General Astrology Information

Astrology is an ancient symbolic language. It is a system of thought that classifies and correlates the laws that govern the universe with those that extend into our lives. Astrology is based on the Law of Correspondence
“As above, so below” .
As it is written in the heavens, so life manifests here on earth.

After thousands of years of observing the effects of celestial movements and terrestrial events, astrologers have developed a system to understand the patterns underlying the evolution of human nature.
The study of the cycles of the Sun, Moon and planets as a matrix has provided meaning and guidance for understanding the living processes and the patterns that unfold to reveal destiny in action.

Astrology, as a study of planetary cycles, provides a cosmic timetable, unfolding on schedule, with or without our conscious participation.
The future contains that which is destined to be and whatever else we create along the way. Free will has woven the fabric of present existence around the strands of destiny, so much so that we as human beings have lost sight of the master plan.

Sooner or later we all must become conscious that we have a choice to evolve or not, to become aware of ourselves as children of destiny or to remain ignorant and unenlightened. Awake or asleep, aware or unaware; which have you chosen?
Are you choosing the line of least resistance, to live life in a self – centered comfort zone? Or are you choosing the path of awareness and self-enlightenment?

A great place to begin is to acknowledge your intention to live the life you were born to live. Get to know who you are and what purpose you serve by being on this planet at this time.
Your horoscope will reveal these patterns continuously throughout the entire journey of your life.

Astrology reveals the archetypal reality underlying the circumstances and events of your life. The astrologer uses the cyclic movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets as a strategy for translating the meaning of seemingly random events in the lives of individuals. The astrologer’s leading tool for understanding the soul’s journey through a lifetime is the individual’s birth chart. The birth chart indicates the nature of one’s life purpose.

Your birth chart, plotted from the time and location of your birth, illustrates your unique potential, realized primarily by your willingness to participate fully in your life, learning and evolving through all that you experience. In the search for truth and self-knowledge, we must realize that we are all involved in a dynamic process of discovery. Spirituality is a moving, growing awareness and experience is the teacher.