Aquarius 2018 Horoscope

Aquarius Yearly Horoscope – Overview

Positive year as there will be support and growth in different areas and avenues as the year goes by. The year will commence in a high activity phase where there will be tremendous progress coming due to a lot of hard work. There will be a renewed ability to overcome competition and grow with your competence. Mind and attitude could experience some amount of volatility till 8th April. Due to this there could be possibilities of wrong decisions or directions in work. It would be beneficial to continue in the same line you were following before mid November 2017. That line will fetch you maximum results. New avenues could open up rather suddenly but might fizzle out by April. Overall a period of high growth and very good returns till 2nd November. Beyond 2nd November, the speed of growth could slow down but there will be compensation in terms of growth with help of partners and associations. There will be growth in joint areas after 2nd November. Further some distances and issues could crop up in marital matters after 2nd November, which could become acute after 7th December. Please be cautious in these matters after 7 December.

Level of luck and positive developments in money matters will be present through till 28th October. There will be unexpected gains and higher income. A religions trip and rise in interest in spirituality and religion will be possible throughout. New sudden progress in money matters as well as family issues will come between 5th March and 6th July.

Beyond October 20th , you will enter a phase of high growth and expansion in career. There will be a rise in level of opportunities although monetary returns will not be as per efforts. However you should work hard since the eventual growth will come in this manner.

Money and family matters will be subject to sudden and unexpected trends, although there will be gains and returns from an alternate source of income.

Utmost level of diplomacy is required in family matters and loans within family should be avoided till 11th November.
aquarius 2018 horoscope
Beyond 11th November, there will be rise in fixed and combative attitude. There will be stubbornness in spirit while a rise in level of skepticism in marital and relationship matters will rise.

New business project should be totally avoided. Try to avoid controversy and stubborn behavior after 11th November.

Some difficult event in family life and money matters possible around end March 2018. Further health issues could crop up in September.

A slow period possible during 21st July and 20th August.

Beneficial Months

March, April, July and November will be positive.

2018 Aquarius love predictions

  • Positive period in both love and marital issues till end October. There will be good amount of progress as there will be good luck in family and relationships in general.
  • Love matters will see a positive, aggressive phase where you would be able to make friends and impress them with your personality. New as well as old relationships will be nurtured in the period that continues till 2 nd November.
  • Unmarried people could find marriage possibilities till 28th October.
  • Beyond 2 nd November, there could be sudden increase in pressures in marital matters due to sudden aggressive temperament of spouse.
  • Further a phase of discontentment and skepticism in marital matters could commence from 11th November
  • The phase will be particularly important, as your thinking is likely to enter a phase where you will feel that you are absolutely correct and will not be willing to adjust or back off.
  • This particular situation could cause problems in marital matters, leading to stand off situations. Avoid ultimatums or fixed behavior after 11th November. Try to have a third party intervention if situations see a higher amount of stress.
  • Marriage could see good period in April May, July and October
  • Hurdles possible in January, August, September and December.
  • Love matters will be positive during April, July, and October while there could be issue during January, March, August, September and November.

Aquarius money horoscope 2018

  • Eventful and positive year in career mostly, you will see the end of an eventful phase in career which commenced in July 2017. There will be progress once this phase end on 6th February.
  • A period of hard work and progress will run till 2 nd November. During this phase period till 5th April will see a heightened activity. You should work to the best of your ability without changing the line of work or losing focus. Existing project will give good progress while new areas and project could waste your efforts and time.
  • There will be tremendous progress if you keep your focus up.
  • Level of luck will be good and monetary progress will be positive. This phase will run till 28th October after which there will be expansion in career although the returns might not be so positive.
  • New partnerships and joint project could blossom after 2 nd November. There will be higher movement in areas, which are in partnership. Some pressures and ill will could come in joint areas after 7th December.
  • Be careful about biases against partners after 11th November.
  • Business matter will be positive with good level of growth. Income as well as expenses will remain high. Good progress, especially in joint areas /partnerships could come after 2 nd November. Job matters will be very positive and see unprecedented growth till 2 nd November. Some amount of turbulence possible in environment till 5th April though. A slow down will increase in responsibilities possible after 2 nd November.
  • Professional have a very good run till 28th October and see a slowdown there after.
  • April, June, July, December will be positive
  • February, May, September could see hurdles.

30 interesting facts about aquarius

1. An Aquarius never forgets the way in which he was treated by someone.
2. More than any other zodiacal sign, the Aquarius tries to accept people for what they are.
3. Aquariuses don’t like to beg. If you do not comply with what they asked of you, they won’t insist, but rather leave.
4. A hurt Aquarius can be rather threatening because it is like it is losing its soul when this happens.
5. He/she won’t change for anyone. You either accept what you have or else, you are free to go.
6. They are the most skilled at pretending everything is all right.
7. Aquariuses may be the only ones in the room who oppose to the leader’s ideas.
8. The Aquarius is that weird friend always part of a certain group of friends.
9. Aquariuses are silent thinkers.
10. Some days, they want to socialize with everyone, but in the rest, they prefer isolation.
11. Instead of discussing their own problems, they prefer to resolve other people’s difficulties.
12. They do not have many friends, but are highly loyal to those they actually have.
13. Are always attracted by unusual things.
14. Aquariuses consider it a loss of time to wait around for others, therefore they’d rather act by themselves.
15. Always fear disappointment.
16. Are highly cautious around unfamiliar faces.
17. Even if an Aquarius may seem friendly to you, it doesn’t mean you actually are his friend.
18. Aquarius women believe they can achieve everything a man can.
19. Aquariuses want to always know when and how a certain event took place.
20. Have a dark sense of humor and are sarcastic by nature.
21. Don’t appreciate receiving orders from other people.
22. Concentrate their entire attention on small details, rather than obvious ones.
23. If you promise something to an Aquarius, don’t even think about not respecting it.
24. If you upset an Aquarius, he won’t express it through words, but even so, it is easy to feel their anger.
25. The words of an Aquarius will always be weird and intelligent at the same time.
26. For an Aquarius, originality is very important.
27. Aquariuses enjoy cleaning, planning and organizing things.
28. They do not judge a book by its cover. First of all, they will prefer to get to know you better.
29. Aquariuses know exactly what they want, up until the point when they actually have to make that choice.
30. They rarely change their mind once fixed on something.

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