Cancer 2018 Horoscope

If your birth date falls between June 22 and July 22, you are a Cancer.

Your sign is governed by the Moon, bringer of sensitivity.

Often associated with femininity, the Moon has been both an image of the unattainable and a source of inspiration.

The Moon makes you one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Your particularly keen intuition means you can grasp any situation.

You have the gift of being able to detect both the strengths and weaknesses of those you encounter.

You have an imaginative mind, compelling to those with whom you choose to share your thoughts.

This personality and sensitivity bestows upon you the soul of an artist.

cancer 2018 horoscope

More peaceful than last year but also more internal 2018 promises plenty of revelations of the most personal kind and more than a generous helping of good luck when you need it the most Cancer. The most imperative matter should be a clear understanding of your most secret motivations, an attempt to understand why you do what you do and what ignites emotional and intuitional responses.

The universe never expects, nor even wants, perfection but the very act of clarifying your actions and reactions helps you get ahead by clearing the subconscious clutter that tends to pop up at the most inopportune times and blocks your way.

With three lunar eclipses adding feelings and deep emotions to the areas of dreams, intuition and your subconscious (in May,) your personal world and first house (in June,) and to love affairs and creativity (in December,) you can be assured that there is plenty of room for inner growth and outer adventure.

The eclipse in June, in your own sign, may by the turning point for a very important period in your life. Be ready to do some major personal changing if you find the conditions are favorable for it. A total eclipse of the sun in December adds its power to your everyday, routine world and could signify a period of increased work…with rewards and bonuses that equal to what you want to invest.

Cancer 2018 love predictions

Many critical moments focus on romance, sensuality and your dreams around them in the year ahead. With a Venus retrograde in October stirring up the desires in the sign of Scorpio and in the house of your solar chart that symbolizes live affairs and imagination just about anything is possible.

Intense others from the past can begin to slowly move back into your world at anytime during the early fall period. Passions are focused on gaining success, mobility, security and new alliances and then finally begin to rediscover how good it feels to chase after love and sensual explorations. The majority of cosmic attention comes towards the latter half of 2018 and is first energized by Venus and then by a lunar eclipse.

Cancer Horoscope 2018 for Money & Career

Work continues to be extremely important, Cancer. It is a learning process of finding what works best for you personally, what also fits your obligations and responsibilities and that can also help you realize farther reaching goals and ambitions.

Pluto continues to be a rather major player in career and business endeavors at it brings out the necessity to willingly take on the details, the physical efforts and the discipline that is needed to bring fulfillment to any job. The first three months of 2018 will be full of fast moving efforts and surprising offers.

If you have defined goals that require ambition, passion and hard work try to get them moving in February, March and April. This is the best part of the year for attaining strong progress. You are also more likely to indulge in a little more risk taking during this time giving you a considerable competitive edge.

Beneficial Months

Jupiter remains in your own sign until August where it both brings you good luck and benevolence as well as the tendency to over-do things a bit. Expansion is a keyword…and it’s neutral. You can support your world and others, you have enough compassion and tolerance to share generously but it is best to keep your limits in mind.

While luck is on your side avoid stretching it. In August Jupiter moves off into Leo and begins adding its special kind of cosmic power to your finances and resources.

Important others may hold integral places in financial and asset goals and agendas. Incoming money can be more than you expect. Again it is important to avoid the negative side of Jupiter and be careful with excess spending, over estimating what you can afford and taking on too much.

Change Yourself in Positive Ways in 2018

It is still your truths and passions and desires and your connections with others who have significant influence over your life that sees the most change and movement. Uranus, one of the cosmic slow movers adds its lightning and its enlightenment to the same area of your chart that it spent last year in and the year before and the year before.

We can never have enough truth…and when those truths are internal and hold the keys to your passions…you can never explore them enough. Romance and romantic attachments are likely to be drawn into these moments of universal illumination, more so this year, than in any previous.

With the lightning like passions comes the ethereal and foggy ones during 2018. Moving even slower than Uranus, Neptune gets comfortable in a sign and spends a considerable time there. Your truths, once again, are in the spotlight and wherever Neptune is moving through your personal chart becomes the one place where inner clarity and self awareness are most needed.

We project the finest, dreamiest qualities of Neptune onto our world and the other people that make up our world. In doing so we also project our ability to live in love, peace, joyfulness and serenity. Spend plenty of time searching for your own unique brand of spirituality, know why you cherish and long for your dreams…and seek inner clarity before searching for it in the outer world.


The north node is sharing the sign of Gemini with Saturn and it is this area that sees the most movement towards the future. The scene is your inner world,. the place you create your dreams, your subconscious and your deepest motivations. Saturn demands that rules be created and adhered to.

The north node makes turns that take you towards the days and months and years ahead. Listen closely to your intuition…and then walk it into the world with as much integrity and discipline as you can.

**BONUS** 30 Brutal Truths about about Cancer

  1. You know that you’ve hurt a Cancer when he/she runs away and suddenly deletes you permanently from the contact list.
  2. They won’t express their feelings with ease because they realized people are scared by this approach.
  3. No other zodiacal sign will do for you what a Cancer can. They are the best lovers.
  4. Cancerians have two personalities: a very sociable one, and a highly shy and reserved one.
  5. Have the gift of reading people. They scan you up in 5 minutes.
  6. Cancer natives have the soul of a child and get enthusiastic for any small matter.
  7. What makes them happy: to be the first choice of someone.
  8. When you will get into an argument with a Cancer native, he/she will bring up every bad thing you’ve done in your life.
  9. Most of all, they fear getting hurt, and this exact fear makes them really vulnerable.
  10. Cancerians can be very funny, very quiet and out of nowhere, very sad.
  11. They will never attend an event by themselves. They definitely need company.
  12. When a Cancer gets mad, it is like another person has entered its body. He/she changes completely.
  13. Never insult a Cancer’s family, unless you are looking for trouble.
  14. They seem to have a sixth sense in many regards.
  15. Are very skilled at giving advice regarding unconditioned loved.
  16. Always say what’s on their mind, but act based on their heart only.
  17. Cancer natives usually have a lot of stress built up in their lives.
  18. They will stay awake all night with you if you have a problem and won’t rest until they are sure your problems found resolution.
  19. They enjoy communicating their feelings through music. Therefore, be careful at what track they post on social media : ))
  20. Cancerians prefer to put some distance between them and world in a negative situation, until they come up with a good solution.
  21. The natives of this sign are frequently underestimated.
  22. Cancerians are always there when others need their support, but when things reverse, everybody disappears.
  23. Unfortunately, sometimes Cancerians attach too much to their past.
  24. Although very generous, there is a limit they won’t surpass.
  25. They are the ideal person when it comes to discussing your problems or when you need a roof over your head.
  26. A bad habit of Cancerians: it is too hard for them to say no.
  27. Cancerians forgive when they feel it’s the right time, not when you expect them to.
  28. More than any other sign, they find it hard to accept when their significant other gets mad at them.
  29. Cancerians enjoy offering clues, only to analyze how careful you are at what they try to communicate.
  30. Their worst enemy is their own sensibility.

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