Cancer 2018 Horoscope

Cancer Yearly Horoscope – Overview

Mixed events will open the year for you, although mostly you will experience struggles and pressures till October this year.

Level of personal pressures and hurdles in life will remain high till 5th April. There could be volatile and unconventional thoughts about marriage, business and joint areas of work till this phase. The level of pressures will be mostly personal which will not be seen by outside people and people will perceive you to be happy and easy mostly. There will be improvement in mental condition after 5th April and a significant turnaround will come after 2nd November. Beyond that progress will come although financial pressures will remain. The immediate turbulent phase since July 2017 in career, children and investment related areas will be better and ease out completely by 6th February 2018. Happiness in domestic matters and possibility of acquisition of real estate will remain high till 28th October. There will be gains although your status will remain compromised mostly till 28th October. Higher level of activity will be present between 5th March and 6th July. Chances of investment in property/conveyance high during or right after this period. Expansion in career opportunities will also come.

Beyond 28th October, there will be a sudden rise in status and increase in creative powers and rise in level of mental activity. This is a positive phase, which should be utilized for full advantage, as it will bring growth in the next 4-5 years.

Possibility of birth of a child where applicable will also be present between 28th October and end of the year.
cancer 2018 horoscope
General level of luck could remain below average this year and some unwanted emphasis on religion and spiritually could come. Health could be substandard after 11th Nov till the end of the year.

Marriage matters will see an increased level of problems after 11th Nov. Finances could also see a rise in pressures. Wrong investments possible. Do not give money on loan in immediate family after 11th Nov.

Health of spouse too could be effected mind could be very turbulent and disturbed during 6th July to 29th July.

Beneficial Months

February, May, August and November will be the most positive months

2018 Cancer love predictions

  • An uneasy year in marital matters mostly as well as some issues in love matters also possible.
  • The year will open with issues in marital life mostly. The phase will run till 5th April and a lot of turbulence and relating in these matters could come for married people.
  • It would be a good idea to avoid hasty decisions and wait till 5th April when a respite will come. Overall the stressful phase will continue till 2 nd November. Unmarried people could find pressures of no marriage or other pressures in marital matters difficult to manage till 5th April.
  • Hurdles in marital life could increase due to your own fixed and strong-headed attitude after 11th November. Speech and thinking should be soft to safeguard marital matters.
  • Love matters could be in an ego phase as the year commences. The difficult phase will improve after the 6th February. There will be happiness and compassion there after.
  • Overall still there will be a low activity phase till October 28th . New happy relationships could come after 28th October. There will be positive long-term phase beyond this date.
  • Love matters will see positive times in May, August, November and December.
  • Hurdles possible in January, February, March and June mostly.
  • Marriages will see positive period in April, May, September and November.
  • Some hurdles possible in March, June, August and December.

Cancer money & career horoscope 2018

  • An uneasy year for career. There will be progress and growth but at the cost of personal issues and problems. The unsettled phase in career on since July 2017 will improve now after 6th February 2018. Pressures in career will be high till 5th April and further continue till 2 nd November. Some improvement and higher growth could come after 2 nd November.
  • Money matters related to work could cause concern after 7th December.
  • Average growth will be present till end October, while sudden new avenues will open up due to your ideas and creative work. Some sudden setbacks in personal life and pressures on health could cause slow down in career too.
  • Businesses would be volatile and erratic till 5th April and improve thereafter.
  • Some rise in monetary gains possible after 2 nd November.
  • Financial issues and irregularities could come after 7th December.
  • Job matters will be good till October end and pickup significantly there after. Gains will be present in service matters mostly from November although there could be a loss of status and position after 11th November.
  • Professional have an average period till 28th October and very good progress there after. There will be rise in status and positive in your profession from November even though hurdles will be high.
  • Level of opportunities in career could slow down between 2 nd September and 16th December.
  • April, May, September and November will be favorable.
  • Hurdles possible in February, March, June and October.

30 interesting facts about Cancer

  1. You know that you’ve hurt a Cancer when he/she runs away and suddenly deletes you permanently from the contact list.
  2. They won’t express their feelings with ease because they realized people are scared by this approach.
  3. No other zodiacal sign will do for you what a Cancer can. They are the best lovers.
  4. Cancerians have two personalities: a very sociable one, and a highly shy and reserved one.
  5. Have the gift of reading people. They scan you up in 5 minutes.
  6. Cancer natives have the soul of a child and get enthusiastic for any small matter.
  7. What makes them happy: to be the first choice of someone.
  8. When you will get into an argument with a Cancer native, he/she will bring up every bad thing you’ve done in your life.
  9. Most of all, they fear getting hurt, and this exact fear makes them really vulnerable.
  10. Cancerians can be very funny, very quiet and out of nowhere, very sad.
  11. They will never attend an event by themselves. They definitely need company.
  12. When a Cancer gets mad, it is like another person has entered its body. He/she changes completely.
  13. Never insult a Cancer’s family, unless you are looking for trouble.
  14. They seem to have a sixth sense in many regards.
  15. Are very skilled at giving advice regarding unconditioned loved.
  16. Always say what’s on their mind, but act based on their heart only.
  17. Cancer natives usually have a lot of stress built up in their lives.
  18. They will stay awake all night with you if you have a problem and won’t rest until they are sure your problems found resolution.
  19. They enjoy communicating their feelings through music. Therefore, be careful at what track they post on social media : ))
  20. Cancerians prefer to put some distance between them and world in a negative situation, until they come up with a good solution.
  21. The natives of this sign are frequently underestimated.
  22. Cancerians are always there when others need their support, but when things reverse, everybody disappears.
  23. Unfortunately, sometimes Cancerians attach too much to their past.
  24. Although very generous, there is a limit they won’t surpass.
  25. They are the ideal person when it comes to discussing your problems or when you need a roof over your head.
  26. A bad habit of Cancerians: it is too hard for them to say no.
  27. Cancerians forgive when they feel it’s the right time, not when you expect them to.
  28. More than any other sign, they find it hard to accept when their significant other gets mad at them.
  29. Cancerians enjoy offering clues, only to analyze how careful you are at what they try to communicate.
  30. Their worst enemy is their own sensibility.

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