Gemini 2018 Horoscope

Gemini Yearly Horoscope – Overview

Much better year compared to the past few years. There will be after effects of all the problems of the past 4 years, although new events will remain positive and gainful. Finances and family related matters will remain difficult due to high commitment and pressures till 5th April. Further there will be residual effects and some pressure on monetary status till 2nd November. A turn around in fortunes with a rise in level of opportunities and increase in finances will come after 2nd November till the end of the year. Family dispute will also seem to settle down after 2nd November.

New avenues in work will also come up although temporarily after the 2nd November.

Happiness in children related matters and rise in status will happen this year. Chances of birth of a child, if applicable, will also be possible before 28th October. Good gains in investments and some returns in speculative also possible thoroughness volatility in thinking with effect on marriage matters, career, business and partnerships could be present between 5th March and 6th July.

Also you are undergoing a positive change in thinking which will transform the outlook in the next 4-5 years. This phase is operational till October 28th and you should learn and do as much as possible to benefit form this period. Beyond 28th Oct there will be some rise in debt and competition in career. Health for chronic sufferers could get effected too.

Also career will remain volatile and subject to sudden changes, mostly difficult throughout till 11th Nov. There will be problems with place of residence and domestic issues could be high too till 11th November. It will be suggested you do not relocate till such time. Changes overall will come after 11th Nov which will be beneficial for career.
gemini 2018 horoscope
New project and investment should be avoided from the start of the year till 5th April you will seem to go into erratic and irrational phases during March, July and November is advised that major decisions or new project are avoided during these periods.

Since mercury is your ruling planets, the entire year will see up and downs every few days. There will be no permanent negatives on positives this year.

Beneficial Months

April, August and November would be positive months.

2018 Gemini love predictions

  • Positive year for marriage matters. The good phase will run till 28th October. There after distances and internal competition with spouse could build up negative trends.
  • Period till 28th October will see a regeneration of relationship in existing marriages while unmarried people could engage in new relationships that could lead towards marriage.
  • The period between 5th March and 6th July could be quite turbulent but will provide a good platform for happiness in marriage as well as relationships.
  • A general improvement in marital matters could come from 11th November, as there will be ease and happiness in domestic matters beyond this date.
  • Love matters will see happy period in April, June and October.There could be hurdles in January, May, November and December.
  • Marriage matters will see happiness mostly till 28th October except some issues between March and June.
  • Pressures possible in January, May, November and December.

Gemini money & career horoscope 2018

  • Pressures in career will be present but as compared to the past 3 years, this year will be positive and give you adequate growth and satisfaction in work.
  • Hurdles, mostly connected with monetary issues will be present till 5th April. Thereafter you will find ease in work. A turn around in fortunes will come after 2 nd November. When there will be sudden new avenues of growth. It handled properly; this phase will give excellent growth till 2019.
  • Some hurdles and confusions could come across after 7th December.
  • Creative work and efforts with long-term view could come till year. Work connected with investments and creative arts could prosper most.
  • Some confusions and abstract thought possible between 5th March and 6th July. Avoid important decisions during this time.
  • Sudden growth in new options could come after 28th October.
  • Conflicting trends in career possible till November 11th
  • This could keep you in an uncertain phase and also uncomfortable at home due to either distances or chances of change. This will improve after 11th November.
  • Options in career could be low between 9th November and 6th December.
  • Sudden setbacks to possible progress present in March,
  • March, April, August and November will be positive months.
  • Hurdles possible in January, February, May and October.

30 interesting facts about Gemini

  1. If sleep wouldn’t be absolutely necessary for life, Geminis would stay up all the time thinking, thinking and thinking again.
  2. They don’t back down from commitment, but stay away from losing time with unfit persons and the commitment for these.
  3. They may appear to be unorganized, but there is a logic in their mess.
  4. Never will they truly allow someone to enter their soul.
  5. Gemini natives think about all scenarios, even before they have the chance to take place.
  6. Geminis don’t fall in love easily, but make the people around them fall rapidly for them.
  7. What they want, in short, the natives of this zodiacal sign: to explore the world and someone who can permanently make them laugh.
  8. A Gemini always oscillates between caring too much and not caring at all.
  9. Their negative side: are emotionally unstable.
  10. Geminis always ask questions everybody else is afraid of asking.
  11. The Gemini is a night owl and even so, in the morning he/she will be full of energy.
  12. Behind the funny and cheerful attitude, there is a hidden Gemini who is going through a rough patch, but who wishes to make the others happy.
  13. Gemini natives speak a lot only if they feel comfortable around you.
  14. Gemini women are smart, naughty and sarcastic, always going for the last word.
  15. Geminis know how to hurt you: push a Gemini’s buttons and you will end up crying at the end of the conversation.
  16. Most of all, these natives wish for a strong mental connection with someone, but they won’t come across something like this too many times during their life.
  17. Geminis are very confident.
  18. Geminis enjoy the combination of beauty and brain matter. Their partner will have to be sufficiently intelligent to provoke them.
  19. Sometimes, Geminis put a defensive wall around them, when they have to discuss about personal matters.
  20. Are very forgiving, but equal to their forgiveness will be their difficulty to forget.
  21. Gemini natives are very quiet around people who they don’t trust.
  22. Geminis have the habit of chafing people just for the fun of it.
  23. A Gemini hates liars. Once caught with a lie, he won’t believe anything you have to say.
  24. Are very sociable individuals, but only have one or two close friends, with whom they can talk about everything.
  25. Geminis are very skilled at changing the topic mid discussion.
  26. Never suffocate a Gemini. Give him your trust and sufficient space and he won’t leave anywhere.
  27. Geminis may seem crazy from other people’s perspective.
  28. Geminis may appear uninterested, but have so many things on their mind, that they simply get lost in their thought stream.
  29. The natives of this sign are magicians of words. They have a way of turning words in their favor, therefore contradicting them would be absolutely pointless.
  30. Geminis are irritated by ignorant people.

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