Aquarius 2018 Horoscope

If your birth date falls between January 21 and February 19, you are an Aquarius.

Your sign is governed by Uranus.

Ouranos to the Greeks, she gave birth to the Titans and the Cyclops of Gaea (the Earth).

The future and the projects it holds make you receptive to new and original ideas and to audacious creation.

Your faith can move mountains of uncertainty, pessimism and apathy.

You have a humanist ideal and others often appreciate your Samaritan’s soul.

It’s not all sweetness and light, however ; you can also be as stubborn as a mule when the situation calls for it.

Another year moves in and those big planets, (Uranus and Neptune) are still happily nestled in your sign, Aquarius. Yes, that means more of the fast speed lifestyle with the major curves and the amazing events but….your ruling planet, Uranus, is now hovering in the last 10 degrees of your sign making a considerable difference in the areas of you life that it is energizing. Romantic ideals and values are the focal points for the most part.

aquarius 2018 horoscope

Love affairs and mind affairs, new things to attach to and new mission to fall in love with can all be expected in varying degree at one time or another.

With three lunar eclipses adding emotional excitement and 2 solar eclipse, one a total eclipse of the sun, expect to find plenty of possibilities awaiting you during your journey through 2018.


2018 Aquarius love predictions

As mentioned above romance takes front and center stage for a lot of this year’s finest moments and the most memorable moments.

The typical Aquarian lightning illuminates new feelings and powerful new attachments. All the action may not prove to be permanent…then again, it might. In your usual eclectic and unique way you will find yourself more determined than ever to do love your own way.

Venus does a retrograde number in October while it moves through the ever passionate Scorpio and you can find yourself being far more intense, and far more open about your feelings, your desires and your needs. As is always possible with the retrograde cycle of the planet of love old soul mates and heart mates from the past can return for closure or renewal.

As Jupiter begins transiting through your house of partnerships in Aug (another glorious and indulgent period for romance) support, good feelings and luck on your side. This may be the big step in regards to a long term commitment or it might simply be a period where you feel particularly comfortable in an intimate union.

Aquarius money horoscope 2018

Financially things are a lot more stable, grounded and calm in 2018. A push and a burst of ambitions may start the period off but that quickly recedes and leaves way for more altruistic, more visionary attachments.

You’ve had a veritable roller coaster over the past few years in the realms of resources and personal assets and you may have been one of the lucky Aquarians who saw small fortunes (or large) ones appear seemingly out of nowhere or you may have been one of the Aquarians who found any semblance of stability an impossible concept.

This year what you work for…pays off. For the most part the passionate parts of your focus and your energy are on other horizons and different kinds of assets. Investments are likely to be those that pay off in long term possibilities and may reflect a new love of home or a literal move to better surroundings.

Beneficial Months

The benevolent Jupiter spends the first 7 months of 2018 enhancing your everyday world, making sure you are supported where you need support the most and assuring your rewards arrive for all your hard work. During August it moves on to add its expansive touch to your most important relationships and partnerships.

Many people get married or involved in a serious, long term liaisons during this transit. It makes connections glow, it turns feelings warm and comfortable and deep. Make plans to be around those you truly admire, respect and care for during late summer and into the fall. It is a perfect time for seeing the better side of any partnerships picture.

Change Yourself in Positive Ways in 2018

Your ruling planet has been adding its lightning and doing its change thing in your own sign for a few years now. Yet there are distinct periods to its transit and different focal points for its work. This year, as mentioned in the general outline at the start of this scope, it changes and begins enlightening you in matters of the heart.

You may discover talents you never knew you had or have been ignoring for awhile. You mya find yourself falling in love with someone unlike anyone you’ve ever been attracted to before, you may discover that your entire sense of style and likes and dislikes is suddenly different.

While you will bend and shift and go with the flow the striking differences that surface can startle those around you. Try not to suddenly appear in a completely new look….or dash off after an intense new desire without giving others a little warning. You may suddenly love a new color, a new look, a new house, new people…enjoy this chance to shake loose anything that has grown stale and lifeless and to adopt some new attitudes and ideals.

The big slow moving planets from Saturn outward are responsible for the most transformational changes although they tend to take place over many years and are seldom abrupt, (with the exception of those brought about by Uranus).

The transits of Neptune are always important because they help identify changing beliefs and spiritualities. Their actions are covert and insidious slipping slowly into place in such a way that you often don’t know a change has taken place. With Neptune still in your sign these are fundamental and deep seated areas that are slowly being reworked, revised and rewritten.

Continue to stay fascinated with beliefs systems and how they work….don’t be afraid to challenge your own now and then.


Affairs of the heart and your ability to think creatively are the resources and the areas that see the most visible movement towards the future. Important knowledge learned in the past continues to feed current ambitions and future goals. During this year you cannot learn enough and taking it farther you cannot put enough of that knowledge to work for you.

Constantly check your facts, add to what you already know, be willing to take on a new skill or learn a new subject if it helps empower an objective or makes a dream possible.

**BONUS** 30 Brutal Truths about aquarius

  1. An Aquarius never forgets the way in which he was treated by someone.
  2. More than any other zodiacal sign, the Aquarius tries to accept people for what they are.
  3. Aquariuses don’t like to beg. If you do not comply with what they asked of you, they won’t insist, but rather leave.
  4. A hurt Aquarius can be rather threatening because it is like it is losing its soul when this happens.
  5. He/she won’t change for anyone. You either accept what you have or else, you are free to go.
  6. They are the most skilled at pretending everything is all right.
  7. Aquariuses may be the only ones in the room who oppose to the leader’s ideas.
  8. The Aquarius is that weird friend always part of a certain group of friends.
  9. Aquariuses are silent thinkers.
  10. Some days, they want to socialize with everyone, but in the rest, they prefer isolation.
  11. Instead of discussing their own problems, they prefer to resolve other people’s difficulties.
  12. They do not have many friends, but are highly loyal to those they actually have.
  13. Are always attracted by unusual things.
  14. Aquariuses consider it a loss of time to wait around for others, therefore they’d rather act by themselves.
  15. Always fear disappointment.
  16. Are highly cautious around unfamiliar faces.
  17. Even if an Aquarius may seem friendly to you, it doesn’t mean you actually are his friend.
  18. Aquarius women believe they can achieve everything a man can.
  19. Aquariuses want to always know when and how a certain event took place.
  20. Have a dark sense of humor and are sarcastic by nature.
  21. Don’t appreciate receiving orders from other people.
  22. Concentrate their entire attention on small details, rather than obvious ones.
  23. If you promise something to an Aquarius, don’t even think about not respecting it.
  24. If you upset an Aquarius, he won’t express it through words, but even so, it is easy to feel their anger.
  25. The words of an Aquarius will always be weird and intelligent at the same time.
  26. For an Aquarius, originality is very important.
  27. Aquariuses enjoy cleaning, planning and organizing things.
  28. They do not judge a book by its cover. First of all, they will prefer to get to know you better.
  29. Aquariuses know exactly what they want, up until the point when they actually have to make that choice.
  30. They rarely change their mind once fixed on something.

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