to know which character you are, based on your zodiac sign!


The first sign of this zodiac is known not only for the leading abilities and charisma, but also for the impulsivity and the temper the Aries often displays. The Aries is restless and cannot helplessly watch from the sidelines, especially when we are talking about a difficult situation that the native knows he is able to solve. However, people are sometimes overwhelmed by his aggressive nature. Daenerys Targaryen is perfectly matching this description.


Prince Oberyn is devoted, reliable, romantic, elegant and kind, just as the Taurus native. He enjoys the best things in life and is not shy to show his hedonism or materialism to anyone. Unfortunately, he can also be ridiculously stubborn when he has a goal, which in the end will only bring his own downfall. Perhaps it is better to learn this lesson from Oberyn and let bygones be bygones.


Gemini represents two different personalities, both in one person. When dealing with this native, people often have uncertain feelings. Is he sociable? Funny? Loving? Or perhaps he is unhappy with a cold, wandering heart? When it comes to Arya, you never know how things are.


Robin Arryn is one of the few pacifist characters, who will offer you a helping hand. His lack of restraint in showing his feelings, in addition to his love for his mother are the characteristics ofthis zodiac sign. It is said that the people born under this zodiac sign are prone to mood changes and selfishness as defense mechanisms, if they are not properly taken care of. Moreover, they are extremely loyal to their close ones, their family and their home, avoiding at all costs war or physical conflicts.


Tyrion Lannister is the best character to represent this zodiac sign. Despite all the challenges he faced, his self-confidence, his courage and the gentle way he talks helped him survive the most brutal situations. Intelligent and creative people often tend to be lazy and arrogant, due to their admirable thinking capacities.


Just as Jon Snow, the natives of this zodiac sign are independent, down to earth, but often misunderstood. Their modesty, practical spirit and diligence are clear signs of a competent leader. They are able to strongly emphasize with others and they don’t necessarily like the spotlight, although their own abilities often bring them right there. Unfortunately, their enemies get aggravated by this. Sometimes, the Virgo natives can become too dedicated at work. Due to their loyalty and ethical behavior, the natives will complete a task, despite the fact the task itself doesn’t bring them any pleasure or satisfaction.


The dominant planet of this zodiac sign is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Which character can better represent it other than Sansa Stark? Sansa, just as any Libra native, can be futile and hesitant, but she is peaceful, upright and faithful at heart. She is an advocate of marriage because she functions best when she is not alone. However, the Lady of Winterfell is well known for her cunning nature.


Just as Khal Drogo, you are strongly attracted by force and passion. Your personality is often unable to establish intimacy, but in the right circumstances, you can be more loving than most people. You tend to pay attention to your own feelings, which means you are not a person who easily opens up in front of others. People need to gain your respect, otherwise you will not offer yours.


Jorah Mormont is a very envied character. He is full of energy and an extrovert, who can easily adapt to new situations. Like Jorah, the Sagittarius is an open person, idealist, intelligent and very ambitious. He needs the freedom of doing whatever he wants, even if this is something that affects his relationships with others.


Everyone hates Littlefinger. But if he is anything like the Capricorn, he has many handy qualities, like discipline and responsibility. Besides being the inventor of chaos, Littlefinger is a business man and an efficient manager, a man who doesn’t like doing things by halves. His work is a fundamental part of his identity. Littlefinger’s paranoia and common sense allow him to overmatch his enemies before time. Nevertheless, he is not able to let the past behind, he is unforgiven and he known everything. If he would have been able to forgive from the start, none of this would have happened!


It’s quite odd to compare Lady Melisandre, a lover of fire, to an air sign, such as Aquarius. Unconventional and emotionally shut down, Lady Melisandre and the Aquarius will fight until death for a cause they believe in. They have a solid perception of the future. Their weakness, however, is fiction and uneasiness.


The Pisces native is not very much different than Ser Davos Seaworth, both of them wise, intuitive and impartial. Both of them are compassionate and protective of their dear ones and they would sacrifice their lives for them. Because Ser Davos is intelligent and observant, he is able to learn from other people’s mistakes, just like the native of this zodiac sign. He despises unnecessary cruelty and his friendly nature allows him to enjoy the company of different people with different social backgrounds. The Pisces natives are also art lovers and they enjoy improving their knowledge. Try not to give your trust too easily to your dear ones. Sometimes, even the people we love are evil.

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For many people, diets are a real agony and not because they can’t respect the diet requirements, but because the results fail to appear, no matter what they are doing. Other zodiac signs, on the other hand, are risking to gain weight, influenced by the alignment of the starts.

For some zodiacal signs, 2018 is not going to be a gratifying year because, regardless of what they do, the tendency to gain weigh will be obvious.

The natives of Taurus are, generally, food lovers, so they have a natural tendency for weight gain. Yet, because they like to take care of their appearances, the Taurus ladies tend to keep straight records about their weight, so any extra ounces will be quickly eliminated through severe diet. Exercising also plays an important role and the Taurus natives are not lacking energy. Yet, in the first part of the year, things might get out of control, maybe because of all the worries.

The natives of this sign are quite fluffy, with a voluptuous shape and the tendency to gain weight in the abdominal area. They are not into sports, but they also don’t eat very much. Yet, their hectic schedule has consequences. The first 3 months of the year are going to be very productive professionally, so it’s possible to skip some of your sleep and relaxation hours, which will generate weight gain. The proper diet for you is one based on vegetables.

Although they are quite active, Gemini are real chefs in the kitchen, so it’s not a wonder they have the tendency to gain weight. Someone has to eat what they cook. Due to the fact that Geminis have plans of taking gastronomy classes during 2018, they risk to tip over the weight scale. If you want to avoid this situation, rather than eating large servings of each dish, try to only taste what you cook.

Despite your athletic structure, you risk to gain weight because of your increased appetite. No matter how much you eat, you are always hungry and this is causing you to forget any diet restrictions and heathy aliments. Due to the fact that the second part of the year is going to be rather stressful for the natives of Leo, you risk to indulge in sweets when trying to cope with all the stress, which is the most dangerous solution in this case. To avoid waking up one day with no dress to fit you, it’s recommended to weight yourself weekly.

Whether we are talking about the ideal partner, about your most important quality or about the way you react in a difficult situation, stars have a great influence on you. Apparently, they can even dictate your success in your career, so find out if your astral sign is one of the lucky ones career wise:

The Aries is an optimistic sign, who knows exactly what they want in their lives. Your determination gets you your long-dreamed job and this will mean a successful career for you. A job in education or public administration would suit you best. Regardless of your passion, you will succeed in everything you want because of your ambition.

Taurus natives are very honest and intelligent. Because there many things that you are good at and, at the same time, you can work with other people as well, the best job for you would be in finances or the legal system. Whatever you are going to do, you will enjoy your work.

Leo natives want power and success more than any other person. You like to lead and, probably, you will one day succeed this. You may have an important career in politics and you could become the leader of a party. Whatever you might do, you will definitely succeed.

Virgo natives usually pay a lot of attention to details. You are probably very well organized and a deadline is never a reason to worry. A job in sales force or in research could turn into a successful career for you.

Usually, Scorpio natives are very intelligent, as mathematics was your favorite subject in high school. You probably had the best grades in your class, especially at subjects related to science. In your case, success could mean a career in IT or engineering.

Capricorn natives are usually very responsible. You take the important things in your life very seriously and you want a position in leadership. Being a CEO would suit you very well so, if you don’t already lead any company, it’s time for you to work harder to fulfill your dream.

We’ve probably all heard the planet Mercury blamed for miscellaneous mayhem: My computer crashed, Mercury must be retrograde. The car won’t start, Mercury must be retrograde. That certain someone I’ve been lusting after didn’t phone even though I was promisedI’d get a call — Mercury MUST be retrograde!

During 2018, Mercury goes retrograde three times:

  • March 22nd 2018 (Aries) – April 15th 2017 (Aries)
  • July 25th 2018 (Leo) – August 18th 2018 (Leo)
  • November 16th 12th 2018 (Scorpio) – December 6th 2018 (Sagittarius)

mercury retrograde 2018

Well, what exactly is this mysterious culprit of chaos?


Three or four times a year, Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky when spied from Earth. These two- to three-week cycles of “backward” motion are called retrograde periods. And until Mercury looks like it’s going “direct” again, innocent earthlings can expect delays, interferences, spontaneous schedule changes, malfunctions in small appliances (think computers, answering machines), mix-ups, mental confusion, missed appointments, misdeliveries, misunderstandings, misinterpretations…whew…and a general breakdown in communications — particularly those of the interpersonal sort. Contracts and negotiations have the potential to go wrong, or could require rehashing at a later (Mercury direct!) date. Mercury retrograde is also not the best time for making up your mind.


So what kind of chaos does this spell for your love life? Expect fights over things that are better left unsaid (or at least better said when Mercury is no longer retrograde) and breakups caused by speaking too impulsively or reacting to a distortion of facts. Did your sweetie really say that? Maybe. Just check our Merc-O-Meter (above) before letting the pots and pans fly. Don’t even think about asking someone out during this cycle — any relationship starting off under Mercury retrograde is destined to be doomed. Also, you may want to consider planning weddings and other romantic unions for times when Mercury is calmly moving forward.


I wouldn’t in the least be surprised if your Arian dog was a redhead. You’ll often find these dogs leading the pack. They take charge and don’t like opposition. Impulsive and quick they must always be watched for they can quickly walk into the way of trouble The need for adventure is strong and they tire quickly of routine. This dog has to feel he’s pleasing you. He could scare you to death with his bravery and can be very expressive in letting you know his needs. Give him lots of attention and exercise and he won’t disappoint you. Willing to give his life for those he loves.

Stubborn fixed but beautiful. Ruled by the planet Venus these animals can be very attractive in an earthy kind of way. They live for food and love potatoes or other root crops. Not overly active they’d prefer the couch over the show ring anytime . Often found amongst your flower beds, these fine creatures are truly beautiful and won’t disappoint you, as long as you can stand a little digging once and a while You can dress them up but don’t try to keep them out of the dirt.

These dogs don’t miss a trick. Ruled by Mercury they’re quick and agile. Bored quickly at least leave the TV or radio on for them when gone or they might eat your couch while waiting. Need to find healthy outlets for all that nervous energy . Tendency toward slim or slight frame .Herding or agility would be a good sport for them.

2018 is the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog . Read more on this page !

These dogs usually reside in your kitchen . They will always be tied to their mothers either human or canine. They love to nurture others and can be very attentive to your needs and emotions. Highly intuitive they will always be at you side. Be careful not to have loud or emotional outburst while your Cancer dog is near for it could send them trembling back into their shells. They love pasta but can be very finicky at first and will never eat if stressed. Their stomachs are always the first to feel it. Give them lots of love and approval and never raise your voice. They respond more to soft spoken caring gestures then loud jarring noises.

Leo is lucky and beautiful and they know it. Just adore them and treat them like the royalty they are. Groom them frequently and give them special treats and they will love you like you’ve never been loved before for Leo rules the heart. Not especially active you’ll often find them basking in the Sun. These creatures can really enjoy being in the show ring and carry themselves quite proudly.

Sitting pretty is how you might describe your Virgo dog, demure and calm on the outside but a busy bee on the inside .Always planning their next escapade. Keep these dogs busy and in charge of caring for another being animal or human. They’ve got to have work to keep those busy little minds from getting them in trouble.

These dogs want peace at any cost . Will do anything to please you and lucky enough to look gorgeous while doing so. Its hard not to notice a Libran for they’re beauty is only surpassed by their calm and thoughtful nature. Very sociable in nature and need stimuli of other animal partners. Expect to find these beautiful creatures lounging around the flower beds and trying to make sure everyone gets along.

This dog owns you .Proud and independent she won’t like being told what to do. .Secretive and can be missing for long periods without you even realizing it. Often many hiding places for collectables and have been known to have quite a variety. Can be very affectionate to love object and usually a one person animal. Caring and sensitive to all your emotions. Psychic in nature.

These dogs know how to have fun. outdoor activity a must. They love other animals and humans. Travel also appeals to them and they know the sound of that key chain but can be equally cool left at home. They go with the flow are not usually problematic Very lucky in life. Can be clumsy and need plenty of running area woods and forest appeal to them. Bird dogs come to mind.

These dogs can overcome faults and difficult beginnings better than anyone. Persistent and tenacious , fences and rocks won’t keep them from getting out. .Loyal for life just keep them with their own little dirt pile and collection of toys and they’ll be happy for life.

Friendly with everyone and always the life of the party. Magnetic, electric and love to talk. They are way smarter than they let on to be .Often thought of as flighty or spacey they can pleasantly surprise you with their intelligence. Soon, they’ll be teaching you new tricks.

Shy and insecure but with loving attention can be brought out of their shells. Need water in their environment and someone to care for ,animal or human. Good companions and will live to please you. Are great actors even resorting to playing lame or dead for attention. Can be a 1 person animal for they will devote all their time and energy into loving you. Be sure to leave a part of you with her whenever leaving so that you can always be a part of her.

People of all zodiac signs struggle with their weight problems, but they forget that weight loss horoscope plays a vital part in all diets. There are natural planetary systems that work with your body. This is why what suits your friend might not suit you. How can you find out your weight loss horoscope? Check your sun sign below.


These are natural born athletes. They can score high in competitive sports like martial arts and boxing. The best weight loss program for Aries is the one that involves a lot of exercise.


Since Taurus find it hard to stick to a routine, it is best to keep rewarding yourself. If you lose 5 pounds, get yourself a new pair of shoes. People born under the Taurus sign love comfort, so make sure you don’t fall out of the weight loss plan.


Gemini people crave variety so you have to mix your workouts. Try Pilates on Monday and Tennis on Tuesday. Mix and match your schedule so you don’t get tired. Alternate between different diets else you’ll get bored soon.


People born under the Cancer sign can achieve weight loss by following home videos like Winsor Pilates and Tae Bo etc. Since Cancer is a sign that can stick to a schedule, it is easier for them to lose weight if they make up their minds.


Leos like fun so dance classes would be the best option for them. They also need to practice healthy eating habits. Since Leos are born socialites, they should join a dance class where they can mingle with others.


They are highly disciplined people so once they make a plan according weight loss horoscope by fixing their exercise and diet, they will stick to it. Thus it is very important for them to get a good diet plan since they are going to follow it with strictness.


You have a hard time making decisions. It is best to get a friend to help you out with weight loss. They can help you stick to your daily plan.


Scorpios can only lose weight if they push themselves to the limit. A little control will not help you. You have to make strict rules to control your diet and workout plan.


You need enjoyment in exercising. Fun classes like kickboxing will be ideal for you. You can also run in the park with friends. Go for swimming or horseback riding. These all are great activities for a Sagittarius.


Capricorns want to master the task at hand. For them, it is important earn the respect of their peers. Running and weight training are good activities, as are goal oriented diets.


Aquarians are more into fitness technology and gadgets. Having a calorie counter and heart rate monitor will motivate you to lose weight. You can buy those great running shoes to make your workout even better.


You are a calm natured person who likes mellow exercising. Swimming, tai chi, and yoga are the right training programs for you. About dieting: be gentle and don’t eat processed foods.

General Characteristics & Personality Traits

Capricorns are regarded as to become probably the most steady from the zodiacal signs. Capricorns are independent, tough headed, powerful-willed, tough operating, and wise people. They rapidly turn out to be the spine at their office. Capricorns have some other characteristics which are a advantage within the work environment such as: they’re trusted, reputable, wise, plus they usually end what they start.

The Capricorn’s loved ones are their main concern and they’ll battle in opposition to any difficulties that will come towards them . Capricorns go to fantastic measures in order to achieve their objectives, this is really a great staff member . They’ve a higher standard established for on their own also as other people, making them committed in every aspect of existence. Their not so good aspect is obvious their demand for monetary good results.

Capricorns often are set aside, melancholy, gloomy, and occasionally destructive in direction of a depressive disorder. They could be extremely delicate and extremely amusing whenever nobody is anticipating it. They’re distinct, succinct, realistic, and also rational. They could be the greatest buddy, or the most awful adversary, according to how they’re handled.

Capricorns occasionally knowledge having a flippant perspective and are recognized for his or her disposition shifts, but they could be both equally loyal along with trustworthy. Capricorns are completely dedicated to their own relationships, taking their promises really seriously. Until Death Do Us Part, isn’t just a piece of the wedding ceremony vows, it is a chosen lifestyle.

Get your detailed Capricorn Horoscope predictions for 2018

Capricorns would be the kids who’re brilliant , comparative to their age group and appear to shine within college and additionalcurricular actions.The self-confidence that they show isn’t always the self-confidence these people really feel within. Capricorn kids might appear peaceful within the classroom, but by no means miscalculate them. They’re usually pondering and generally have great results in many different professions.

Capricorns interact socially having an extremely little group of individuals they really believe to be their pals. these people have to have their personal area to spend precious time on their own. Financially, they’ll use the exact same powerful mind to accomplish their objectives and ambitions.
Capricorns would be the rulers of the hair, mouth, bones, and also skin. Capricorns are much more vulnerable to bone injuries and pressures from the legs and knees, which usually act up much more plainly within the Capricorn as he will get elderly. Tension andcontinuous concernes can trigger distressing digestive issues.

Capricorns possess a strong passionate character, however they don’t display it right away. They’re cool and never particularlyemotive. They’ll frequently display their affection in clever methods. It requires time to get a Capricorn – man or woman – to fall in love. They’re definitely not the love-at-1st-sight type. In case a Capricorn is engaged with a Leo or Aries, all these Fire signs will probably be completely mystified – to these people the Capricorn will appear chilly, disinterested , unaffectionate and never quite natural. Needless to say probably none of this really is accurate; it’s just that Capricorn enjoys to achieve things slowly but surely. They prefer to be certain of their soil prior to generating any manifestations of affection or commitment.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn is related to earth. A Capricorn lady is really a born leader. Therefore her authority , organizational as well as administration skills give her a certain look . Because Capricorn is definitely an earth zodiacal sign, this lady is to become a motivated person, kind and peaceful. She’d also have an flawless sense of time. She’s usually searching ahead to travel the mountain peak and also to gain it is top. She will try to accomplish her objectives and aspirations having a relatively calm perseverance.

Also, like talked about previously Capricorn is definitely an introvert horoscope sign. Therefore this lady is generally discovered to become individually constrained although totally conscious of her public duties. She’s likely to get minimal daring but glows best when left solo.

The child years aren’t simple as her limits of liberty would certainly be restrained. As soon as she finds a path with good results there’s nothing stopping her. She forms herself upon her experiences and will take great pride in her accomplishments. Generally the much more she’s into her existence the much more better it turns into. Supreme triumph is her area.
Schooling is extremely important to a lady born under this zodiac sign. Even when she’s not highly schooled she has a tendency to discover by looking at her surroundings and useful experiences might turn out to be her instructor.

This lady is ranked attentive. She wants stylish designer brands to put on. She enjoys fine cuisine and also high-class resorts. Although completely ranking conscious she will adapt to classy destinations more than exceptional ones.

Lady of this sign is recognized to not misuse something and might consume even the final little bit of useful resource. She’s extremely traditional whenever comes to her financial situation and she can also be recognized to become a safe and smart entrepreneur. She is convinced within the regular progress of her investment funds and would watch for the benefit to grow firmly.

Generally she’s recognized to create romantic relationships with elderly/top-notch individuals permitting her to move forward and satisfy her purposes. But when considering a lifetime romantic relationship or matrimony she wouldn’t just go by the bodily look of a man.

When she chooses a man to stand by her side for a long-long time she will definitely prefer the one who is attractive, ambitious and also very intelligent. She’s predisposed to choose a serious and hard-working kind. She may be cool in her perspective but is greatly obsessed with her romantic relationship.

She’s known to simply adore her family and wouldn’t endure judgments of fake characteristics. She is likely to provide the exact same type of passion to her man’s family.
This girl will surely prefer someone who, while they may be bodily less desirable, they’re committed as well as industrious. This kind of individuals will certainly rank well ahead someone who, is beautiful, but 100 % without aspirations or perhaps, are downright care-free.

Capricorn man

The Capricorn guy is distrustful. He’s scared of becoming injured and also to be left behind. So he moves in the direction of love cautiously with an uneasy soul. As he’s also a moralist, the Capricorn guy provides other people the sense that he examines them – which isn’t very accurate – but he realizes easily their own disadvantages and weak features.

This often sets him in celibacy. It may get a lengthy time before he ultimately chooses to believe in somebody and also to make sure that he isn’t wrong! He’s even much more frightened of dedication for he includes a loyal personality and doesn’t like huge changes. He understands that as soon as he stated yes, he won’t move back again, and if he does, it’s not with out a lot work and struggling. Furthermore, the Capricorn guy possesses a powerful preference for routines, that are calming for him.

The Capricorn guy frequently has issues to exhibit his emotions. His lover has to understand that she’s cherished due to the fact he won’t tell her this thing every single day! But around the other hand, he desires love. A pair of characters coexist in him. First is quite indifferent, which will fulfill his extremely requiring physical and sexual component. The other points out a much more feminine personality: he desires and can provide a lot of tenderness and, as soon as his final protection drops, he’s greatly passionate, cautious and also modern, usually having a small modesty.

The Capricorn guy should be vigilant of his reminiscence and his responsibility to his memories. He should also comprehend that joy and happiness as well as emotive fulfillment are possible on condition that he learns to open himself towards the other people and lets his powerful pride aside.

The issue of the sentimental Capricorn guy is the fact that psychological maturity is generally a lot later than his mental and also cerebral maturity. To put it differently, he will be the ideal late spouse!

Genuine, critical, responsible, the Capricorn guy you adore has ethical rules and is extremely rigid, and he desires to discern similar morals from his sweetheart. Certainly, he aspires to develop a life-lasting romantic relationship that will stand up to the pass of time.

Therefore, the Capricorn guy desires a steady companion, prepared to assist him to encounter the challenges of existence. Or else he couldn’t believe in her, nor respect her, and would as a result be incapable to love her. To put it differently, don’t display him your inconsistency and don’t attempt to avoid your duties or you’ll most likely lose him!

Needless to say, he’s so connected to his routines that he might be unwilling to break up permanently. But an dense structure of peaceful atmosphere and disbelief will then increase between the both of you.

Occasionally, the Capricorn guy is topic to contrary planetary affects, which may challenge his self-esteem. So you need to, whenever these intervals of questions happen, help clear of scenarios developing his anxiety. In that case, he won’t yell from the window how a lot he treasures you, but you are able to be certain he’ll show it!

Most people are quite familiar at some level or another with Sun signs. These are the usual Zodiac signs we encounter very frequently such as Taurus, Aries, Gemini, Etc. What they are unaware of is that there also are Moon signs. Your Sun sign is determined by the position of the Sun during your birth date, it also goes the same with the moon. In contrast, Your moon sign indicates what you see in yourself while your sun sign is about what others see in you. Some even consider the moon sign to be more important than its counterpart. It opens a door to understanding your unconscious and in that, understanding who you really are. Though still relatively unknown, moon sign astrology has slowly been gaining popularity especially in Europe and Australia.

Similarly, moon sign astrology deals with the same zodiac signs with its counterparts. The Aries, Taurus , Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo , Leo, Scorpio, an Sagittarius are all part of moon signs. Like I said earlier, it deals with self-exploration of the deep recesses of the unconscious. Why some would say that it is more important than sun sign I can only speculate is the idea that you have to be able to deal with yourself first, in order to be able to deal with others. Once you understand who you are, you will be able to deal with relationships with ease.

My personal experience on the matter is quite limited. Recently, I checked my moon sign and read about the traits it had. What I found puzzling was that it was a bit in contrast with that of my sun sign characteristics and at the same time both could actually describe me. So I went through some sort of self-assessment and realized that indeed the characteristics of my sun sign are what people often tell me they think about me, whereas my moon sign have characteristics that are quite of a revelation as these are traits that I actually have but never before have I thought of having them. It may seem a bit confusing, but if you were to do the same thing, you would arrive at the same conclusion. Still, it hasn’t changed my position on the subject. I still view both sun and moon sign astrology as a subject of pop culture and something that are great for light conversations and small talk.

The general idea on 2018 horoscope should be that they are tools to help you with daily life and understanding yourself and others. If you learn to not take the text literally, and know how to do self-discovery with the aid of what your signs tell you, then it should be easy to arrive at a good conclusion as to who you are, what you are, why you are, and what you are to others. It should be fun for anyone to wake up in the morning, look at their daily readings and go through the day to see if it is actually applicable.

Gift giving is never easy. Most of the time we choose gifts, we , would like rather than those of the recipient. In knowing the Sun sign of a person we can determine what that special gift might be. With holidays just around the corner you might want to look for multiple gift ideas. Provided below is just that for each sign. If you find that this is not enough, determine where the Moon is for that person and you’ll determine what they really love and can’t live without. If you want to learn about birthstones by zodiac click here .


Diamonds in all shapes and forms. Leather and suede are also quite attractive for Arians, bringing out the true Martian energies. Anything with the color red in it. especially under garments

A trip to hot arid places where dear Aries can bask in the Sun. Of course a place that provides a good workout would benefit not only body but head and provide the perfect and adored gift.

Any kind of crime or mystery novel especially one that has all the gory details. Sports biographies as well as exercise tapes are always enjoyed. Scary movies or DVD can be enjoyed.

Tickets to all sporting events. boxing, race cars, football or rodeo as well as live entertainment. A trip to Las Vegas or any gambling facility .Anything with a touch of excitement attached to it. Aries love to get the adrenaline rush associated with life in the fast lane.


Emeralds are always a nice touch as well as most jewelry and articles of adornment. The colors pink and blue are favorites.

Useful gear like cooking equipment and recipe books A wine rack filled with different wines. Camping gear or RV.

A trip to a local herb farm or nursery with gift certificate in hand. A bag of bulbs to plant. All nursery items would please Taurus just be sure it keeps growing.

Clothes that are comfortable and functional. Green and tan colors predominate in the environment. Where pinks and blue tend to be favorites for items of clothing.

A home cooked meal with lots of meat and potatoes. In fact potatoes and other root crops tend to be favorites of Taurus. Almost all food and drink is appreciated as long as its not to fussy. Wine and other spirits highly recommended.

Holiday memorabilia. A special edition. Photo albums, Music of all kinds including stereo as well as instrument of choice. Art supplies as well as decorating material


Mercury ruled Gemini may be the hardest to buy for because they bore so easily. There minds never stop as well as there interests which will be varied.

Small animals in all shapes and forms.

Writing material as well as communication equipment and computers. Gemini’s can talk constantly and to more than one person at a time. Any high tech gadget will be appreciated as well as more simpler ones like a special pen or glow in the dark one.

Bright colors like yellow , turquoise, hot pink attract their curiosity. They need a wide variety for their various moods and personas.

Provide an evening out with there numerous friends . They can act quite adolescent and would enjoy places like the Amusement park or ice and hockey rinks. Travel of all kinds is always enjoyed . Take them on a road trip with picnic basket included. They need to be reminded to eat. Finger foods fare best.

A planned get together where you serve plenty of small appetizers. They don’t like to stay still for too long when there are so many people to talk to, so many things to do. This way they can mingle while they eat. Don’t ever try to have them stay in one place for too long.

Trinkets of all sorts tending to the unusual. Silver preferred over Gold. Can be seen wearing numerous rings and bangles to accent their lovely hands and arms. Hair ornaments are also appreciated . Give a variety of smaller items like this in a gift basket and you’ll soon become best friend for life.


This sentimental wonderful sign loves heirlooms of any type. Things previously owned by someone near and dear to them brings pleasure. Family photo album would be perfect gift.

Food is a great gift as well as is any kitchen appliances or cookware. A great meal cooked especially for them always works.

Silver and shell colors like abalone are favorites of theirs. Soft cashmere sweaters as well as silvery shimmery moon clothes for those nights dear Cancer wants to shine.

Trips to the ocean or aquarium will calm these Moon children. Telescopes to view their planet as well as visits to a Planetarium. Just don’t forget the sweets. Cancer can get crabby without constant feeding.

Pearls, Quilts, Candles ,Gift Baskets of Food and Chocolates , Antique jewelry marcasite and dolls. A gift certificate for their favorite restaurant.


Gold and more gold and anything the color yellow. Jewelry in any shape or form as well as hair adornments.

Dinner and Theater tickets. Concert or black tie events with Limousine provided.

A designer outfit. Stick to the colors of flames like gold , red, orange. Proper accessories should be included.

A vanity mirror with jewelry box to hold all those special adornments Leo so proudly displays.

Pictures of them at one of their more memorable moments with special frame provided.

A night out for them to feel extra special dancing, dining and carousing .An Astrological Report telling them all about what a naughty wonderful playful person they are.


Dinner at the newest vegetarian restaurant. A small unusual haunt will do. The less spectacular the better. If you cook it and can provide them with all the healthful ingredients they would much prefer it.

Blue as well as tans and beige are comfort colors. All exercise gear and clothing are appreciated as long as its functional. and comfortable

Computers and all kinds of writing materials are necessities for this quick witted Mercury ruled sign.

A gift certificate to a health spa. Cooking lessons. A personal trainer for a week, Baskets, Candles and anything scented . Aroma therapy .An Astrological health and flower essence report.


Anything beautiful as well as antique. Rose, mauve and lilacs predominate in clothing as well as decorating.

Opals , amethysts and cameos are favorites. Don’t forget the romantic card and wrapping. A favorite pair of earrings will not soon be forgotten.

Flowers and dinner will also satisfy as long as there with a partner.

Books for display with their favorite artist designer or photographer. Biographies and romance novels are appreciated as well as an occasional mystery preferably from an ancient time and place.

A good movie, play or theater tickets will do very well in persuading your Libran to see things your way.


A good mystery novel with lots of gory details. Murder mysteries or forensic science as well as all occult subjects.

Black and Maroons predominate . Coats and outer gear as well as leather accessories are favorites. Gold is there preference in jewels.

A Genealogy Report with photos included.

Travel to oceans and water will always soothe their souls. Cats seem to bond well with Scorpios.

A locked box to store all there secrets in, A diary. Computer software that allows them to find out anything about anyone.

A personal Tarot or Astrology reading. A very hot date with someone they love.


Purple and dark blues predominate. Amethyst and topaz as well as aquamarine are favorites.

Travel near and far. Any sporting event where gambling is included. Lottery tickets. Airline tickets and anything foreign. Be sure to bring them back souvenirs from your latest juant..

Party invitations for every day of the week. A cyber site to unload all the latest gossip in one place for all to see.

Outdoor gear both clothing and survival. A trip to the wilderness. A survival course. A white water excursion. Hikes through dense evergreens. An Audubon book on birds, reptiles, trees or wildflowers. Map and compass with swiss knife.

Large dogs and horses. A gift certificate for horse back riding. Aviation lessons as well as jumping. A day at the races.


Stocks bonds and all certificates of deposit. These souls love money and investments. They live to check the ticker tape each day.

Real estate holdings are also a nice gift. as well as the fine furniture to decorate it.

History books as well as biographies. Often found in front of the TV watching hours of the history channel and war classics.

If you can’t buy the best don’t bother. These material souls know quality and like to wear it.

Dark green, blacks and gray work well for them. Surprise them to get them out of their depressing doldrums and offer them a massage.

A bottle of a very expensive liquor for them to enjoy at their leisure.


Give them a party or let them be in charge of one and they feel right at home.

Animals of all kinds. Electronics small and big. Silver jewelry and crystals in all shapes and forms.

Start a collection of unique things like Tarot Cards. An Astrological profile report. A years subscription to one of the high tech magazines. A new age CD. An astrology book or lessons in astrology.

Dance lessons to bring these outer world souls back to earth. Erotica and play toys. A black light with day glow stars or day glow paint to decorate their bodies with.

Chinese food as well as most unusual and ethnic varieties.


Sea colors of blue and green are favorites of this sign. Offer to take them to the sea often. Give them there own personal psychic reading.

Velvets and fluid type clothing as well as anything eastern inspired such as silk kimonos.

Incense, candles and all kinds of good luck charms. Crystal Balls or crystals to hang from their window and key chain.

Shoes in a big way, from athletic to dance, any kind will do.

Violin and classical music CDs. Poetry or romantic novels. All metaphysical and new age books. Peacock feathers in a remarkable vase or a special plant such as violet or orchid.

Tickets to the ballet. A night of dancing followed by a languish foot massage using aroma therapy. There favorite cologne.

The Rooster in the Chinese Horoscope – hard-working, active and with a strong sense of humor
The Rooster is the tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac. According to tradition, the order of the signs is inspired by the order in which the symbolic spiritual animals showed up in front of Buddha. Those born in the year of the Rooster have a strong power of observation, are hard-working, resourceful, courageous and talented. It can be said that they are among the most charismatic and attractive natives of the Chinese zodiac.

The Roosters feel best only when they are surrounded by people and that is why they tend to have large groups of friends and they prefer careers that put them in contact with other humans.

The Roosters are people who generally have good health, are active and interested in sport and physical exercise, especially in trips and swimming. They tend to suffer from health issues on a 12 years cycle when the fact that they are under their own sign makes them prone to the influence of the unfavorable positions of the stars.
The last year of the Rooster was in 2005, and after 2017, the next year is marked on the calendar of astrologers specialized in Chinese zodiac starting with January 28th 2029.

The year 2017 in the Chinese Horoscope – the year of the Fire Rooster
Generally, astrologers agree upon the fact that 2017 is going to be a better year than the one that precedes it. Children born under the sign of the fire rooster are trustworthy and have a strong sense of time and responsibility.
The years of the rooster are, usually, a combination of rightfulness, justice and logistic efficacy and that is why they are especially beneficial to people in administration, military or police forces.
The year of the Rooster has the particularity of being powerfully dominated by a single representative element. Just like the Rat and the Rabbit, the Rooster has the characteristic of being defined by a single element, without the influence of hidden elements as in the case of the other signs. This aspect puts a clear mark upon the year governed by the sign of the Rooster, meaning that it strongly depends on the native elements that it is attached to.

Although the cyclical rotation of the months and even of the days continuously brigs diversity upon the energetic flow between the 5 elements, there is a strong predominance of the governing element of the annual cycle. A year that is strongly dominated by a single element is, on one hand, considered an atypical year, a year of unusual phenomena and, on the other hand, a year of unbalance. As in Feng Shui, the balance between the elements is the key of the harmony within the Chinese zodiac.

2017 Chinese Horoscope, a year of change for Roosters
Astrologers predict that 2017 is going to be a year of all that is ephemeral for the Roosters. Personal choices are going to count less than in previous years, the destiny of this signs’ natives being strongly overtaken by the stars. Although the years of the zodiac sign are considered baleful for natives, 2017 doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad year for Roosters. It is all up to the capacity of the members of this Chinese zodiac sign to be cautious and prudent.

The Rooster in love, 2017
2017 is going to be a year with little luck in love for the Rooster and those who don’t remain cautious are going to have some bad luck. This is not the best year to start a new relationship, but the natives of the sign who are already in long-term relationships are going to be able to maintain the couple’s harmony if they give more attention to their partner.
The gestures, the actions, the feelings and the passion are all amplified to a maximum by the sign of fire which governs the year 2017. This is a year when an abusive relationship can degenerate even worse, but also the year when a stable relationship that is built on strong feelings could go to the next level.
In one way or another, it is obvious that the romantic life of Roosters is going to be marked by extremes in the following year. In 2017, the Rooster can expect good relations with the Dragon and the Snake and bad relations with the Rabbit, the Dog and another Rooster.

Rooster’s career in 2017
Regarding career, predictions are generally positive. Roosters should not expect to get bored during this period of time because the element of fire is going to fill them up with productive energy and is going to launch them in their careers if they are ready to take advantage of this opportunity.
There are high chances for challenges to appear, but the Roosters are going to be excellently prepared for them and it will help them stand out. The year 2017 is the perfect opportunity for this Chinese zodiac sign natives to be noticed both by their superiors and by the team members.

The Rooster and the money in 2017
Regarding the financial segment, only those who act fast are going to win. It is advisable for debts to be paid on time in 2017 because the balance between material wellbeing and being overwhelmed by debts is very precarious during this period. When Roosters have available money, it would be best to make a priority out of paying their debts.

The Rooster’s health in the year 2017
Generally, the years that match the sign under which we were born are considered to be not entirely good years for health. In order to stay away from the negative influence of the elements unbalance, the Roosters must act with a maximum of caution. Although the physical and mental energy seem to be overflowing, this year prolonged physical effort or extreme sports are not advisable. Special attention should be given to a healthy diet.