Capricorn 2018 Horoscope

Capricorn Yearly Horoscope – Overview

High level of activity will operate throughout the year. The year will commence with extra ordinary level of activity in personal life as well as cancer of family issues. Mind would be in a volatile phase, as both personality and thinking would be undergoing major silent changes and a transformation, which is not apparent.

The first unstable phase will get over on 3rd February although some setback in your positive in career or relationships could career after 13th January. There will continue to be uncertainty till 25th February.

Further on overall change in thinking since 23rd November 2017 will get over on 5th April. There will be high level of activity in joint areas of life such as marriage, collaborations and partnerships. Gains will be very good during this time.

A word of caution that you should avoid new partnerships or project till 5th April, as these could be short lived or on the wrong lines mostly. It would be better to test all options after 5th April 2018 and exploit project and work, which was in hand before mid November 2017.

Growth will continue till 2nd November. There after you will experience rise in hurdles and difficulties in career, health and money matters. Family life will also see a down turn level of stress will rise more after 7th December and caution /remedies are suggested.
capricorn 2018 horoscope
At the same time career will experience a phase of high activity and expansion till 28th October. There will be rise in status and powers and level of comfort in domestic matters will rise too. The level of income and returns will not be in proportion to the work put in but you should put in your best, as there will be tremendous gains after 28th October. In between period from 5th March to 6th July would be extra ordinary level of activity when it might be difficult to keep pace with the work options. You should put in your best effort without thinking about the return till 28th October, substantial increase in income along with a great time socially possible after the 28th October. Happiness and gains overall although a silent increase in hurdles possible in the last two months.

Growth and expansion in career possible throughout the year, new avenues will continue to open up till 11th November. Hard work and effort should be put up to use this period to the maximum. A new source of income and rise in money accumulation by fair and unfair mean possible after 11th November, some distances and problem in family matters possible. Use diplomacy to overcome the issues. Also company of people of bard repute should be avoided after 11th November as it could harm you.

Family and money matters could see some challenges in late March. Family and paternal side could see some issues in September.

Low energy and activity will be experienced during 21st July to 28th August. Avoid major challenges during this time.

2018 Capricorn love predictions

  • Unstable and volatile trend will operate in love and relationships as the year commences. There will be increase pressures till 13th January and then a sudden dip possible till February 3rd . Overall a low Patel will operate till 25th February.
  • Mostly there will be average prospect only in relationships till 28th October. Some increase in pressures will exist till 5th April.
  • A tremendous turn around will a new relationship or a revival in old relationship possible as November commences.
  • Marriage matters will not be easy, as temperament of spouse will remain aggressive and difficult. It will be particularly tough till 5th April. There will be gradual increase in distances and fixedness in temperament of spouse till 2 nd November. Major controversies should be avoided till 5th April. A relative ease in relationship could come after 2 nd November but it could come mostly due to increase in other pressures
  • 28th October onwards there will be tremendous progress in marriage as well as relationships. A certain amount of calm will come back in marital issues.
  • Marriage matters will see happiness in April, May, October and November.
  • Hurdles could be present during January, June, July and December.
  • Love matters will see progress in March, May, June, September and November.
  • Setbacks possible in February, July, August and October.

Capricorn money & career horoscope 2018

  • High level of activity will operate in career. A phase of high activity and some stress in career could continue this year till 3rd February. A dip in status could come after 13th January, while the downward trend will continue till 25th February. Very good rise will come there after.
  • A high level of emphasis will remain on joint areas of work and partnerships. This will give a good amount of growth till 2 nd November. Some hurdles and turbulent trends will continue till 5th April in business and areas where there are partnerships or associations.
  • A slow down in career will increase in hurdles possible after 2 nd November. 7th December onwards a rise in pressures could come about.
  • Career will remain in a phase of expansion and high activity till 28th October. The income or returns might not justify the effects but you should continue with the hard work, as tremendous returns will come after 28th October.
  • Pressures in career due to excessive work hard will remain between 5th March and 6th July. Avoid changes during this time.
  • Further a direct jump in income will come from 28th October.
  • A new or parallel higher source of income will come up after 11th November. Major new investment should be totally avoided during this time.
  • There will remain a phase of very high activity and growth till October end.
  • Business will see progress in joint areas but turbulence till 5th April and a dip after 2 nd November. Job matters will be positive throughout till 28th October, some volatility possible between 5th March and 6th July. A rise in position could come after 28th October.
  • Professional have an erratic period till 11th November, although there would be good progress. Rise in income and status after 11th November.
  • Level of opportunities could seem to dip somewhat between 20th September and 7th December. Avoid major pushes in career during this time. March. May, June, October will be positive months.
  • January, February and April, August could see hurdles.

30 interesting facts about Capricorn

1. Capricorns will never talk behind your back. At least not about something they haven’t already told you.
2. The Capricorn native is hard to read and doesn’t trust a lot of people.
3. Are very stubborn.
4. Are very calculated. They think about everything in tomorrow’s agenda, before going to bed.
5. Are innate survivors. Even when facing strong obstacles, they will prevail.
6. The Capricorn is fatalistic: for him/her there aren’t shades of gray. It’s either white or black.
7. They are never completely satisfied with their results. Always desire for more.
8. They feel guilty on a frequent basis and find it hard to forgive themselves for their mistakes.
9. Don’t like showing their emotions to other people. It makes them feel weak and prefer to keep this side of themselves hidden.
10. Regardless of how much you insult a Capricorn, he knows how to remain calm and will make you regret every depreciator word.
11. Enjoy making other people happy.
12. Hate being told what to do. Generally speaking, they are the ones giving orders.
13. Are very good listeners and also, offer useful advice.
14. If you convince them to talk about their feelings with you, then you should feel special because they won’t do this with anyone.
15. When hurt, everything of importance to them suddenly disappears.
16. Always prefer being told a hard truth over a white lie.
17. A frustrated Capricorn will be grumpy and highly critical. Any small mater will chafe him/her.
18. They become sarcastic when dealing with idiots.
19. Don’t have any problem in recognizing a mistake, although they do not make them too often.
20. Judge only based on actions, they aren’t influenced by words.
21. Will always fight for what they believe it’s right, even if this means fighting alone.
22. When in love, they go above and beyond for the loved one. That’s how they manifest this feeling.
23. Don’t stand people who make excuses, rather than acting decisively.
24. Although hard to believe, Capricorn women are helpless romantics.
25. When they don’t like someone, it’s hard not to miss it.
26. Prefer not to depend on others.
27. Even when having fun, there will be a moment of seriousness which will restrain them.
28. Know how to be brutally honest, in a funny manner.
29. Don’t believe everything they hear if it sounds too good to be true. They need solid proof.
30. Nobody has a stronger will than the Capricorn, when moving towards a certain goal.

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